Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Under construction

For the Wonky House Swap that is.  I find it unbelievable that after several hours in my sewing room and all I was able to finish was one block.

Started out by drafting an approximate house diagram I thought I'd use to make templates.  That idea quickly went out the window when I fussy cut some fabric for windows.  I had an old sewing machine cover with these mannequin dress forms and thought they would be fantastic to show through the window.  After that  I did some assembly line sewing for the windows and doors to mass produce some house elements.

Not long into this stage of the process I realized that perhaps it would be best to continue making one block at a time.  At that point I played with fabrics until I was satisfied with color placements and textures all the while making sure my block would be the needed 12.5 inches unfinished.

Here's my prototype, aka Block 1 for the WH Swap.  Only 11 more to go.


PS:  I'm  not totally satisfied with the sizing of this house block, as you can see in my draft to final product, the house grew in size as I was sewing it.  I'll  need to scale it back a bit on the next ones, but Number one is done!  I joined in this to help liberate my quilting.  Not sure if this will work or drive me nuts, seems to be wasting alot of fabric in the wonkiness of it all.

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