Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cookin' in the Kitchen with PGS#3

Had to share.  What a cutie!  PGS#3 helping Meme in the kitchen.

What a sweetie.  He helps and won't stuff his little fingers into the bowl until the batter is in the baking dish. TG!
With his other grandfather passing this past Monday, both of the littlest grandchildren have spent many hours here.  After a long health ordeal, their other grandfather David Macomber broke the bonds of earth on January 16, 2012. 
His wake and funeral were out of state, so we have been spending alot of quality time with both him and his sister. 

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Carol said...

Awww...he certainly is a sweetie-pie!! I used to love baking with my sons when they were his age...

So sorry to hear he lost his other grandpa. That is so nice that you were able to help the family at this sad time by caring so lovingly for the littlest grandchildren, Jane.