Thursday, November 1, 2012

A nice Halloween

Janice or The Wild Thing?

Remember last week  I mentioned a friend called out an SOS for her Halloween costume?  Well here she is with all of her animal friends.  This teacher goes all out in everything she does.  She actually borrowed an inflatable Frankenstein so it could attend the creepy story she read during reading.   I actually didn't do that much, brain storming, sewing animal sleeves on pillows and figuring how to show all of her friends with her.  Too Cute Janice, great idea!
Then this little moppet as the Bride of Frankenstein.  Her costume actually is from an alien costume.  I had sent a video clip of the Bride of Frankenstein to her Mom so she could buy the appropriate materials for me to make a costume about 3 weeks before Halloween. 
Well my DD went to the closest Joann's, about 90 minutes away with the expense of a Ferry ride and bought cob web material in plastic packaging and a black shimmery spider web  lace that she thought I could attach to PGD#1 bridal outfit.  initially it's what we discussed but DD didn't want lil' Miss bride outfit distressed and it's still a little big for her.  What she bought just  would not work, so I brought her to the den and pulled out that clip and showed her how Frankestein's bride was dressed.  A satin type sheet even would work, I could make her dress from that or fabric similiar to that then use a white turtle neck shirt underneath it if she could find it.  Luckily she found this Alien costume that worked just fine. 
Not to be left out her little brother PGS#3 was a monkey and truer words were never said.  He didn't let his Dad put the Monkey face hood on, it's too hot, etc.......  He's only 3.

Preschool getting lined up for the Halloween Parade, check out the lil' monkey towards the end.

And not to leave out my other two grandchildren, PGS#2 just got his learner's permit.  Congratulations!
And PGS#1 just turned 19 on the 30th, Happy Birthday Honey.  I miss you.


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