Friday, September 28, 2012

First down!

First in Ten oops, I meant Four.    Switched the wrong nomenclature here, was thinking about football again.  We've been to quite a few football games so far this season since PGS#2 is playing on JV team for the local school.    He only has about 4 games left so the fall is going by very quickly.

My finish is a baby quilt that I shelved away a stack of four  last year.  You heard me right, FOUR!  While Mom was here, she wanted to "help me" clean out some of my projects from my room.  You really do have to see and just imagine towers of project boxes hovering all around you as you enter the sewing room.  They are stacked safely though I have to say but if ever we have any earthquakes or tremors, I am running out of my room, that's for SURE! 
Anyway, Mom and I were able to assemble 4 baby quilt tops together last summer out of 2 kits I purchased with some additional yardage for the backings.  Of course there was this sale... I just wish I could remember where I got them from, my minds eye sees their logo but the name is escaping me.  (coming back to add that I think it was the Fat Quarter Shop.)   Perhaps you remember them from this post.   Well, they were safely shelved since last year so  I listed them as some of the projects I wanted to get totally done in 2012.  

One is done!   Yippee!!!!

This alphabetical grid is how I stitched in the ditch without starts and stops for a 4x4 alternating block layout of pinwheel blocks with the only section stitched over twice which is the segment from X to the RW dots. 

I stitched it in alphabetical order. 

It seemed like the easiest way for retrieval of that information  if I placed it here and that way I'd share it with my cyber friends in case they had need of it.  Most times  it's a good thing my head is attached though  I blame the Rx's  I'm on for the deterioration of my mental aptitudes of course it couldn't be my age.  lol!    You can click on any photos for a better look.  Sorry my photography skills are still so lacking.

I just love these alligator cyclists!

Alphabetical fllece for the backing was used, very A propro don't you think?

For the borders I did an easy in the ditch straight stitch. 
Then for the binding that blue and green stripe was perfect.  Seems like I'm in a blue/green mode lately.  It was finished by sewing the binding onto the back  then turned it was over the edge  and  top stitched by machine.    EASY!

I am feeling very smug  satisfied that one is down and  now only three to go.   Whoot * whoot!

A smilin',

Coming back three days later   to add that recently while blog hopping, I noticed many bloggers have lists of items and intentions of what  to accomplish in the next week.  While shopping I found this little gem and started using it.  How easy and just the tiny reminder I need.  Since I bought it, I have found time to get in my studio every day! That's a new record for me.   I'll let you know how long  that lasts.   

Here's my list recently.  Notice all those blue check marks?  They are done! 
I also found time to connect with a friend for a wee time with a cup of tea and happened to see these little gems in her shop, Fibre Junction.  Aren't they lovely?     Of course they came home with me.  8~)

Since I was on a mission to get some black piping I needed for my current New FO and stop by Teavana to check out their new global teas,  I also proceeded on to Stitched in Vt. to get some more of that green tonal fabric in Malka Dubrawsky's line-"a stitch in Color" that I adore.  I'm using that in the current new FO. 


Can you guess what it'll be? Stay tuned, any day now.....


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