Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'd love to do that!

Joanne at Thread Head recently posted some of her feather quilting that she's been practicing. 

is all I can say. 
Her feathers and quilting designs are fantastic.  I want to be able to do that!

Here's the blog post where she discusses what she did.  Meanwhile I have this little baby I want to get quilted. 

I think I may draft a meditating Budha or similiar icon in this since feathering it seems way  beyond my reach just now. 
Even though this piece would be fantastic feathered.  Any ideas? 
It's a project I started a couple of years ago with a precious friend, Trudy.  She actually gave me  the Ricky Timm's fabric after she and another friend attended one of his classes in Colorado.   
I'll percolate some ideas a bit longer since today I'll be cutting that aqua for a piping and the white,
and yes,
I said WHITE for the binding. 
Enjoy your day,

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