Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stash Report for 4/15/12

Absolutely love, Love, LOVE  this Crow quilt design.  The pattern is called, "Cobblestone Crows" and was designed by Sheryl Mycroft of Random Threadz.    The dimensions wouldn't work for the cathedral wall space above my back kitchen door. so I'm thinking of purchasing the pattern and then revamping it into a size that would work for that space.    Since the space is more vertical than horizontal, I'm not sure yet how it could be worked into a different dimension.  Perhaps this week, I'll find some time to play yet still get some more of those UFO's off my list.   
Without further ado here's the most recent calculations.
Stash Report for this week:

Used this Week:   Only  .5 yards  but two projects were completed,  Yippee!!

Used year to Date: 13.5 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 68.625 yards

Net for 2012: A gain of 55.125 yards

If you have a chance, check out Judy Laquidera's blog to see how many fabrics other participants  have used out of their stash.  Their numbers really put me to shame despite my feeling of success by beating my addiction of buying more fabric.  Yikes, I just had an honest thought, my friend was redefining her fabric stash and purged a box of silks, velvets, brocade and fancy fabric pieces to me for a crazy quilt that I'd like to do on my bucket list.  Do I need to figure out how much yardage is there and add it to my growth of stash?   Oh No Lucy, I could be in trouble.  lol

Enjoy your day,

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Procrastination is

 attitude's natural assassin. There's nothing so fatiguing as an uncompleted task."

-William James

Ain't that the truth!  So with appreciating that recently read quote, I decided to tackle a project that's been going through my head and wearing me out.  Are you recognizing a theme here? 
I've carved out some more time to play besides auditioning those stones Ithought would work great as a piped area for  the table top quiltlet "Inukshuk".

 What do you think?     I am at a quandrary and I thinking that this won't work at all.  It doesn't seem to enhance it, only to cheapen it.    I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving all the lovely comments.  So don't be afraid to give me your  honest thoughts about this.  Keep going? Or abandon the stones and bind it as it is.   

I also have some ocean rolled stones from our trip to Nova Scotia in my work area of the garage that I hope to make a Stone Inukshuk cairn for someplace around my home.  Either inside or out in the garden.  I will be tackling that soon. 
After posting the links and what the term means, perhaps I should start calling  this my  Inunnguaq.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Spring Patchabilities is done.  What was the holdup besides my natural tendancy to procrastinate and to overthink a process, you might ask.  Well I had a vision of daffodils dancing in front of the embroidered gate and I finally made got some time to play.

First I tried coloring the recyled Tevlar (sp?)  mailing envelopes to hold onto the color.  That was a bust.

So I then  cut out diffferent sized circles to heat shrink it.  Thinking I would paint them afterwards with an acrylic paint.  Some shrinkage did happen but I wasn't satisfied with the end result so ditched that option. 
May have to try that out on another project with more shapes baked in molded cups before using the heat gun.

Then I thought, perhaps I could fuse 2 fabrics wrong sides together to make my imagined dancing daffodils and use some of those Shiva Paintsticks and the other brand of fabric markers that I bought at Michaels to blend more colors.  So I played around with that for quite a while.  I couldn't manipulate the fabric to come out like I envisioned, so ditched that.

Then I thought perhaps some silk flowers could lend their way into helping me to create those daffodils.  Natta!


That's when I called it done and proceeded to quilt, bind and hang it on the wall. Now you know why I am slow to finish things. I am my worst enemy for finishing as I always am thinking more and what if I tried that scenerios. Seems like I start with a baby quilt and before you know it I get a king quilt done.


Despite having thatunseasonal 80 degree weather several weeks ago the gardens and landscapes are really looking like Spring is here. These two pics are where I tore up my garden and transplanted , weeded and mulched last year. Can't wait to see how much better this will be. Crossing my fingers now.

Next gardening focal point will be to revamp that section  that sets behind the gas tanks and the garage.



Thursday, April 5, 2012

Enjoying life.

PGS#3 petting his first rabbit at preschool, age 3.

Getting together with friends.
 A nice visit with two wonderful friends, Trudy and Catherine from Canada.
Perhaps I'm enjoying life too much.  And I thought adding that scarf over my orange jacket would add a slimming touch. 
Yeeks! I must get serious about my weight and my health. 
That's why I'll be leaving this not too well photograghed pic on my blog for my reality check.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

They're Done

No bragging here, but I was finally able to find time to sew and get some of these projects Finshed!  Yippee!  Not that I want to boast but here's the list:

The first to report is that Viking Knit bracelet is done and  it is gorgeous!

The next project I'll share  is a finished  embroidery of the February block of Miss Shabby Chic's  BOM 2011 stitch along.   Next up will be the  March's block. ( I hope to catch up this month with getting both  March's  and April's block finished.)

Then the Spring patchabilties is quilted, bound and Hung!  Now why did that take me so long?   I'll never know. (Actually did finish on April 10th.)

Then the little pincushion tool holder I have wanted to get done for my sewing room since forever  is also done.  How cute it turned out and it's so handy while I'm in my studio sewing.  Why did I ever put off sewing that  for so long?  Another mystery to me.

Of course the last to report  is that little Inukshuk table quilt  that I wanted to accessorize by stitching little gemstones along the "piped" area of the binding is also completed.  TOOT TOOT!!!!  Can you hear me tooting my horn.  Of course I am feeling so smug.

Also did finsh that cabled dishcloth end all tied in and all. (Finished on April 11th.)


Enjoy your day.

PS:  I'd post photos of all of these as soon as they are finished.  Did you know that today is April's Fool Day.  LOL
Now I'd better get busy so I'll be able to actually report that they are done relatively soon.