Friday, November 23, 2012

What's around my Home,

A glimpse of several past projects that are displayed for Thanksgiving and during  the Fall time.

I can't remember the name of this pattern off the top of my head. 
When I run across the pattern I'll come back to share which one I used. 
The batiks collected to do this project were so much fun to shop for and I remember well the efforts of machine appliquing around those curvy leaves.   The horror of slicing them in half . 
But also the satisfaction when they were reassembled and placed back together. 
For the table / candle mat, I used an eyelet yarn to fringe the outer binding after using my favorite Kona Cotton Black to enclose the quiltlet edges.  Would you believe I used 2 bolts of Kona Black so far in my life time!   Both of these pieces are still a favorite of mine.   Another favorite is the pottery face planter made by a local potter artisan, Vera Vivante.  

A painting of DH's that is left up year around.  The colors in this are so deep and rich. 

The photo does not do it justice. The frame is one I picked up at an auction for $12.00. What a deal! Needless to say the mat boards to finish it off were about 5 times that price.
Still, The Elk was named because of my continuous response.  Several years ago, while hand quilting this wall hanging my friends would inquire what I brought to work on.  My answer always was and thus the name just happening for it,
"Still, The Elk". 

I quilted a puzzle piece outline through the center of this piece horizontally
but when it came time to do the vertical cross pieces I just didn't have it in me.
I did outline quilt the leaves in the leaf print border and did a bit of assymetrical diagonal lines in the inner borders.
When I called it good enough to exhibit for the fall, my thought was to quilt some more on it during the winter, just not sure yet which year I may attempt that! Perhaps some year.
The outline of the elk, foreground and tree is Ultrasuede and was easy enough to work with. The most difficult part besides the hand quilting was finding strips of the sky fabrics to flow with the fiery sky look I was attempting.
I'm happy with it. 
Enjoy your Black Friday weekend.  I may go shopping tomorrow before that beading class.

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