Monday, October 24, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

We had a nice time going to the Pumpkin Patch with the youngest grandson.
The weather actually was great even though the sun was shining above all the clouds, the temperature was mild and the rain held off. With a wagon ride to get to the pumpkin patch, selecting their own pumpkins and then followed with going to the nearby apple orchard to pick their own little bag of apples, PGS#3 was wonderful and we all enjoyed ourselves.

He was very sure of his discision dispite the larger pumpkins scattered through the field. Of course I told him he was talented and picked the perfect pumpkin.

The wagon ride back to the apple stand. Of course there are plenty of goats fenced in a petting area that need little ones to feed them. Then onto the orchards.

Another highlight of our day was a well thought out display of Honey Bees so children could see where Honey came from. The stand the safety glass display was on, had a nicely painted landscape of beehives.

On this picture you'll notice a transparant tube going off this display on the bottom right side. This tubing allows the bees to work the orchard and come and go for their duties yet allows the visitor to witness these trips. They also had a yellow dot on the back of the Queen Bee for identification. What a very detailed and nice display that all ages can enjoy.

This orchard called Applejacks in Peru offered a different apple than we are used to called Crispins. YUMM! Both DH and I were quite smitten with the flavor so we bought a couple of huge apples for $3.00. Pricier than Macs but a sweet, juicy and beautiful treat.

We all had a great time and enjoyed the fruits of the season. Dh enjoyed the Crispins so much that he checked out the web when we got home and said that in the spring, we'd plant a Crispin Apple Tree. What a keeper he is. ;~)

Enjoy your day,

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Carol said...

Your photos remind me so much of the pumpkin patch visits we used to take when my sons were little. So cute about the tiny pumpkin that your grandson chose :)