Thursday, November 22, 2012

Auditioning the Big EZ

I was able to finish the August block of Lil'  Miss Shabby Chic and now I'm starting the November block Stitchery of the same LMS.
As you see it's not yet pressed but will be when I start assembling these stitchings into quilt blocks. 
Maybe I'll start that when I start stitching onmy last block,  the 12th one.
I was able to finish quilting the Big EZ two days before I thought I could get it done! 
Can I get a Hoot Whoot!!!
This is what I used for the backing and it shows the quilt design nicely.
The quilt feels wonderful so far with the quilting done.
but not that heavy, just right!

I wish I had just a bit more of this fabric because then a biased binding of this would work beautifully,
but I don't.
So I'm audtioning which combination of fabrics to use for  the piping/binding.


I found this stripe fabric in my stash and the colors work nicely with that large floral focal fabric. So an option is Striped piping with a white Binding? I really like the look of this so far, but white on the edge???!!!?

Stripe Piping w/ White binding, Option 1

Aqua pipng w/ white binding, Option 2-

Striped piping with Aqua Binding, Option 3?

Perhaps the stripe piping with the aqua binding which would be much easier for housekeeping purposes since this is for PGD#1's bed, and I've never used a white binding before or have seen too many others that have either.  The down side to this is that her bedroom is a softer pink and that aqua may not look the best.   Also since orange is her favorite color and the orange in this quilt comes out more of a dirty yellow in the pics it's a nice blend to introduce it in her bedroom. 

From a distance this is how the quilt top looks with the auditioning white binding showing how both the aqua and the striped fabbies look as the piping.   It's a nice clean look and the one I am perferring just now.  In my eyes, the quilt seems to be asking for white edging. 

 Please help me out, which one?
Any ideas to help me out of my dilema? 
Have you ever seen or used a quilt bound with white? 

I'll be ruminating over this, so any wisdom or ideas you 'd be willing to share, I'd appreciate.

I have 'til Sunday before I'll be cutting and starting to sew the pieces together. 

All of my pictures can be enlarged for a better view if you wish,  just click the pic to see more of the details.

Ahh....., it's so nice not cooking the Thanksgiving Dinner today.  DH and I will be  going to a restaurant to have our Holiday dinner.  DS and his family are celebrating with my DIL's family and DD and family were going to spend it with SIL's  home, ( that was actually  cancelled  last moment just before our getaway, and now they are on there own).   Glad I had time to post this though truth be told, I am missing the aroma that once spilled out of my kitchen on the years gone past and the warmth of family surrounding us.     

Enjoy your blessings, Jane

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