Monday, December 31, 2012

The New Year

What the new year will bring, we cannot know. 
Thinking back about this past year that is now folded back in time. 
There has been much good in it, although some sorrow too. 
But there always is in any given year.  
Many lovely memories and some bittersweet ones to cherish. 
Life is not a pageant of endless splendor and grandeur,
But is made up of  many small things along the way,
just like a pieced  quilt.

Now, as the clock moves irrevocably forward from yesterday to today,
I'll go outside and fill my heart with the calm intensity of this winter's moonlight. 
This is a time when my heart acknowledges the peace and  the possibilities forthcoming.
My spirit rests and silently I'll say my gratitudes.
 Happy New Year to us all,
And may we make it all the year long with gentle hearts, full of loving kindness.
Namaste and
Happy New Year! 

Looking back and thinking

While thinking about this past  year, I realize that a year is nothing but the amount of time it takes for the earth to go completely around the sun.  Next year it will begin it's the trip all over again. So with that mindset, then the completion of a year is not a sign of things are ending, but  more of a realization that life repeats itself.   We'll have a chance to do everything again; perhaps this time better, more comfortably and with a bit more joy.

So I will be sharing some of my wishes and wants for 2013.  Some of the items on my lists wil be the some of the same you might have seen in the past years, but hopefully this year a completion for it will shine through.  I truly am an optimist despite always listing more than I can usually ever get done.

My  completions for 2012 consist of:

Ice Bracelet
The Tila WAVE Bracelet

The Big Easy
Patchabilities Ball Canning Jar
Patchabilities Spring
Four Baby Quilts
Inunkshuk Tabletop Quilt
Cheryl's Chris' Quilt - Deer Panel center

DIsh Rag
Edged 3 Fleece Blankets with Double Crochet

Pincushion/Ort Bag
Sewing Machine Cover
Slap Bracelet pin cushion
3 Halloween Cross Stitch Pillows
Laminated Project Bag
2 Beach Bags for youngest grandchildren
2 Laminated Storage Bags for Fans
Slap Bracelets for grandchildren
Help w/ McKenna's Doll Quilt

Cross Stitch:
Framed BBD Easter
JOY Country Cottage Needleworks design framed
Passion Sonia Scissor Fob - Shepards Bush Design
Life's Great - Bianca Scissor FOb - Shepherd's Bush Design

In this next year myintention is to complete 4 quilts besides do much of the above listed items too.  I am always amazed at the many bloggers who complete a bed size quilt a month and know that would truly  be a stretch besides a major accomplishment for me.  So if I can do four, it would make me very satisfied.

My Getting it Done list of four for January that I hope to get daone are:

  1. Another Block for Lil' Miss Shabby BOM from 2011 finished 1/2/13
  2. Finish The Big Easy Labeled and done 1/4/13
  3. In Your Own Words tutorial for the 14th  completed the top 1/14, will be quilting and finishing it in February's list.
  4. Viking Knit Bracelet completed completed 1/22/13
The fourth one listed will be a stretch for me, especially since I'll be leaving at the end of the month to vivit my Mom at out state.  It's been quiet aroudn here since before Christmas since the grandchildren have only visited when their parents were here so I've had more time for myself.  Seems nice despite it being quiet.

Happy New Day and Year,
PS:  Here's a peek at what I'll be sharing towards the middle of the month.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Will be putting SCARE into my day.

For 2013 I'm RE- Evaluating my plans and will be changing up my plan of attack in a couple of ways.

The OPAM (One project a Month) has been working for me. Some months I'm able to even complete two projects!  Albeit not large ones, but finishes none the less.  Examples of this are like a bag, cross stitch, an embroidered block, pillows, quilt top, beading, etc.....anyform of my creativity.    So I hope to continue on with this.

Two other practices  I'll be embracing are the ones shared by Judy Laquidera (aka Patchwork times blog) and Barb at (Cat Patches blog). 
Judy's idea of Getting It Done is to list 4 items at the end of each month to work on or towards a project in the upcoming month. It can be as small or large as you want like make 4 blocks, or cut out borders for a different quilt, etc.... Sounds like a nice way to help keep me focused and yet continue on the many UFO's I have in.
The other is for the  NEW FOs challenge that Barb of the Cat Patches notoriety has been posting and hosting for awhile. This will help me to get started on the many PIGs I have in and also let me sew them in a timelier manner incase more fabric is needed for the finishes without going to archived stores to find the border /binding  materials... lol..     This will allow me to go where my muse wants to send me and I can play.
Above all I plan to try to keep more of my "balls" in the air longer but with success and JOY.  Not getting stressed out if I drop a ball  once in a while. 
It seems like my house is clean but then I don't get to my crafty self, or I'm quilting and sewing and getting many steps done there then the desk becomes buried with things needing my attention,etc...   This seems to be the occurance throughout my life.      How I 'll  manage this better is to limit my time and savor each part of my day. I want to keep going and maintain without getting the feeling of being so overwhelmed.   Anyways that's my plan: The SCARE method.  That acronym stands for  sewing, cooking, arranging my home (cleaning/organizing), reading (meditate,relax) and Exercise not necessarily in that order either.   To view each day with more Joy and enthusiasm.   After talking with a friend this morning I thought the letters moved around a bit would be a nicer remembrance by usingit by this,  CARES
I am embracing 2013 with heartfelt capabilities and gratitude
for the many blessings I cherish and am priviledged to have. 
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and one filled with all your heart's desires.

Housecleaning.... 2011 and 2012

Completed Projects in 2011 & 2012

  • Baby Quilt At the Park- 2012 Blue Border
  • Baby Quilt At the Park- 2012 Orange border
  • Baby Quilt At the Park- 2012 Red Border
  • Baby Quilt At the Park- 2012 Yellow Border
  • Beach Tote with lime mesh - 2012
  • Beach Tote with pink mesh-2012
  • Beaded Bracelet - St. Petersburg
  • Beaded Bracelet - Triangular Swarovski
  • Beading: Dodecehydron Beaded Drop Earrings
  • CXS - In Stitches , "Purrnina" by Calico Crossroads
  • CXS- BBD, Easter Parade
  • Happy Villages - reevaluated and finished! 2012
  • Inukshuk table top quiltlet - 2012
  • Quilt - Cheryl's quilt for Chris
  • Quilt - Jeweled Pavers, King size
  • Quilt - Patchabilities - Ball Jar Floral 2012
  • Quilt- Key West Sunset (aka Orange Crush)
  • Quilted - Bird House Wallhanging - Waiting For Spring
  • Sewing - Quilted Sewing Machine Cover 2012
  • Sewing CXS Pillow Crow 2012
  • Sewing CXS Pillow Littlest Boo 2012
  • Sewing CXS Pillow Wicked 2012
  • Sewing, Dog Bed - Community Project
  • Sewing, Elmo Bibs
  • Sewing, Snowman Pillow
  • Sewing- Chili pepper Apron
  • Snow Much Fun Table Quilt - a this and that pattern
  • Tiki Tote with nylon mesh
  • Wool pincushion/Ort Bag/Tool Holder 2012

These are the projects I had listed on the sideline of my blog for projects completed in the past years.  Time ot empty that slot and start a new list for 2013.  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Words on Quilts

This is another first for me.  While blog hopping on some of my favorite sites, I saw that Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling Blog announced that she wanted to have a blog hop regarding creating words on Quilts.
 I thought, sure I'll give it a whirl and contacted her.  Imagine how happy I am that I'll be a participating in the Blog Hop that scheduled to start on  January 7th, 2013! 
More about it will come at a later date!  My schedule is tentatively January 14th.   Yippee!

The icon above is what Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt created on her blog announcing this hop.  So I stole  borrowed it  from her blog.  I can't believe I'm reaching out like this, I hope I do alright! 


Friday, December 28, 2012

Chuckling here,

I ran across this poem I saw somewhere out in blog land which I  saved while sorting through documents.  Since it's rather humorous considering my recent purchases and I am chuckling  wondering how I can ever mention purchasing another house to DH!

To Create a Stash ...
by Carol Coski

1. Buy fabrics that you like
2. Buy enough to do anything you might potentially think you want to do with it
3. Buy a little more because you know by the time you use it, what you have won't be enough and you will need more
4. Buy patterns and colors you know your family will simply love
5. Always buy extra
6. Did I mention to buy more than you think you will need?
7. Sit down every so often with your fabric, and assess what colors/patterns/designs you need to compliment and contrast what you already have
8. Buy the contrasting fabrics
9. Buy the coordinating fabrics
10. Buy extra of all of them, because when you sit down to piece you still won't have enough
11. Always buy enough backing fabric to back a California-king-all-the-way-to-the-floor bed quilt
12. Add a little more to that backing estimate
13. Use backing fabrics that can be integrated into other quilt tops
14. Buy a little more to make sure you will have useable pieces
15. If you see a design you think you might like in the future, buy it now before it disappears forever
16. Buy a little more just to be sure you have enough for what you haven't decided to make yet

17. Repeat above steps until there is no room left in the house for the inhabitants
18. Buy another house and repeat above

LOL, I'll need to sew faster!   Jane

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Daybook December

Daybook 12/23/12

I'm feeling ... calm despite still having more wrapping to do
I'm seeing ... a snowy wonderland
I'm hearing ... solar chimes in the front window
I'm thinking ... my agenda
I'm cooking ... hash and eggs for breakfast
I'm planning ... the "In your own words" blog festival project
I'm reading ... The Butterflies Daughter by Mary Alice Monroe
I'm wearing ... a tal shirt and black velour slacks
I'm creating ... The Big Easy QUilt for PGD#1
I'm enjoying ... the blessings we have and a cup of tea
I'm sharing ... the Christmas Tree Skirt I made in a class taught by my Mother. 
Thanks Again Mom!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Power of ?

All went well with DH's procedure yesterday.   I'd like to thank you for your prayers and concerns.  Modern medicine is such a good thing! 
While one the table, the surgeon asked him if he'd like to keep his old pacemaker/defibulator.  
Of course DH said "Yes, that saved my life!" 
So today, All day long that thing keeps going off with alarming beeps
and a little  oueeey, oueeey, oueeey siren. 
How Annoying! 
At first I thought I was hearing things until I finally figured out where it was coming from.  It would sound off for about 5-7 rings then turn off for about an hour. 
Now we both know the sound just in case his new one has a problem and makes an alarm. 
With that being said besides sounds, the printed word also holds a sense of power over me.

I found this email message in my email box  from The Inner Journey
and wonder
at it's subliminal message for me.
"The word 'question' is derived from the Latin 'quarrier' (to seek) which is also the root of 'quest.' A creative life is a continued quest, and good questions can be very useful guides. Most useful are open-ended questions; they allow for fresh unanticipated answers to reveal themselves."
-- Source Unknown
So I am asking myself if all of these
purchases were warranted and even
feeling a bit guilty over the total expense.

My nearest Bernina shop offered a 30% off
coupon and a percentage off their notion
wall so it was nice to come home with these.......

Happily I shopped for a few items while DH was in PacU yesterday afternoon even though I did take advantage of the huge clearance sale that Connecting Threads recently had. 

I'll share what I purchased via the net when it arrives. 
But with all these purchases, the money I've spent, WOW!  Especially this time of year!
But the deals I got, WOW, WOW! 
Hard to say no, BUT the kitted PIGS I have in are now even more numerous than evah. 
Yet even with all that being said, there are more quilts I'd love to make 
besides take part of all of the offered mysteries and quilt alongs that the internet is hosting. 
It is so hard for me to say NO! 

Why is that I wonder?  Hence a power of Questions.

I always knew this internet would be a one number enabler!   lol

So I am questioning my purchases.  The Power of the price tag.
Yes, they all made sense and by paying for it now, I am saving huge amounts of money for when that part of the quilt process is needed. For an example, The patience Corners quilt aka Jeweled Pavers Quilt I made last year, the backing alone for that was  120 buckaroos!
Most of the fabrics that were ordered were for quilt backs. 
Ten yards of this, 15 yards of that, ten of another, 12 yards of then get the drift. 
I think it's almost 90 yards of fabric that I bought! 
Yet at $3.00 and $4.00 a yard, it was impossible to let those prices go by without jumping on it.
Now with that all being said,  not only the power of the price tag but the power of words are potent to me. 
SO much so, that I happily enlisted in the blog hop that
Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling Blog site is hosting in January:

"In Your Own Words" 

My next question though is which one of the multitude of projects I have tumbling around in my head am I going to do to share with you? 

Yee gads, the Power of Questions about the power of words!!!

So please stay tuned, I promise I'll tease share more with you soon.   
I'll sign off with some words I used in the Big Easy:

It was hard to see in the first photo with all of it being there so I deleted it and snapped 2 extra shots that hopefully you'll be able to see the words used much easier.  It's  what I quilted into the actual quilt for PGD#1.  I only have one side left to finish hand stitching and the label and this baby will be done!

It says:   Meme {heart}s You

I know, they are not the best pictures so I do apologise for my weak non-existing skills in that department!
There are other projects that I've done in the past where the power of a word was used, but tomorrow is another day and I'll share more as time goes on.

Have I sparked a curiousity about it within you yet? 
To answer any of your questions, Stay Tuned......   lol

Oh I do love to tease....


Friday, December 21, 2012

It's here....12/21/12 12am

Have a blessed winter's day. 
DH and I will be celebrating this day in a neighborng state.  He has a medical procedure being done in the am and we should be home this evening.  
I'll be bringing my embroidery, the current  book, The Butterfly's Daughter and a  list of the items I need to purchase and have in for the Holidays and for my crafty self. 

Stay well.  I think I should be done handstitching the binding on the Big EZ quilt top today and hopefully the label will be finished too.  Boy, do  I have a story to share about the piped binding when I have more time.  Seems like that's a recurring theme around these parts.... oh well, I'm off.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Light your candles

Howard Thurman, The Mood of Christmas

I will light candles this Christmas
Candles of hope
Where despair keeps watch
Candles of courage
For fears ever present,
Candles of peace
To ease heavy burdens,
Candles of love
To inspire my living,
Candles that will burn all the year long.

This also was the Christmas page I printed and gave to my book club friends with a unique candle holder that spiraled upwards manually so as the candle burns down just the right amount is shown above the holder.  And of course a Yankee Candle was given too.   Thought it was a very appropriate message considering the recent days. 
We have our year end gathering at a nearby restaurant this evening.  Looking forward to it.


Friday, December 14, 2012


My Heart is heavy due to the tragedy in Newtown, CT. My sincerest prayers go  out to all the families there.  May the hero teachers who sacrificed themselves while protecting their wards and those little angels know the love and grace of God and Jesus.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The reason for the Season:

PGD#1 participating with the Christmas pageant as an angel.  All of the Sunday school children did a beautiful performance.  Done with wonder  and magic of the celebration of Jesus' birth. 

Both of the youngest grandchildren absolutely love the manger and the reason for the season. Of course they also embrace and enjoy Santa Claus who also comes this time of year.   
Look at that expression of PGS#3!  Doesn't look that angelic to me and I wonder what he was telling his sister. 

Enjoy your day and may peace find a place in your heart and life,

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday PGS#3

My PGS#3 turns 4 today. He's the same age as Caillou who he loves and connects with daily and numerous times if you'd allow it. I'm expecting him to break out with the Caillou theme song at any time since he does love music too. lol

Happy Birthday Honey! So long #3.

I should say, "please stay little and don't be in a hurry to grow up".
You are such a sweet heart and so loving at this stage.
Ready to help, quick witted tho sometimes when I'm near my wit's end it's not appreciated.
But truthfully, he puts reality back into my day very quickly about what's truly important.

"Hey!  Why's that fire keep coming on?"
What a smartie and quick little guy!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sounds doable..

Barbara from Cat Patches has been hosting the New FO for the 2012 calendar year and 2013 will be hosting it again.  Sounds like it could be fun and instead of always working on my UFOs this coule be  the  excuse  incentive to start a new project.  lol  What can I say?   Sometimes the muse within me just wants to play!  So I'm linking up.  Check out her blog post here explaining how it works and the giveaways she offers monthly when you remember to link it back to her blog at the end of the month.  Hopefully I'll be able to remember that! 
Soon I'll add her widget to my side bar.  There are tutorials out there explaining how to do that.  I know Connie from Quilting by the River notoriety, shares many tutorials and information on saavy computer  tips besides quilting tips so I'll be checking that out shortly.

Another block for the lil' Miss Shabby is Done. 
 Et viola-
September's block:

Have you ever been in the middle of a project and then that ah haa! moment arrives?
Well it just happened to me while working on the September block. 

I started around  the 5th block of LMS construction  to do a floss toss.  Figuring out which color to put where especially with taking the neighboring block colors  into consideration.   I listed the DMC numbers on the printed out pattern  to make the  legend. 

When selecting my colors for this project initially,  I pulled out all the thread colors from 5 storage containers of DMC threads.  Placing these thread bobbins onto binder rings so it kept them all together and secure until I could use them. 

But while stitiching and removing some of the threads from the binder rings, it wasn't long before my thread bobbins turned to a mess.  Flipping bobbin over after bobbin to find the correct number written in for that part of each block. 

Then it struck, how about containing them neatly so they are easier to find. 
So I changed it to this.

Since I didn't have an empty storage container, I emptied the one that stored my DMC rayon threads and used that for organizing my "current project".  You can't see the label with the angle that this photo was shot, but it clearly says Rayon on the front edg of the cover.

I plan on purchasing another container so I'll have a container for the current project  I'm workin on  with my next Michaels coupon.
It is so much neater and easier!  Now why didn't I think of that sooner?

Yesterday, PGD#1 had to turn in her school project where she created  a gingerbread cookie.  The school handed out the pattern and a piece of  brown 11x17 construction paper.  Each student had to embellish their own cookie.  

First we hunted through my different boxes of trims and such so she selected the buttons and ric rac that she liked.  We came up with making a gingerbread girl and how it could be done.  She loves doing art and is patient about doing so. 

Here she is and what she did.

This was started at my house and was finished at hers.  Notice the rubberband eyebrows?  Too cute!  So this was painted, colored with crayons, colored pencils, and a magic marker, glued, glittered, as well as all the add ons of the cotton balls, buttons, ric rac trim and broken rubber bands.  I think she did great job for 2nd grade!   Well done Honey! 

DH and I had to travel to Albany for another Drs appointment mid week and thank goodness the weather was cooperative.   Because of that, we had a couple of days off with the grandchildren/preschool agenda that is the normal around here.    Thankfully we were able to finish up the Christmas shopping while we were downstate.  Ahh, that feels good.  The only bad part  is that with me doing all the driving, I'm in pain and rather useless for a couple of days after straining my back and arms driving.    I knew it would happen, but it was necessary so I will cope. 

Getting off this computer now to get some things done around here. 

Enjoy your day,


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Catching up

I have pieced together the piping and binding for The BIG EZ  but there it sits. 
Promise, ... I'll be getting busy with it SOON!

With the Easy Street QAL being shared by Bonnie Hunter right now. I was thinking about joining in on the fun while it's happening and ride the creative wave with many of theother quilters. But I am in a quandary of which colors to use.

A Cheddar and white Kona Snow for step 1. Thinking a Yellowish orange, Purple, aqua and lime green combination could be gorgeous. (I actually have lime, purple along with some black and white prints all kitted together to make the Carolina Crossroads pattern of hers.) I won't go into the basement to find that container of fabbies to show you but believe it's there. The purples are varied and a much darker palette.
Also I did finish the Orange Crush mystery quilt of hers which I call Key West Sunset.

Key West Sunset, aka Orange Crush Mystery QAL

Another option is to use this:

A UFO from a class taught by Camille Remy at Paul Smith's College in 1998-99?
How to Design your own quilt.    Calss requirements, a light, dark and something medium.  My interpretation.

When sewing the sewing Machine Cover and the pin cushion/thread catcher bag I ran across this UFO.  I threw in the scaps of my machine cover bits into this UFO container thinking of finishing it with a lime green thrown in too.  Imagine my surprise with Bonnie Humter selecting all of these colors for her current QAL.     I'm just unsure of how much periwinkle I have in.  For part 2 a periwinkle sky with pure White geese could be wonderful, resembling hte many snow geese that migrate through our region.  There I go dreaming again!

Is this synchronicity with the heavens telling me to work on it all together?   Notice the backing of theBIG EZ in the background, top right? So perhaps my involvement with Easy Street could be to add borders with those Easy Street Parts surrounding it. Though the name Easy anything wouldn't qualify for it if I do that!  It also would be a nice finish of designing the rest of this quilt with the typical block parts of HST, four patches and flying geese units.  Bonnie might be the incentive I need to push this UFO to the finish pile. 

 I just might start it and work on it though until I see the driection this quilt needs to go.  I can see many  Black and white four patches in my very near future.  LOL

Meanwhile, when I am sitting down I've been playing  catch up on the Little Miss Shabby stitcheries (LMS).   November is done and now it's on to the September block. 

Lil Miss Shabby December Block

Realizing while stitching these a verbage is going on in my head.  "What ever happened to me?  I'm timid and delaying in applying threads while trying to decide which colors to use and where....?"  How ever did that happen?   I'll never know.  I used to be fearless with applying color now I seem to second guess myself so much.  Even telling myself to break that thought and just get to it.    Though dealing with this back /neck and other health issues, I really do think that the Rxs I'm on have really affected me in so many ways besides the pain and depression that hovers ever near.   I will beat this and prevail.  Oh well, some good days and then some others thrown into the mix.  It's a good thing I come from such hearty stock.

Now that 6 blocks are embroidered I'll share my vision of how these will be displayed.   Using these, YUMM!
A more modern Blend of Fabrics for my Little Miss Shabby embroidered Blocks of 2011, I'm stitching in 2012. 
Using the Haven's Edge fabric  line with some other Tina Givens fabbies thrown in, of course just for fun.

I'll follow the recommended pattern with an immediate surround of 2 inch pieces mismashed of color followed with a solid ecru boundary.  Then for the sashing and cornerstones, more 2" mismashed pieces.  Perhaps the cornerstones will be the same fabric that I select for the main borders.    This should be done by March.
Or I might just have a simpler log border of a different fabric for each block then the 2" pieces and etc.....
I'm happy too that I shopped online during the Black Friday sales at Quilt in a Day.  What great prices and with the LMS fabrics I have in of  a Fat quarter pack of  Haven's Edge to set the blocks and sashing with was a great find. It's a perfect match since there are many birds and stylized birds scattered through out many of the prints.   Only three fabrics were on sale from that line that might work and so I picked up plenty for borders, backing and binding with enough for a pillow case or two.  8~)

Black Friday Goodies
As you an see I picked up another Accuquilt Go Die of the Leaves and Stems,  9 yards of the Black from  Island Batik besides a couple more patterns too.  I noticed out in blogland, sorry I can't remember where to point you in that direction, of a dresden plate quilt made in a class taught by Edyta  Sitar of Landry Basket Quilts that I thought it was stunning.  Perhaps some Kansas style fabbies would work nicely with that pattern,  so when said pattern with a template included  and another of her lovely patterns besides  a Fig Tree  pattern were spotted, I quickly added them to my shopping basket.  All total, 33 yards of fabric plus all the goodies for a little bit of nothing compared to their normal pricing.  Oh yeah, a roll of Invisigrip jumped into my cart too.  What can I say,  Merry Christmas to me. 
While blog hopping, I ran across this wonderful blog with a very talented creator of quilts, knitting and knowledge called  Quilting After Dark.  She shared a link of a video where Renate explains beautifully the use of hands here.    I'm linking it up here so I'll know where to find it. 
Enjoy your blessings,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happily finished with

two more of my UFOs.  Yippee Ki Yi Yey! 

The first to share is the BBD Easter Blessings all framed.  This piece has been stitched for awhile and laid  placed carefully  in the   armoir that holds my stitchy stuff.  Glad I'm focusing on getting things completed around here, it feels really nice seeing it hanging up in the bedroom now. 

The colors of it are perfect in the boudoir which hosts a very outdated mauve color that I 'm not changing.  I just may make a new quilt to go with those colors to update the bedrooms look, Sonya's Windows may be perfect.   I know you can't see it but each piece I stitch I  insert my  name and year into the piece so it's hardly there. 
Here's a closer view of the frame selected, I just love it!

On Saturday it was Small Business Appreciation Day.  Luckily I supported 3 small businesses with my typical support. 
Tip Top Frame for the piece above.
A Mano, a local bead shop 's class  that I attended so I could get another UFO finished.  I wasn't able to complete it there,  but made major headway on it so later that night I continued on and was able to finish it Sunday morning. 
oing another little happy Dance!

Ice bracelet completed! Yaaah!

It was very simple to make and I have another ICE Bracelet kitted in light green and coppery red that is so tempting to get into just now.

Perhaps in a week or two it can be started while the making of this one is still fresh in my mind. 

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know what colors work best for The BigEZ.  I appreciate visiting with you and the input.  What ever you are doing today, do it with ZEST!

Off to pick up PGS#3 from preschool.....


Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'd love to do that!

Joanne at Thread Head recently posted some of her feather quilting that she's been practicing. 

is all I can say. 
Her feathers and quilting designs are fantastic.  I want to be able to do that!

Here's the blog post where she discusses what she did.  Meanwhile I have this little baby I want to get quilted. 

I think I may draft a meditating Budha or similiar icon in this since feathering it seems way  beyond my reach just now. 
Even though this piece would be fantastic feathered.  Any ideas? 
It's a project I started a couple of years ago with a precious friend, Trudy.  She actually gave me  the Ricky Timm's fabric after she and another friend attended one of his classes in Colorado.   
I'll percolate some ideas a bit longer since today I'll be cutting that aqua for a piping and the white,
and yes,
I said WHITE for the binding. 
Enjoy your day,

Friday, November 23, 2012

What's around my Home,

A glimpse of several past projects that are displayed for Thanksgiving and during  the Fall time.

I can't remember the name of this pattern off the top of my head. 
When I run across the pattern I'll come back to share which one I used. 
The batiks collected to do this project were so much fun to shop for and I remember well the efforts of machine appliquing around those curvy leaves.   The horror of slicing them in half . 
But also the satisfaction when they were reassembled and placed back together. 
For the table / candle mat, I used an eyelet yarn to fringe the outer binding after using my favorite Kona Cotton Black to enclose the quiltlet edges.  Would you believe I used 2 bolts of Kona Black so far in my life time!   Both of these pieces are still a favorite of mine.   Another favorite is the pottery face planter made by a local potter artisan, Vera Vivante.  

A painting of DH's that is left up year around.  The colors in this are so deep and rich. 

The photo does not do it justice. The frame is one I picked up at an auction for $12.00. What a deal! Needless to say the mat boards to finish it off were about 5 times that price.
Still, The Elk was named because of my continuous response.  Several years ago, while hand quilting this wall hanging my friends would inquire what I brought to work on.  My answer always was and thus the name just happening for it,
"Still, The Elk". 

I quilted a puzzle piece outline through the center of this piece horizontally
but when it came time to do the vertical cross pieces I just didn't have it in me.
I did outline quilt the leaves in the leaf print border and did a bit of assymetrical diagonal lines in the inner borders.
When I called it good enough to exhibit for the fall, my thought was to quilt some more on it during the winter, just not sure yet which year I may attempt that! Perhaps some year.
The outline of the elk, foreground and tree is Ultrasuede and was easy enough to work with. The most difficult part besides the hand quilting was finding strips of the sky fabrics to flow with the fiery sky look I was attempting.
I'm happy with it. 
Enjoy your Black Friday weekend.  I may go shopping tomorrow before that beading class.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings

My baby girl turns 35 today.   What a wonderful creature and person she is. 
Beautiful, smart, strong, capable, talented, friendly, kind, loyal and a wonderful part of our family both as a daughter, sister and Mother.  

Happy Birthday Honey.  
{Of course I couldn't ever be biased! }

It seems like it's a tradition now to go to a local indoor water park to celebrate her Birthday and since  it falls just near Thanksgiving and this year was no exception on pilgraming to the water park just before her Birthday, since this year it falls on Thanksgiving Day. 

A nice time was had by all.

PGD#1 age 7 trying out her surfing skills, she's another lady in our family with a can do attitude.  
Thanks for those genes Gigi! 
Her Brother PGS#3 almost age 4 spent his time fearlessly in any of the allowed slides and tubing rides besides the kiddie pool with his friend, Ophelia,  Sam's daughter, the daughter  of my daughter's coworking friend. 
My time was spent from the Hot tub area to my chair near the kiddie pool watching the youngsters play and reading my book.  Happily I was able to finish Honk and Holler Opening Soon by Billie Letts just this am in my own home. 

What an enjoyable book. If you're not familiar with her writing I hope you give it a try. All the books I've read from her so far have been very nice reads. Her storytelling and character development is grand. Each person within stands ni his own story line and has a unique part in the overall story. Such an unusual mix of different traits of the human spirit is shown and you believe these people could be from your own neighborhood.

I hope you enjoy it too.

We did get home rather late last night and what a lovely surprise in my mail.  A squishy package in the mail.
Corrie and Des were hosting another weekly giveaway at Quilt Taffy and I was selected as the random generated winner. Thanks so much you two. Here's Marmalade made by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics.

So peeps for your viewing pleasure here's the scrumpious charm pack, how sweet it is!

I love the warmth of those colors, they are just yummy and it will be delicious to work with them. Sorry, my mind is thinking up all the flavorful ways this pack can be played with. LOL Thanks again Corrie and Des, I appreciate it.

May you and yours have a Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration.    Jane



Auditioning the Big EZ

I was able to finish the August block of Lil'  Miss Shabby Chic and now I'm starting the November block Stitchery of the same LMS.
As you see it's not yet pressed but will be when I start assembling these stitchings into quilt blocks. 
Maybe I'll start that when I start stitching onmy last block,  the 12th one.
I was able to finish quilting the Big EZ two days before I thought I could get it done! 
Can I get a Hoot Whoot!!!
This is what I used for the backing and it shows the quilt design nicely.
The quilt feels wonderful so far with the quilting done.
but not that heavy, just right!

I wish I had just a bit more of this fabric because then a biased binding of this would work beautifully,
but I don't.
So I'm audtioning which combination of fabrics to use for  the piping/binding.


I found this stripe fabric in my stash and the colors work nicely with that large floral focal fabric. So an option is Striped piping with a white Binding? I really like the look of this so far, but white on the edge???!!!?

Stripe Piping w/ White binding, Option 1

Aqua pipng w/ white binding, Option 2-

Striped piping with Aqua Binding, Option 3?

Perhaps the stripe piping with the aqua binding which would be much easier for housekeeping purposes since this is for PGD#1's bed, and I've never used a white binding before or have seen too many others that have either.  The down side to this is that her bedroom is a softer pink and that aqua may not look the best.   Also since orange is her favorite color and the orange in this quilt comes out more of a dirty yellow in the pics it's a nice blend to introduce it in her bedroom. 

From a distance this is how the quilt top looks with the auditioning white binding showing how both the aqua and the striped fabbies look as the piping.   It's a nice clean look and the one I am perferring just now.  In my eyes, the quilt seems to be asking for white edging. 

 Please help me out, which one?
Any ideas to help me out of my dilema? 
Have you ever seen or used a quilt bound with white? 

I'll be ruminating over this, so any wisdom or ideas you 'd be willing to share, I'd appreciate.

I have 'til Sunday before I'll be cutting and starting to sew the pieces together. 

All of my pictures can be enlarged for a better view if you wish,  just click the pic to see more of the details.

Ahh....., it's so nice not cooking the Thanksgiving Dinner today.  DH and I will be  going to a restaurant to have our Holiday dinner.  DS and his family are celebrating with my DIL's family and DD and family were going to spend it with SIL's  home, ( that was actually  cancelled  last moment just before our getaway, and now they are on there own).   Glad I had time to post this though truth be told, I am missing the aroma that once spilled out of my kitchen on the years gone past and the warmth of family surrounding us.     

Enjoy your blessings, Jane