Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5th Already!

There has been enough going on lately. Our Thanksgiving was quite different this year but enjoyable. Usually we have a dinner here for the Holiday then travel to RI to visit with my other siblings and Mom, when she flies up to visit my big brother. Bbut this year the family had a hiatus. Since he is still on his honeymoon we are giving the newlyweds time alone before we bombard them, we'll do that next year.

Several days before the Holiday our daughter and her family with DH & moi went to a resort to play at a water park. It was DD's 34th birthday and she wanted to play for her special day. Off we went. We had adjoining rooms and it was a fun gathering. I thoroughly enjoyed just relaxing in the hot tub. Ahhhhhh, BLISS! Of course spending quality time with everybody that went and the dining out makes a girl feel really special too, so I had even more to be thankful for.

Then yesterday we celebrated DGS#3 third birthday, he actually turns 3 years old on the 8th. Another celebration and another turkey dinner. He absolutely loves tractors. So the theme was, drumroll ... you guessed it, John Deere Tractors.

He had fun driving his tractor on the cake's road, just look at that expression!

Here's a snap of him enjoying his new tractor.

His little tongue was licking his lips constantly while perusing his new acquisition. He was so proud and happy! Sorry, this next photo is so washed out, but I love the look on his little face. Can't tell I'm a proud grandmother can you?

So with all the traveling and celebrating, I haven't spent that much time stitching. One part of my life that I do miss is that my DH can't drive anymore. I was able to stitch to my heart's content while traveling and now, I am the only driver. He just rides shotgun and along the way telling me how to drive and where to go. I really wonder how I ever managed on my own for sooooo long? (Major sarcasism inserted here.)

A couple of recent little finishes are:

A gift made by PGD#1, age 6 for her brother's 3rd Birthday. She did a great job and I did help her with the face and yarns attachments, the rest she sewed by herself.

Also got to a little knitting, an easy dishrag that takes no thought process at all.

I plan on coming back another day and posting the directions here so I'll be able to find them at a moments' notice.

Glad also to report that I was able to get all the stitching done on my Shepherd's Bush scissor fob, I just need to finish it and that part I am really timid about doing. I do wish I had a needlework shop near me! The closest one is about 300 miles away in Massachusetts or New Hampshere! Oh well, such is life.

Enjoy your day and journey,

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Carol said...

Your grandson looks so pleased with his very own tractor--what a smile :)

And how nice to be able to pass your love of crafting and stitching on to your granddaughter!! Tell her her little lion is darling!