Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a BLUE MOON

Would you believe that I was able to complete the August UFO before the end of August.  That happens as often as the  "Blue Moon".  But it actually was done back in April after I got that month's  UFO out of the way.  Now don't get too worried that I'm becoming super efficient and getting ahead of the game.  I promise to still revert to my procastinating ways despite also trying to eliminate it. Now that makes me a true oxymoron I guess.    I also was glad I got a jump start on August's since through out the summer I really didn't get too many other wips, UFOs or  PHD processed.   Oh well, here comes September.

 It's such a cute little thing that I had hanging on around here since I'm not sure  when.  I see Judy Laquidera has pulled the Number 11 UFO for September.  I have to check my list and see which one that is.    Oh it's three baby quilts to finish.  Now where ever did I shove place them? 

Carry On But Have FUN,


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