Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update, new challenge,

After my Mom visiting I realized that perhaps I could list parts of my projects and try to complete them in stages by imposing my own fab four every Friday. I had seen this idea before out in blog land and I don't know whose it was but it may help me in my creative endeavors. So last week I wrote out 4 projects I wanted done or specific steps on certain projects completed by this Friday.

To date I have 2 off my list. The first is one of the Ott light bags that Mom and I started on the last day she was here. I had found a pattern on the web at:

I used it as a reference but drew up a pattern and thought it through several times. I ended up cutting a large rectangle and then cut out the top center area leaving two rectangles attached towards the outside portion. Oh no, take that back, that was the first prototype thought through.

I actually had a large rectangle and then cut out two rectangles off each top outside section.
Serged around the whole perimeter.
Sewed the one seam from the top of the bag to the bottom and then I top stitched both sides of that seam for a little detail. That part was a bit fussy but to me it was worth the effort of squeezing the bag cylinder under my Number 10 foot a bit at a time.
Sewed the bottom seam, then sewed the gussets into the the bottom corners.
Made a 1-1/4" single fold binding and sewed that on the inside of the bag, then after flipping the binding over the raw edge, top stitched that by machine to the outside.
Made a handle and then attached it to the back, just behind the flip over top. Sewed them in place.
Velcro fastenings for the closure with the top one covered with a complimentary button and VOILA!

An Ott Light Bag that helped me bust 1/2 yard of prequilted fabric and cross one of my FFF (Fab Four Friday's) off my list.

Another step to Miss Shabby Chic's Bird BOM was stitched, another FFF met.

This last snap is of an apron I completed a couple of months ago, but never wrote about it here. I fell in love with this fabric while shopping at Yankee Pride Quilt Shop in Essex Junction, Vt just before the VQF show and thought it would be nice to update my apron. Quite of a few of my aprons get so stained that I hope to keep this one tidier. I really love this one.

That's it for now. I hope to be back perhaps Satuday night and share the other 2 FFF I wish to have completed by this Friday, even though when I scheduled these I didn't know I be running into town more often! My schedule is a bit heavy. Despite DH finishing his cardiac rehab last Friday he now has injured his back and it's daily trips to town to keep his appointmkents for that. AS Rosanna Roseanna Danna used to say "If it's not one thing, it's another". Oh well, I continue to count my (our) blessings.



Deborah said...

Jane, I love the Ott light bag! It's just awesome.

Carol said...

Great finishes, Jane! I never heard of an Ott light bag before--love it!! And that apron is sure to be a huge help in hiding any cooking stains. Your FFF finishes are really coming along nicely :)