Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friendship bracelets

Idea links for Kumihimo beaded bracelets are here on Watch Out Martha blog.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stash Report for 3/25/12

No changes to my stash in either direction.  Plus or minuses, hopefully this week I'll be able to change that.  I've had enough slacking in my quilting department and that needsto change.  There are so many projects to process that are so close to completion that I should impose some kind of deadline or perhaps a reward...... humm I like the sound  of that!   

I have been busy though.  The dishcloth where I learned the cable stitch recently  is now totally done, oopps make that  I still need to bury the yarn ends. Well I promise I'll get to that right after I get off this computer.  So I did  print off another free pattern to try a different dish rag pattern called "Knitted Blackberry Cloth" from little house in the suburbs website.   The link doesn't show the blackberry one, it's to a basket weave patterned one instead, I couldn't readily find the blackberry one (sorry).  This pattern has a suble pattern to it so I'm thinking that a solid colored cotton yarn may be more flattering for it to show  than that speckled blend I tried to show the cables on several weeks ago.   With trying to share the cables learned via photo, it was difficult to see and  didn't show up properly, so I plan on using a variety of solid colors from now on.  I'm hoping that will make a difference.

Beading has been my focus recently and I attended a couple of bracelet classes at my local bead shop, A Mano Studio. What fun and such a nice change of pace. 
The "Tila Wave Bracelet" is totally finished and I love how it looks.   This bracelet was a very quick finish.  It took only about 3 hours total to complete.  DHmentioned that he thought I liked the quick turnaround from start to finish that I should do more projects like that than my quilting.  rUmph! I truly believe he is jealous of my quilting time and will speak negatively whenever he can.  I think he believes I say okay one of these times and get rid of my stash,  little does he know!  LOL. 

Tila Wave Bracelet
March 2012

Another class was for the Viking Knit Bracelet class.  That is still a work in progress and it's visible on that oak dowel.  The wire "knitting" represents about 5 hours worth of effort.  No immidiate gratification for this technique.  The braid effect on the knitting reminds me of a braid on an Indian Chief's breastplate.   It looks like 5 rows of chain stitch running up the sides of the dowel.
I am wondering how small I'll be able to make this when pulling it through the different size holes to diminish and tighten it up in the final phase.    I also am not sure I'll be able to do that part of it with my neck, shoulder and back conundrums, but also know that DH or the children will help me  out if it's too much.  I'll continue  knitting while the starter piece is already done  but try a  looser braid stitch. (If you can't tell it is softer and easier to weave that wire through without using an awl each time I go to insert it  like I did on the first 5+ inches of the braid. )   Many of my classmates' knitting was very loose and hard to see a design so the finished results were a bit small and had some ovals wires poking out of their final bracelets.
Devin, the instructor and my friend said mine looked good to continue doing it in the same manner so I did for the 6" base.  But I am questioning how it will look in the completed project.  That's why I figure I'll do another 6" piece of it but much looser so I can stretch it out through  most of the blocks' holes.  We'll see.

Viking Knit Bracelet
March 2012
 Lastly, I wanted to share another package that came in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  These are the Wonky House quilt blocks that were sent to me for the WH Swap Group that Jane started for 2012.  The  bottom row and one block in the next to the last are blocks Imade and threw on the floor to photograph with the rest of them. 
Don't you just love them.  The ladies did such a great job on them and the creativity in this group is amazing. 
Thank you everybody!  I do {heart} them.

While this was a stretch for me to do Uh hum, can you say stressful.... I did sign up to do  Round 2, wonky trees.    I know I am a glutton for punishment but do figure this next round will be so much easier!  [I can only hope.] 


Monday, March 12, 2012

A nice surprise in the mail.

When picking up my mail I received a lovely surprise package. 

Thanks Carole!  I really appreciate it.    What a pleasant surprise.   Love that pattern and those batiks, you spoiled me for sure. 
Did you know that I recently saw the same This and That pattern on the web  and was thinking that perhaps that would be sweet for the table top quilt frame I display sporatically through the year.   I made a mental note to pick it up the next time  I went to your shop since this pattern screamed Spring to me and as you know,  I do enjoy embroidery.     Friends are the best!   See you this weekend.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

I learned something new, the Cable Stitch

YIPPEE!  I'm knitting the cable knit stitch!  I know for manyof you this may seem so simple, but to me, I was overwhelmed about trying it.  I put off trying it thinking that perhaps someday when I have an experienced knitter near me I'd give it a try.   Anyways, I do so love the knitted dish rags.  If you remember a couple of months back I was able to finish two of them.  Anyways, around that time I ran across this blog hosting a  Knit A Long (KAL) that I kept it in a blog area I follow.    When I saw the March KAL was the cable stitch  I thought why not try it on something little and functional.
My first cable stitch! 2012

So last night I made my first cable stitch by trial and error. 


Who knew it was so easy?  Though I do have to share that the first time I did it,  I messsed up and had to rip out half of  the  row to knit  it over again in the correct  better way.  Not sure yet if it's correct, but it lays much better when you pick the cable stitches up in one order they lay on the stitch holder vs. the way they lay in the reversed order.

Scarf I made with a garter stitch 2010. 

My repetoire consisted of a garter, stockinette, knit together,  yarn over, and perhaps a  slipped stitch  until now.  I can add a CABLE Stitch.   Perhaps in time I'll be able to make a cabled or lacy scarf!   If I continue to do these "dish clothes", then not only will I have the added dish cloth but I'll be able to hopefully learn the more difficult stitches to make a winter scarf with the yarn I selected last year. 

Do you have any ideas with how to use: Woolease, Cello's  eyelash, Lion Brand Tweed stipes(an acrylic yarn) all in the same project?  I did think of trying to STRIPE a Cable with all of these yarns for a newer, brighter looking scarf and a cloche with an eyelash rim around the hat.    But I'd appreciate any thoughts and comments on which patterns to use  and weights of yarns I need to be careful of when using them in one project.  I think that may be a trial but there again, I'm not sure.

In the mean time, I still have that lovely scarf that Trudy gave me.   VBG

Yarns I think that will look fabulous for a hat and scarf.

                         Enjoy your day,

Stash Report, Week 10 of 2012

Used this Week: 1 yards

Used year to Date: 13 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 68.625 yards

Net for 2012: A gain of 55.625 yards

It was hard calculating these itty bitty  bits of  fabric used this week so I figured with every thing I did I only used one yard.  Not great number wise but huge satisfaction with the completions.    The other bloggers that are participating in Judy's stash reports amaze me with how much fabric they push through.  Maybe some day.  8 ' )

Have some more itty bitty's to complete, label, hem some more of son's pants, etc...  Not fun, but a happy feeling when done and  JOY for my heart.


Friday, March 2, 2012

A Lovely Surprise!

Friends are so important in the skeem of life.  They are their through think and thin.  They are people who share like interests and it's always nice to spend time with  having fun all the while making fond memories along the way.   They listen, care  and share life stories with laughing, crying or sometimes just being there with understanding and solace.

After my recent illness, many  notes, cards, calls and emails were sent my way and some even brought over  meals and offered to help driving DH to his doctors appointments or do shopping if needed.  WOW!     I thank you all so much.   I can't express in words how your thoughtfulness made my days easier and the pain easier to bear.    I do appreciate and  value our connection.    I am ever so humbled by this showing of love and support. 

My neighbor brought over dinner and with it, a lovely surprise. 

A lovely scarf hademade by a mutual friend of ours, Trudy.  I knew she was knitting them and when I went to visit her several weeks ago, I saw this basket of scarfs she was working on but I didn't know she was making one for each of us within "Our Circle Of Friends" quilting group.    It's gorgeous and so soft.  The lighting and my photography skills leave a lot to be desired and truly don't do it justice.  Thank you so much Trudy, I love it! 

Another shot to show you the texture and the depth of colors of the yarns.