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Joining with Judy Laquidera's UFO challenge 2012

Judy Laquidera from Patchwork times blog has hosted this challenge for two years now, as far as I'm aware of. I did participate last year. Not as successful as many participants, but I still consider my involvement a success in being abole to totally complete 5 projects besides the other numbers were worked on and at least progressed on.
So it's with eager anticipation that I'm listing another 12 for this year. Now in the same paragraph, I'm also challenging myself to keep up with the UFO challenge that my mother's guild in Florida does. Naming 5 projects and with that challenge, you have 2 months to complete it. I'll list those at the end of this post without pictures since many are included in Judy's UFO challenge.

Number 1 - Husband's Bathrobe - Number drawn for February  2012.

Number 2 - Tow Mater Quilt - This one was  drawn for May 2012.

Number 3 - Scalloped Table Runner - This was July 2012 number that ws drawn.

Number 4 - Santa Redwork

*Number 5 - Inukshuk table quilt - Number drawn for January 2012
Finished this on January 31, 2012!  Glad I only used this technique for a small project.  For reverse applique, I  prefer the finished look doing it by hand rather than by machine as was taught in the class by Cathy Miller.   This quiltlet will remind me of our journey across Quebec and Ontario on our trip to the midwest.  Many Inukshuks were stacked along the highways and byways along the way.   Hummmm, reminds me I have an assortment of stone I brought back from Nova Scotia to make an Inukshuk to stand in the gardens or near the pond.  Perhaps I'll be getting to that soon.

* Number 6 - Cheryl's Chris' Quilt - Number drawn for ????? 
This was  finished and delivered this to Juanita on January 26, 2012.   Was able to make a bright green piping which I then added a solid  black binding.    It Looks really nice with that combo and it compliments the rest of the quilt beautifully.  When I delivered it, Juanita was in tears and thanking me for making this.  How  Bittersweet, glad I was able to, but missing her daugher , my friend Cheryl. 

Number 7 - Spring Patch-a-bilities this was drawn for August 2012 UFO challenge.

Number 8 - Disappearing Nine Patch with Moda's Kashmir IV line drawn for March 2012

Number 9 - Convergence
Sorry no photo......(I Need to find where I stored this one, esp if she pulls this number tomorrow!)

Number 10 - Grunge Quilt drawn for April 2012

Number 11 - 3 Baby Quilts to finish drawn for September 2012

Number 12 - Fall Country Flowers Patch-a-bilities - this was June's 2012 number drawn.

Two additional projects I'd like to get too are the Four Patch quilt and the Flora quilt.
Many of the above listed have been started and are languishing away waiting for me to get inspired or uh hum.... driven to finish them. Some are just kitted up and I want to get to, but yet won't allow myself to start until I get some more UFO's finished! A definite catch 22? and a vicious cycle? Or more likely my realistic "Janie Conundrums"!


As for joining the challenge with Mom's guild that is starting on the 10th. You are to list 5 projects and number them. When the number is pulled (as Judy does) BUT herein lies the have two months to get it completed. Here's how I divided them up for that:

1-     Tow- Mater Quilt

2-     Convergence Wallhanging
        Beach Tote finished 3 of these!  The last two while retreating in Fine, NY.

3-    - this was drawn for January through March 2012
        *Cheryl's Chris' Deer Quilt - Finished and delivered to Cheryl's Mom in Rouses Point, NY on 1/26/12
        *Inukshuk - Finished on 1/31/12 as a quiltlet to stand via an acrylic photo frame on a table top.
         Spring Patchabilities was drawn for August 2012.

4-     Disappearing 9 patch

5-     Santa Redwork 

As you can see most of these are also listed in the 2012 UFO list of 12 in Judy's challenge. I do hope the Number 5 is drawn first in Florida. All of these really don't have that much more to get done on. For the life of me I wonder why they end up in the UFO pile!

Happy New Year!


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