Friday, October 19, 2012

Ball Patchability Finished

A small finish of mine recently was another patch-a-bility.    I started this by getting the fabrics ready and wasn't thrilled that  all of the flowers were yellow.  So I dug into some scraps and found a substitute for the coneflowers, a nice medium purple.  Much better to my eye.
I dug the discarded jar out of the trash bin so you'd see the difference. 
Trying to quickly get this done I tried to do a free hand machine embroidery for the BALL on the jar and this is what it looked like.  YUCK!   Quickly realizing and discarding it to get the hand work done and have a better work of it  if I do say so myself.

Close up showing difference.

On other patchabilities I machine quilted the backgroundbut for this one with so many stems going through it and all the starts and stops that would have to be made I proclaimed this good enough as is and decided sans quilting except for the same framing quilt line in the border.  Any of these  pics are clickable for a closer look if wanted.

Now the next WIP on the horizon will be containing these prints and is going along smoothly so far.
I wanted to thank all my followers and blogging buddies for their kind regards and comments in my posts.  I do enjoy them and try to respond to each of them and recently I have been having too many anonymous comments so apologize if one of yours was mistakenly deleted.   



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