Friday, September 7, 2012

Banker's Orchard 2012

The youngest grandson, fondly referred to PGS#3 had a field trip to a local orchard with tractor pulled, wagon rides.
What fun!
After enjoying the trip to the pumpkin patch we walked into the orchard to learn about apple trees, apples and how to pick them.  Notice how little man is ernestly paying attention to Mr. Sullivan's instructions.
ANd we're off.  Need to pick only 5 apples for each bag and then pick 2 apples off the ground for Mr. S.

This orchard offers plenty for children to do besides learning and it's a favorite of the 2 youngest grandchilren to visit.   .It's a good thing we all love apples! 
There even was a demonstration of how apple cidar used to be made with each child placing the to ground apples into the masher.

After all the structured time we visited the petting zoo,
had a small snack of cidar and fresh doughnuts,
jumped in the bouncy house,
play and have more fun in the cut outs and mechanical money fed toys. 
Notice that DH and I had to get in on the fun too!

We had our scary faces on for this one!

It was a very nice day.
Just look at that smile.   {It just melts my heart}


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