Sunday, March 4, 2012

I learned something new, the Cable Stitch

YIPPEE!  I'm knitting the cable knit stitch!  I know for manyof you this may seem so simple, but to me, I was overwhelmed about trying it.  I put off trying it thinking that perhaps someday when I have an experienced knitter near me I'd give it a try.   Anyways, I do so love the knitted dish rags.  If you remember a couple of months back I was able to finish two of them.  Anyways, around that time I ran across this blog hosting a  Knit A Long (KAL) that I kept it in a blog area I follow.    When I saw the March KAL was the cable stitch  I thought why not try it on something little and functional.
My first cable stitch! 2012

So last night I made my first cable stitch by trial and error. 


Who knew it was so easy?  Though I do have to share that the first time I did it,  I messsed up and had to rip out half of  the  row to knit  it over again in the correct  better way.  Not sure yet if it's correct, but it lays much better when you pick the cable stitches up in one order they lay on the stitch holder vs. the way they lay in the reversed order.

Scarf I made with a garter stitch 2010. 

My repetoire consisted of a garter, stockinette, knit together,  yarn over, and perhaps a  slipped stitch  until now.  I can add a CABLE Stitch.   Perhaps in time I'll be able to make a cabled or lacy scarf!   If I continue to do these "dish clothes", then not only will I have the added dish cloth but I'll be able to hopefully learn the more difficult stitches to make a winter scarf with the yarn I selected last year. 

Do you have any ideas with how to use: Woolease, Cello's  eyelash, Lion Brand Tweed stipes(an acrylic yarn) all in the same project?  I did think of trying to STRIPE a Cable with all of these yarns for a newer, brighter looking scarf and a cloche with an eyelash rim around the hat.    But I'd appreciate any thoughts and comments on which patterns to use  and weights of yarns I need to be careful of when using them in one project.  I think that may be a trial but there again, I'm not sure.

In the mean time, I still have that lovely scarf that Trudy gave me.   VBG

Yarns I think that will look fabulous for a hat and scarf.

                         Enjoy your day,


Joy said...

I have never tried the cable stitch...good for you.

Samantha said...

When I tried to teach myself to knit last winter I wasn't doing very well. I went to ask my hubby for some help, since growing up they always knitted socks and slippers and hats and scarves. I showed him what I was trying to do and he took the needles and yarn to "show" me how to do it but then he just started knitting really fast and totally lost me, so I gave him my yarn and needles and told him he was the official knitter for our family! LOL!

I have nothing but admiration for anyone trying to learn to knit. :)

Also, I tagged you in a game of blog tag. You don't have to play, but if you would like to, the post is here: