Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whiz, bang POW!

Life continues to throw wrinkles my way but I do find the silver linings. Hurricane Irene left a devastating path along the whole East coast and the devastation is amazing. Without power and a just a bit of damage with erosion on the waterfront of our property and food spoilage we didn't fare as badly as quite a few of our neighboring friends, they lost everything. We do need to install our electric service line and both of us are thinking of having it buried to eliminate any future damages done to it by storms. Currently we are waiting to hear back from an electrician. Along the roadways where there were no brooks or rivers the erosion was amazing to see what flash floods could do. Tearing up the road shoulders, support systems and making ravines wherever the water wanted to go, carving out paths through tarmack even. Flash floods are something that typically don't happen in our neck of the woods so it is with a renewed reverence for water that I report this.

I have always had respect for our fore bearers in working in lamplight while doing their craft and found myself grateful to have flash lights and candles for working on my WIPS while we were without communication, power and even cell phone coverage. My silver linings were that I was able to finish my BBD Easter Parade while the lights were gone, and also made huge headway in my monstrous sized quilt of the Jeweled Pavers, aka Patience Corners. The binding was just finished this evening so the only bit left is to make the label for it. Our daughter borrowed our camera to capture the damages she had from Hurricane Irene, so when I get it back, I'll be showing you my finishes.

The next focus on my WIPS, (After the above mentioned label of course) is to finish my borders on the C.O.C. quilt that will be in next month's quilt show. The acronym for that quilt could be Color on Color since it is quite boldly colored and not my usual trend, but it was an exercise in color for me that started as the Cadyville "Orange Crush" Mystery quilt. It was started a couple of years ago as a "mystery quilt" with Bonnie Turner from so I did try to follow her recommendations BUT I did have a scrap Madras skirt in my scrap pile that I thought, those colors were close to what she suggested and would stretch my color consciousness too and the rest as they say is history. So recently, during Hurricane Irene, while stitching the other items, I pondered and finally figured out what the best border treatment for C.O.C. quilt is calling for. I only hope it works and can be finished quickly.

Will be back with you when I can.


During day one of the Hurricane, DH set up our generator to at least run freezers and our medical equipment. It was a gas powered one that kept reving up and shuddering down. Then in the middle of the night, while it was whizzing more strenuously "ka- POW"! She broke down.
Great! with our medical equipment, a machine for his heart and then my C-pap machine for my apnea we were literally sleeping with one eye open, or at least that's how it felt. Thankfully a friend tried to repair it but alas, without success. Thankfully our local fire dept loaned us a generator the last day of our lack of energy, what saints they were and are.

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Carol said...

Oh, you did get hit with the hurricane after all, Jane! I'm so sorry to hear about the power outage and your erosion problems. It must be a mess up your way--I can't even imagine... The path Irene took was so unusual, wasn't it?

I'll look forward to seeing your Easter Parade finish... And I hope things return to "normal" for you and your neighbors very soon...