Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Big EZ and other bits

The top is assembled and now I'm thinking about how to back it, quilt it to finish it before I slide it aside and it becomes a UFO.    I really am trying to get my projects completed so they can be put to use instead of just proceeding along to the next step then having my typical huge stall where a large chunk of time passes before I proceed to the finish line.  
That's my intention, Wish me luck.

As for another area that has many UFO's is in my counted cross stitch items.  I stitched 4 different little designs last fall and then, you guessed it, I laid them aside.  Well right after I finished the Big EZ I pulled out some Halloween themed prints and I am going to finish these before Halloween of 2012.     I swear!!!!!!   I really mean it this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a peek though:

I had to run downstairs and get out some fibers and trims that may work for some of the finishing. 
Tonight I went to a friend's house after her pleading call to help her assemble parts for her Halloween costume.  She's a teacher at the local Elementary School and always has a fantastic costume.    This year's costume will be no exception.  We were able to come up with a nice game plan on how to proceed with her idea and what sewing needs to be done.  I just wish I remembered to bring my reading glasses with me.    I could not thread a needle to save my soul and she doesn't do any stitching.  What a fine pair we made.  Lol  we giggled despite making some progress.   She'll be calling me when she's able to find a purple shirt and a purple shag rug.  I think she'll  have to do some thifting. 
I also need to get started on finishing my PGD#1's costume.  Hopefully not too much will be needed but I told her Mom I needed some time to work on it and not to do it last minute.   I hope she heard me. 
I've always loved this time of year but it's  also very bittersweet for me. 
My eldest Grandson who is autistic and has other mental issues has been institutionalized
since he was 8 years old and lives out of state. 
I miss him terribly and his Birthday is the day before Halloween.
I am hoping that DH and I will be able to visit him sometime soon. 
We have not seen him for 2 and a half years.  I wonder how he is and can't wait to be able to see for myself how he is.   
Oh Well,  Enjoy yourselves in what ever circumstances you find yourselves,


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