Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Labels Limit Us

In my email this am, another synchronistic thought for me to culminate:

Labels limit us
"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."
-- Lao Tzu
How do you define yourself, to yourself and others? Are you first and foremost a husband/wife? A mother/father? A bus driver, dentist, musician ... ? A Christian, Muslim, Jew ...? A nag, joker, dreamer ...?
Be aware that any label puts limits on you. Today, experience how it feels to let go of the labels to rest in ‘I am.’ Feel the freedom, the spaciousness, the infinite potential of simply being.
"With every breath, the possibility of a new aspect of self arises."
-- Wayne Muller
"As long as I am this or that, I am not all things."
--Meister Eckhart
This newsletter comes from The Inner Journey.  It's a posting that arrives and always seems to have a  profound message that synchronizes with occurances and happenings in my life.   Recently I found myself turning into a shrew with my DH and while seeing myself doing it, I couldn't stop.  Knowing that it was not flattering to me but also knowing that it was the catalyst needed to get some neglected things done around  here.  Well, I did get the help I required and then thought why did I martyrize myslef and ask for help sooner.  He accomplished all the items I ranted and raved about in a 45 minute time slot and here they've needed attention for over a year.  The phone in my sewing room didn't work, the C/D radio in my sewing room didn't work, I needed the tables out of the garage to layer a current WIP.......  Lesson to self, ask for help in the correct manner. 
Oh no, another thought just came to me,
what if that nagging shrew is suppsoe to be the real me?  
EEEKS!  That's not what I want to be or who I identify myself with. 
well if you are interested in receiving posts like this, you can find it here at Higher Awareness.
Such is life, I'll be better now...anyways,  at least for a while. 

Monday, October 29, 2012


PGS#2 (just turned 16) who actually is #1 here with his October's Breast Awareness Pink Socks. 
Love that there is awareness for such a worthy cause and his team and coaches are in alignment with it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Before Frankeinstorm hits

I ran a mended Official Hockey Uniform next door to a neighbor's son who just passed his certification and noticed how nice our side lawn looked.  I figured I'd grab a snap shot of it  before Hurricane Sandy's affects are felt and seen.  The forecast is that she'll be here tomorrow.  I hope all who've been displaced and live in the any of the dangerous areas keep safe.  Belongings can be replaced but people can't .

My son just flew back from Austin, TX after attending an International 3 Technical Rescue Convention.  I'm glad that he bumped his return flight a day sooner.   DS#1 enjoyed the trip and the chance to kibitz  with other International 3 Rescuers and reconnecting with friends that live cross-country.   He thought that he might have been recognized at this forum since he and a friend won one of the Higgins- Langley Awards for Technical Rescue for 2011. The actual award ceremony was held in Lake Tahoe, I believe back in May, but he couldn't attend at the time because of other work commitments.    I am glad and proud of his accomplishments and despite always helping others out in dangerous situations,  I know that he is following his passion and know he has a solid thought process and integrity/responsibility for the safety of persons on his team/self  besides helping out strangers whenever needed.  Even though I still am concerned, I really don't worry too  much,  just offering up silent prayers of thanks and guidance from Heaven.

Both he and DH were at the Fire  station last night helping to  get all the equipment set  up in case their Volunteer Department is  deployed for help elsewhere with the impending storm.  It's a good thing too since they were called to help out in a region  just south of Albany this afternoon.  Not sure yet where or how bad it is  or expected to get since the storm is heading towards Connecticut now.    

We're all set.  This snap is from Saturday and now the flags, chairs, and decorations are safely put away. 
Stay safe all.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Leisure Saturday afternoon

Would you believe this is October 27th!  Never before have I seen weather this nice this late in October in all of my young years.  I won't go on about global warming and the responsibilities all humans need to align themselves with to protect this planet.    Instead we are enjoying ourselves whenever we can find make the time.
And then DD#1 and her 2 little blessings stopped by. 
"Oh what fun, can we come in?  ........."

PGD#1,  age 7 and PGS#3, age 3
Notice who gets to stay in the hot tub and play, the biggest kid at heart.  lol

The cat's Meow!

I can use alot of time up on the web by blog hopping and seeing what other endeavors some creative friends and bloggers are doing.  Well recently I found a nice blog of Michele's named, Quilts From My Crayon Box and really enjoyed what I saw.  Whenever I like a blog, I'll note it and then when I am up from pain, find more time,  etc.... I'll go further back into their postings and check it out. 

She was taking my lingo with her using and enjoying numbers and had a tip about marking how many days a month she was able to get into her studio.  Ahhhh, I thought to myself, I also have trouble trying to get things done that this may be just the ticket.  So I went out and purchased a weekly white board (I showed that a couple of weeks back)  besides a monthly white board (that came from dollar store, thus the care bears motif and the ones available at the office supply store were more expensive) that I wanted to try it out with investing a huge amount of dough.  HAve to sabve that for fabric and toys of course.  lol 

Shazaamm! Bang!  MEOW!    I attribute these boards with the incentive I needed to get into the studio and the weekly board to keep me focused enough to stay on track and get many of my recent finishes done or to the next step. 
Thanks Michele.  If you are interested, you can see her initial posting via this link.

At the end of October, I'll be sharing a snap of the calendar showing only October.  Todays pic shows the end of September with most of the days of Oct. until I ran into the September's differently colored days.   See how many days I was able to get into my sewing room.    I'm ecstatic with so many projects getting completed.

Today DD#1 and PGD#1 will be coming over to finish getting a Halloween costume figured out and  sewn.  I'll be able to mark a check for todays date with that.  But it's not like I don't have more than enough to keep me busy in there.   


Friday, October 26, 2012

Perhaps A Bias Binding

While scrunging around my fabrics and trims I found this piece of fabric and thought, ah haaa! may be perfect for the Biz EZ backing.  I had it in for another BOM that is patiently waiting for me so I snatched it out of that pile of fabric.

Not sure if I had enough I started to gently unfold it when a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. 

Luckily it says 6 yards, that surely will be enough for the backing. How "EZ" is this going to be! 
Then I noticed the plaid and wondered about a bias binding for this quilt when it gets to that step.   
It may be too large of  a plaid though,  what do you think? 

Showing more of the quilt to audition the backing with it. 

Bias Binding might be just right, or is it too big a plaid?
I just had to play with it a bit and see posted it here to ge tthe distance.  Of course what else can you do when sleep eludes you from pain but play with fabric.  Quietly too since DH is sleeping.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

One little, two little, three little

Finished PILLOWS! 
I actually made the time and got three totally done today. Yip yip yippee!!!

The littlest Boo !
The backside of the littest Boo!  (Skeletons dancing, too cute.)

The medium sized Wicked.
I did think about trying to make that CXS piece into the shape of a witch's boot.  Especially  with that word "WICKED" and that stretchy lace trim I used.  It could well have represented a garter on the top edge of the boot with a solid black cloth for the high heel and that would have been just the tickler, but alas I wanted to get it done. 
That's part of my problem, am always over thinking and making more work for myself.  A helpful mantra is KISS!  Keep it simple st----.

The Largest - CROW
I actually did alot of hand stitching to get these three done.  That bright Orange scallop trim I stitched inplacec by hand since the threads I had didn't quite match the color tone of the trim so I didn't want any of it to show thus hand stitching.  Sometimes the rhythym of the needle just soothes my soul.

Here are all three nestled next to each other on my sewing table.   Oh what a feeling, I love getting things done. 

The last BOO with the spider counted cross stitch piece  I'll be making into the largest piillow.    I plan on having logs on all sides of the stitched piece  after I insert a more colorful flange or piped area and then make a velcro closured backing for the back that is after I purchase some ball fringe.  The piece I have in only covers 2 and 1/2 sides so I need more.  I just wish a Joann's fabric store was around here to make completing projects easier.  It would be so handy to run to the shop to get what I need to be able to finish something while I was sparked.   Oh well, in town tomorrow I'll stop by Walmart and hopefully their sewing and craft department  will have some.  Crossing my fingers and wishing  myself some more luck.  I also plan on making another pillow  insert to finish this too.

Here's the stitched piece with the fabric I intend to use. 

I also need to shop my stash and find a suitable backing for the Big EZ.  Am thinking  of just quilting parellel lines straight through the whole top.   I did try some freehand flowers on my whiteboard but I definitely AM  NOT  liking the way I connected them together.  Just may have to dig out some of the patterns I've been squirreling away for more quilting ideas. 



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Big EZ and other bits

The top is assembled and now I'm thinking about how to back it, quilt it to finish it before I slide it aside and it becomes a UFO.    I really am trying to get my projects completed so they can be put to use instead of just proceeding along to the next step then having my typical huge stall where a large chunk of time passes before I proceed to the finish line.  
That's my intention, Wish me luck.

As for another area that has many UFO's is in my counted cross stitch items.  I stitched 4 different little designs last fall and then, you guessed it, I laid them aside.  Well right after I finished the Big EZ I pulled out some Halloween themed prints and I am going to finish these before Halloween of 2012.     I swear!!!!!!   I really mean it this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a peek though:

I had to run downstairs and get out some fibers and trims that may work for some of the finishing. 
Tonight I went to a friend's house after her pleading call to help her assemble parts for her Halloween costume.  She's a teacher at the local Elementary School and always has a fantastic costume.    This year's costume will be no exception.  We were able to come up with a nice game plan on how to proceed with her idea and what sewing needs to be done.  I just wish I remembered to bring my reading glasses with me.    I could not thread a needle to save my soul and she doesn't do any stitching.  What a fine pair we made.  Lol  we giggled despite making some progress.   She'll be calling me when she's able to find a purple shirt and a purple shag rug.  I think she'll  have to do some thifting. 
I also need to get started on finishing my PGD#1's costume.  Hopefully not too much will be needed but I told her Mom I needed some time to work on it and not to do it last minute.   I hope she heard me. 
I've always loved this time of year but it's  also very bittersweet for me. 
My eldest Grandson who is autistic and has other mental issues has been institutionalized
since he was 8 years old and lives out of state. 
I miss him terribly and his Birthday is the day before Halloween.
I am hoping that DH and I will be able to visit him sometime soon. 
We have not seen him for 2 and a half years.  I wonder how he is and can't wait to be able to see for myself how he is.   
Oh Well,  Enjoy yourselves in what ever circumstances you find yourselves,


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mistake found

While working on the last several sections for my PGD#1's  bed quilt I found an error within the pattern directions for the Big EZ.

So I circled the errata in the book for future reference even though truth be told,
I did have those parts already assembled and ready to be sewn on. 
Thank goodness I had a coherent brain process and said ?WHAT?  and stopped to try to figure it out.
It's in Vicki Bellino's book, Bloom Creek.  Other than that, the directions have been very smooth and easy to follow.

Any day now..... 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ball Patchability Finished

A small finish of mine recently was another patch-a-bility.    I started this by getting the fabrics ready and wasn't thrilled that  all of the flowers were yellow.  So I dug into some scraps and found a substitute for the coneflowers, a nice medium purple.  Much better to my eye.
I dug the discarded jar out of the trash bin so you'd see the difference. 
Trying to quickly get this done I tried to do a free hand machine embroidery for the BALL on the jar and this is what it looked like.  YUCK!   Quickly realizing and discarding it to get the hand work done and have a better work of it  if I do say so myself.

Close up showing difference.

On other patchabilities I machine quilted the backgroundbut for this one with so many stems going through it and all the starts and stops that would have to be made I proclaimed this good enough as is and decided sans quilting except for the same framing quilt line in the border.  Any of these  pics are clickable for a closer look if wanted.

Now the next WIP on the horizon will be containing these prints and is going along smoothly so far.
I wanted to thank all my followers and blogging buddies for their kind regards and comments in my posts.  I do enjoy them and try to respond to each of them and recently I have been having too many anonymous comments so apologize if one of yours was mistakenly deleted.   



Monday, October 15, 2012

What fun

Little Miss PGD#1 finished her quilt and enjoyed all the processes it contained.

 She actually finished it about 1 1/2 weeks ago but it's taken her Meme longer to find the camera and get the pics loaded to brag about show it. lol
She sewed all of the squares, rows and then trimmed them.
Layered it and then fiercely practiced which quilt design she could do on a white board.
After that she decided straight line quilting on both sides of every seam.  That took her 3 afternoons of sewing on the Bernina 440.  Next  she learned to sew binding strips end to end and press them correctly.
Meme (meaning me) did sew on the binding and did the turnover by machine too. Luckily I thought of the label before finishing that last corner which she made herself and signed it.  I documented the details of it being her first quilt and the year it was accomplished.  I can see many more quilts being thought of in the future. 

See what she is pointing at Gigi?
Her first quilt label and we all know what a nemesis that is for some of us.  lol  She fearlessly drew a flower free hand after she corrected putting ink where it would have been messy, so she adjusted her name to cover the blob.  Most people wouldn't be able to tell unless I blabbed about it here.  But even there  she was fearless. 
Ahhh, I remember well when I too was fearless, I wonder where is that little girl hiding. 
Despite her wanting to get it done quickly, we both enjoyed the processes all along. 
She did bring it to her 2nd grade class  to show her teacher and friends at school then
 came home to let me know that everyone wants her to make a blanket for them too. 
I told her to get used to it.  That if they really wanted one they'd ask her to make one
and order a quilt in their favorite colors and offer to pay her. 
Then she could make them a quilt to add to her college fund or do it as a gift of love like her Meme did.
Enjoy your day,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

PGS#2 will be 16 in 2 days!

Another pride and joy is my grandson otherwise known as PGS#2 here.  What a nice young man he is and I can just imagine the man he will become.  His last football game was held today.  They were defeated but how great they played and weren't beaten down mentally.  I loved that about them.   Most other games they did win and we actually were thinking they come out on top at this one but alas, it wasn't meant to be.  This sport of football has been a character builder in trusting other people on the team  and always putting forward your best despite any odds against you.    Acouple of photos to share. 

Now girls, take it easy, he is easy on the eye besides being an honor student and Number 1 in my book.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

SEW we started her project.

Several weeks ago I mentioned that PGD#1 was rumaging through my scrap basket
for snap bracelet coverings when she found some sweet little pink scraps and lovingly took them out. 
She started thinking out loud about making a quilt for her dolls.
I gave you a peak when that happened here.
I told her , "Okay, we can make it."
  Smilingly she informed me that she wanted it done that day. 
uh hummm, Perhaps she's heard of the quilt in a day method
and actually believed it.   lol
Anyway, we selected a background white fabric and Meme cut out more squares
to work with the already trimmed pink scraps.
Then when I said to get that green and white case to get "her sewing machine ready" she was overwhelmed. 
Saying, "You got this machine for me?" 
Looking at the  little white featherweight with eyes tearing up and emotion in her voice. 
Yes, I replied, but the machine will be staying at Meme's house for you to use. 
(Afterall she is only 7, same age I was when I started really sewing.)  
Besides her mother being so busy with school, work and family life is so busy AND she has never shown an interest in it.
SEW we started her project.
PGD#1 learning to speed piece

Her first Tibetian prayer flag with the bits sewn together, look at that smile.
We worked on the squares for several  afternoons.  She wanted to do more each day but Meme does have other choirs in her itinerairy and we'd get to the next step another day.    Patience I'd say.
Learning to sew the blocks into rows. 

Learning to use an iron. 
Press, don't iron....
We set it up for her at the right height and she loved it.
Explaining why she needed to be sure to press one row this way and the next one that way,
thereby learning to off set her seams so they'd snuggle together just right for the next step.

Then the rows were sewn together to make a baby doll quilt top.

Pride and look at what a neat job she did.
Check out that smile!
I'll be back to share her quilting and the next steps. 
Ahhh, that girl just warms my heart.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Several finishes

The white board I purchased a week and a half ago is just the ticket needed IMHO! Since then I have accomplished 2 weeks worth of wishes (items written down)  completed in just a week's time.  Seems like it's the nudge I needed.  Who knew?  Of course Mom mentioned something about the fact that I may not have enough written in each day.   But I say, " Phooey",  as long as it's working and the promoter in this manner, it will stay as is!  lol

All four of those baby quilts are Done - Done!

Because  I wasn't overwhelmed or felt like I was is attributed to the fact that they were listed on that board.  Each section was listed in a manner like one day quilt a baby quilt #1, 2,3 or 4, then  the following day bind baby quilt #1,2,3 or 4, another day embroider 18" of thread onto another project I've had going for a bit then the following day quilt another baby quilt their number, etc.... breaking the tedium with other bits of projects that need the next step besides a small enough item that if I did get waylaid, (which seems to be a very common occurance around here) I had a chance of catching up in the next couple of days.   
Lil' man picked out this one for his nap time.

Whoop whoop!    I let PGS#3 select whichever one he liked and this is the one he preferred.  Excellent choice! 

Besides those four items there was another  finish that has been on my want to do someday list for a very long time.  The tutorial given by CJ  has been printed out since she first posted the directions, yes, it's been that long!    I've been trying to find her websight to link it and despite googling and trying different search engines for the past 20 minutes without success so I need to get to a football game this am.  I'll keep my eyes out for it and link it when I can reach it again.   Too many  other sights are infringing on her domain and I don't have time to filter through all those layers.   

It's a sewing machine cover that had a bit more to it than a cloth covering the machine with the piecing, piping,  quilting,  decorative stitches and trims added.  Of course since my Bernina 440 is very different dimensions than her Bernina 830 there were adaptions made with not too many areas of fudging needed due to the size differences and the machine embroidery being eliminated.  (I just couldn't drag out my enbroidery unit for the 170 to attempt this YET. )  As spoiled as I am, DH is even saying that my sewing room isn't large enough, but I am determined to make due.  I have enough.
So without further adieu ....

Check it out.

Cover for Bernina 44
Notice how it complements that pincushion/ort/tool bag from a week ago?

The top panel which was machine quilted.

The backside, oops sorry to show you a pic with my fleece dusting square in the underside of my sewing insert.
Seems like it gets so dusty in there! AND just over the top of the cover towards the left you can see where that white board lives in the room.

During it's construction, I used my Zipper foot #4 to place the piping on initially. Then when constructing the parts together, I used my #12 piping foot sewing just a hair's breath on the inside of my first stitching line.

Ahhh, Success! I do Love my Bernina feet!

What next's on the list you might ask......   here's a peak.

Namaste and joy be with you,