Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm back!

All I can say for this quick post is when electronics work it's wonderful, but when they don't it really puts me in a tail spin.  Especially since I am so electronically challenged!    Thank goodness my neighbor and friend is computer saavy that he talked me through what to check on and what to be careful of.  Something we did actually allowed me to sign in and have the fully featured editing bar in blogspot again.  Phew!

Since I can now  log on to my blogspot again AND will be able to  post photos, I'll be sharing more with you shortly.



Sue W said...

interesting that you mentioned that you did not have access to the full editing bar on blogspot. I have had the same problemon my blogspot blog for the last month. The little boxes do not show, but i can see the shadow where they should be and can then figure out what is what.
How did you fix your access to a complete bar. By the way, my blog is a book review blog, but i love reading quilting blogs and often search them out. keep quilting

Sue W said...

I notice you mentioned that your editing bar on blogspot was giving you problems. All the icons disappeared from mine about a month ago. What did you do to fix yours? I can figure out where the tools are, but it is annoying to not have the icons there. I found your blog as I was reading quilting blogs, a favorite activity. I have a book review blog

Joy said...

I will be under water if something happens to my computer! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.