Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

First scissor fob completed

Shepherd's Bush
Bianca Scissor Fob Kit

Notice that Bianca's name was added on the back of the design and that I left the
date as 2008 since that was the year when the Gingher Bianca scissors were made.
Another change I made was the ribbon surrounding the design. 
While I loved the finished effect of the silk ribbon supplied with the kit,
the color (really it was a  hot pink) was too off  from the scissor colors.  So I shopped around for weeks
until I found an acceptable ribbon that would compliment them instead of clashing with it. 
This kit wasn't in my stash but I recently (4 months ago) won this kit on ebay and am glad to have it
finished and added to my scissor collection.

Do you like the changes?  Since this came out okay, I pulled out another SB Scissor fob kit to make.
It's the Sonia SB kit that I won at the same time as I won the Biance one.  Luckily there were about 5 fobs offered at the same time and some even came with the gingher scissors.  Great price too I might add.  Made this girl very happy.

Thanks for stopping by.  I do appreciate all the kind words.  Visiting and connecting with like minded souls is always a big plus.  Enjoy your day since this day only comes every four years.  Make it count.



I found out where the 15 minute post it challenge was.  It's through Kate at Life In Pieces Blog.

Here's my list for this past week:

Wednesday- Mended ski coat
Thursday- Nada
Friday- Cleaned up sewing room and selected fabrics for WH Swap
Saturday- Found 5 hours to finish a project with a looming deadline-Wonky Houses
Sunday- Nada- Washed out Nascar socializing
Monday- Hemmed pants for son
Tuesday- Found a 2 hours to make some things from a recycled vinyl tablecloth

This is working.  Getting alot accomplished and yet not being overwhelmed by all that I wasnt to accomplish.  NICE!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Other tidbits getting finished

With the scads of scraps I have on hand and even though I use my strips of scraps as "humpjumpers" (similiar to Bonnie Turner's Leaders and Enders) would you believe a vinyl tabelcloth that we had out with the grandchildren had some wear areas so instead of throwing it away I repurposed it!  Seriously?  I need help.  LOL

 I've been wanting to make some storage bags for the summer fans that we store in the basement. I was going to purchase some duck cloth or other type of sturdy linen to make a simple bag for each one. While heading to the trash bin with the used snowmen vinyl tablecloth I thought that it might be just perfect those bags. The vinyl surface being an easy to wipe off  cloth and the softer flannel lining side just soft enough not to scratch said fans. Viola......... Done!

I was thrilled to get that off my to do list and on to my to Done list.  Such a simple thing like this makes me really happy and feeling quite smug with myself too.  See, I really do need help. 
After those were made I saw the remenant bits about and starting thinking again.  SERIOUSLY?   I really do need help.  My mind working again and so I made one more item.  Can you guess what it is?

Scroll down, 

can you imagine?

What would you do?

Eeeks don't throw that scrap away...

It could be used for the homemade


Here are the directions with what I did in case you are interested.

*Cut the vinyl to be at least  2 -1/2 times the  longest side of the disired hidth of your bag. 
*Finish the smallest edges with a hem stitch on the opposing sides.  I did lengthen my stitch on machine so too many holes wouldn't puncture it so bad to let it tear easily. 
*Lay it out similiar to a jelly roll all the while making sure you have enough
room to easily slide the ice pack in and cover it with the folded over edge inside.   You'll have two folds.
*Sew the two side seams making sure to catch all the layers of the folded vinyl to finish it off.
*Turn inside out and test it out.  Perfect! 


3 Parts Water
1 Part Alcohol
I used two bags to ensure against leaking making sure the openings were on opposite sides.  This freezes to just the right balance to be too cold to hold against the skin with out being in something.  So we would use towels and wrap them so the ice packs were always sliding out and around.  Hopefully this vinyl covered one will fill the bill. 

The only thing these items cost was about an hour and a half of time all the while
saving the earth of another item thrown in the trash.  (At least for quite a while that is.)

Enjoy your day.  Off to finish up my UFO for February.  Thankfully it's a LEAP YEAR and it gives me one more day.


Monday, February 27, 2012

They're Off!

Round One of the Wonky House Swap Blocks that is.  Here thay are all laid out on the living room rug.  I only need to send 11, but I'll be sending out 12 so our lovely leader can have a small token of my building abilities thrown in with her blocks.  I ended up taking out the red house with that lovely peagreen background.  I just love that new line out from Moda of a stitch in color collection from Malka Dubrawsky.  I heart it! 

Well, I was able to finish them off  Saturday after my recent bout with the shingles.   This morning, the first priority after delivering PGS#3 to preschool was to finish the 12 signature blocks that would be going with them and then get it to the post office so I could send them out by priority mail.  Eeeks!  $18.95 to ship them with the garantee of delivery for Wednesday, A day under the wire.   Phew!  Thanks goodness it's a leap year.

So Miss Jane, they are coming your way and I hope everybody  that gets them likes them.   My husband says they look like Suess Homes.  How sweet of him.    Next is Round Two of the Wonky House Swap Block which will be trees instead of houses.  It's not too late to join in on the  pressure fun , you can find more out about it here on  Flickr.


PS:  I did the 15 minute challenge this past week and for the weekend I did about20 consequetive 15 minute challenges!
Sunday- Nothing
Monday was able to sew for 90 minutes.
This 15 minute challenge is working well.  I need to check and see when I need to link up for their giveaways.  WHen I find it agian, I'll provide a link.  Jane

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stash Report, Week 9 of 2012

Used this Week: 3 yards

Used year to Date: 12 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 68.625 yards

Net for 2012: A gain of 56.625 yards

Taking part in the Wonky House exchange and glad to have finished all the 12 Wonky House blocks.  With using 12 different fat quarters for their construction, I'm counting that as 3 yards out the door.    Yippee!
Check out Judy Laquidera's blog to see how other participants are doing in busting their stash.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stash Report week 8 of 2012

Ginger Rose 2012 BOM
designer, Nancy Murty

Used this Week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: 9 yards

Added this Week: 33.625 yards

Added Year to Date: 68.625 yards

Net for 2012: A gain of 59.625 yards

Another of my favorite quilt shops, Loose Threads had a 25% off their notion wall, patterns and books this past weekend and there is this ruler I've had my eye on that it seemed like a perfect time to purchase it.  So I went there with honorable intentions of acquiring said ruler.  Oh No.... the BOM shown there from Nancy Davis Murty was just gorgous.  Of course they were sold out of that BOM with the Ginger Rose fabric line as shown o n the right.  This photo does not do that quilt any justice, it just sings! 

Anyway, I found a beautiful floral fabric line in brown with pale green and mauve that I could imagine in that pattern and of course it would be perfect for the master bedroom.  The rest they say is history, I just wish I knew who they were.  

All laid out with notes on where I'll be using them.

As if I needed more fabric OR projects yet.  
Since DH and I have been dealing with medical problems of appendicitis with emergency surgery thrown in for a patient with a bad heart and with me having a  "mild"  case of the Shingles (per the doctor, all I can say it didn't feel mild) , can I say a major OUCH! Nothing else has happened this past week, just time to heal.   It was Friday before I started feeling human again and I think I overdid it too soon.  I am in such discomfort right now and through the night I was miserable and hardly slept.

There are still 10 more wonky houses to make and the 12 - 6" signature blocks that I need to do send out so they are received by March 1st.  I plan on doing 2 houses today, that is with my health and the pain permitting.  Wow, thats a whole new perspective with putting shingles on something.  I am satisfied that I went to the Doctor yesterday to make sure I wasn't contagious before allowing myself to touch blocks meant for other people. 

After reading different topics about shingles on the web, would you believe that I boiled the clothes I wore.    The time line was something like this:  DH with diarrhea since 2 Tuesdays ago.  We both thought he had a GI flu since the youngest grandchildren just the week before had it.  Wednesday night DH started experiencing pain that increased in intensity so we called for the ambulance Thursday morning.  At the local Emergency Room it was confirmed that he had appenditis going on and would need surgery.  Cardiology was called in to approve that he was okay for surgery.  Huh?  If he didn't get it he'd have a ruptured appendix, subsequent septsis and die, what alternative is there!   Any way, the Doctor very intelligently said yes surgery was necessary and he was approved.  Then  a couple of fresh frozen plasma units were ordered  as well as a couple of Vitamen K injections to counter act the Coumadin therapy that he is on. 
Surgery happened at 4:30 pm and all went well, thanks God.  A very long day and finally he got to a hostipal room at 8pm.  I was tired and noticed discomfort and a small lesion in the braline under my right arm.  Asked daughter in the OR area to place a bandaid on it since I thought it was stress and perhaps something that got snagged within my bra to irritate my skin, I am very sensitive you know.  lol

2012 Star Club Inductee, makes a grandmother proud!

The next day I didn't go to the hospital until the afternoon since the youngest granddaughter was being inducted into the STAR Club at school for positive behavior.  Both parents couldn't attend and I thought someone needed to witness her success so I gladly went.  Visited DH all afternoon but left the hosital earlier, around 6:30 pm since he was totally out of it with the morphine to control his pain.  Went shopping for a couple of items and groceries that way when DH was discharged the following day, I wouldn't have to go to any stores other than to get his R'xs filled, boy I was super glad later that I did that!    At home, I noticed a couple of smaller lesions now near the now larger initial lesion and more pain and discomfort reared it's head when I slowed down.  That's when I knew I had shingles.  Did a google search on the topic and read about it on computer.  One of the articles noted that it can't be spread through clothes if they were boiled.  SO that is what I did Saturday morning while I still remembered which clothes I had on.    Picture me over a boiling stock pot, swirling said garments like any modern witch.  To expidite any possible germs survivng that, I then placed the hot garments outside on the back deck to FREEZE them to death  just in case.  Then I went for medical help at the local Fast Track, filled R'xs and saw DH to let him know.  That's the last time I visited him in the hospital.  With his compromised health, I suggested to both children that he may have to go elsewhere whenever he'd be allowed to go home.  His discharge was Tuesday this past week AND he ended up going to my daughter's house.  It seemed strange having the house to myself and truth be told, kind of nice.  Everything stayed in it's place, no cabinets or doors to shut behind somebody else, coffee drips and water splatters to mop up, chairs to push in, papers to complete and put away,  etc ..... I think you get the picture.   But it did seem like dating again talking with him on the telephone.  So Friday, I had a Doctors appointment and asked DH if he wanted to go and  have a luch date too.   He said yes.  It felt romantic just a touch since we had been apart for 6 days.  Luckily the Doctor told me I wasn't contagiuos and he couldn't be hurt by living next to me so our date ended up with him coming back home to stay.  ;~)

I'm off to play and I  hope you enjoy your day.  Thanks for stopping by and the kind messages and links you leave when you leave a post so I can  see what you've been doing.  It's amazing how much time I can spend on this computer. lol  I recently found Eileen's blog at My Quilting Porch and thoroughly enjoyed all of her quilts and projects.   Check it out if you have time.  I love several of her quilts but especially one from 2008 called Vintage Stitches.  How sweet that one is.  Will share more soon.


PS: Recently I found Kate's  blog, Life in Pieces, and thought yes, I can do that.  So for 15 minutes last night I cut the fusible paper needed for my wonky houses, am tryinganother style to get them done.  How liberating and educating this project has turned out.
Today, I'll be choosing fabric and pressing them out for 15 minutes  or more.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Happy Valentine's Day
It seems so strange with my sweetie being away today. Due to health problems, he'll be discharged from the hosital and staying with our daughter until I get an all clear with these shingles. I'll share a couple of the vignettes around my home.

 In the bedroom areas:


In the kitchen:

In the Living Room: 

A lil' something my sweetie gave me 20+ years ago.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stash Report week 7 of 2012

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 9 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 35 yards
Net for 2012: A gain of 26 yards

No changes since last week.  DH and I have  been dealing with medical problems.  Urgency is now over,  just the healing to happen.  Will be back soon I hope!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Ice Castle, Alien Invasion

 With celebrating our 38 anniversary on Ground Hog's Day, we celebrated by going out to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants in Saranac Lake, Casa del Sol.   Even better is that the Winter Carnival was also taking place and the ice castle this year was quite unique. The photos will speak for me.   I hope you enjoy them.


The dots within the eyes are quarters that people would melt onto the castle wall surface. I think the alien on the right is just winking..

Hummmm...   Alien Invasion Reminds me of a quilt that I did. 

Enjoy your day,


Unfortunately Jane

Unfortunately, Jane is neither biddable, grateful, nor an orphan and it is thought she is unsuitable for genteel indoor work as a housemaid or mother's helper.

Unfortunately, Jane still could not see, for she had stuck her bear head on backward. But the audience loved it. They clapped and they stamped. "Bravo! Bravo!

Unfortunately, Jane showed no aptitude for it.
Unfortunately, Jane was unable to make the transition from child star to adult actress
Unfortunately, Jane's life never goes as planned.
Unfortunately, Jane accidently hands her the envelope containing the $2000 they were planning to use on their tropical trip. Oops!
Unfortunately, Jane gets way (way) more than she bargains for in Asheville.
Unfortunately, Jane and I broke up two months ago. I'm still getting over the loss.
 Unfortunately, Jane's enemies have been busy stirring up some major trouble—the kind that attracts a lot of attention.

Unfortunately, Jane is distracted by this and is choosing to play on the computer rather than getting to her UFO's.
Gotta love that girl!     

(smiles)  Jane

Saw this out there and it said to google your name with the unfortunately in front of it.  Here are the top ones I saw but had to add to that list with one of my own.  Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hexagon Pincushion

Daisy Quilts has a tutorial for a hexagon pincushion that looked interesting. I found the template for printing the hexagons for this project at

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stash Report week 6 of 2012

Used this Week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: 9 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 35 yards

Net for 2012: A gain of 26 yards

Zilch to report.  Need to do better this next week.