Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hockey Boy

Second time on ice.
Watch me Meme! 
It's the most fun to slide on my knees, look how far I go.

Learning and living his dream since he was 2.
What a workout for this lil' duffer.
What a cutie!

Check out lil' Hockey Boy.  He wants to be the goalie.   He is just adorable and such a sweetie pie and has a natural athletic ability.  He's learning to ice skate and just started Hockey (a dream he's had for the longest time it seems).  For the past couple of years he'd "skate" with his socks on my hard wood floors pretending to be a hockey player.    Now if only we can get him to pronounce his S's, C's and other letters correctly.    lol

Enjoy your day,

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