Monday, September 10, 2012

Truly, Finally fixed!

Another blogger friend has given instructions recently about watermarking your photos and how to get your signature on a blog post. I hope I'll make time to learn one of these in this next week. Thanks Connie and  Wish me luck!

My neighbor friend different man than the other post came by to help me with my blogging editing bar.  And it is truly fixed, YIPPEE!
For others having trouble getting the full editing bar to be shown while posting a draft here are the steps he took to fix mine.

First on the top line where your "address" of what sight you are on shows, just to the right of it there are different icons visble.  Typically it shows a magnifying glass, a triangle (like the  drop down menu modes), a paper torn in two,  a backward circle, and an X.  If it shows the torn paper as a highlightable option, that means that your browser (ie: internet explorer, mazilla, or whichever internet browser  you use) is not compatible with blogger.  Click on it one time and then all the options that were hidden because of the incompatabiliy will now be visble and have been  fixed bandaid style.

To fix this communication link  permanently, I had an update for Internet Explorer that needed doing which blogger knew about, but obviously  I didn't.    He showed me that you could find where updates are needed by selecting the "windows button" on the botton left of your desktop.  Look through all the programs and find the Windows Update program.  When you select that one a screen will pop up showing which updates are CRUCIAL and which updates are optional.
A word to the wise here, if it ain't broke, Don't fix it.    I only updated the crucial software programs since my other optional update was for my printer and that is working fine.   I don't want to jinx it. 

Now mind you, this is what worked for me.  Not sure if you have a similiar system or not.   I am not a computer whizz like my neighbor and friend.  Just trying to help out and shared what I learned today.  Thanks Shon!


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Sue W said...

Thank you so much for dropping a comment on my blog and for the info on fixing blogger options. I followed your instructions and just highlighting the torn paper worked. We will see how long that lasts. Now I am going to look over all your quiltsmile blogs. What fun!!