Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a BLUE MOON

Would you believe that I was able to complete the August UFO before the end of August.  That happens as often as the  "Blue Moon".  But it actually was done back in April after I got that month's  UFO out of the way.  Now don't get too worried that I'm becoming super efficient and getting ahead of the game.  I promise to still revert to my procastinating ways despite also trying to eliminate it. Now that makes me a true oxymoron I guess.    I also was glad I got a jump start on August's since through out the summer I really didn't get too many other wips, UFOs or  PHD processed.   Oh well, here comes September.

 It's such a cute little thing that I had hanging on around here since I'm not sure  when.  I see Judy Laquidera has pulled the Number 11 UFO for September.  I have to check my list and see which one that is.    Oh it's three baby quilts to finish.  Now where ever did I shove place them? 

Carry On But Have FUN,


Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm back!

All I can say for this quick post is when electronics work it's wonderful, but when they don't it really puts me in a tail spin.  Especially since I am so electronically challenged!    Thank goodness my neighbor and friend is computer saavy that he talked me through what to check on and what to be careful of.  Something we did actually allowed me to sign in and have the fully featured editing bar in blogspot again.  Phew!

Since I can now  log on to my blogspot again AND will be able to  post photos, I'll be sharing more with you shortly.