Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Columbus Day Quilt show

"Ladies of the Sea" by Pam Schafer

"Dirty Laundry" by Karla Strauss

"My Celtic Rose" by Eileen Powers

Champlain Valley Quilter's Guild hosted there biennial quilt show and it was a fabulous show. So many talented quilters and truly award winning quilts were evident.

The above only is a glimpse of the quilts seen. All three shown won award winning ribbons. My Mom's Celtic Rose won two ribbons! Congratulations Mom!

Imagine her sursprise when I mail her the goodies. She didn't even know I was putting her quilt into our show.

I'm unsure of the numbers for the show, but there had to be at least 350+ quilts on exhibit. I think there were about 40 quilts done by the members for the Mystery project and it was great to see how different they all looked due to the preferences of each quilter.
That made a great exhibit within the show and let even non-quilters wrap their brain around how different one pattern could turn out so many different ways.


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