Friday, March 2, 2012

A Lovely Surprise!

Friends are so important in the skeem of life.  They are their through think and thin.  They are people who share like interests and it's always nice to spend time with  having fun all the while making fond memories along the way.   They listen, care  and share life stories with laughing, crying or sometimes just being there with understanding and solace.

After my recent illness, many  notes, cards, calls and emails were sent my way and some even brought over  meals and offered to help driving DH to his doctors appointments or do shopping if needed.  WOW!     I thank you all so much.   I can't express in words how your thoughtfulness made my days easier and the pain easier to bear.    I do appreciate and  value our connection.    I am ever so humbled by this showing of love and support. 

My neighbor brought over dinner and with it, a lovely surprise. 

A lovely scarf hademade by a mutual friend of ours, Trudy.  I knew she was knitting them and when I went to visit her several weeks ago, I saw this basket of scarfs she was working on but I didn't know she was making one for each of us within "Our Circle Of Friends" quilting group.    It's gorgeous and so soft.  The lighting and my photography skills leave a lot to be desired and truly don't do it justice.  Thank you so much Trudy, I love it! 

Another shot to show you the texture and the depth of colors of the yarns.


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Carol said...

What nice friends you are blessed with, Jane! The scarf is so lovely--looks wonderfully soft and warm :)