Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Catching up

I have pieced together the piping and binding for The BIG EZ  but there it sits. 
Promise, ... I'll be getting busy with it SOON!

With the Easy Street QAL being shared by Bonnie Hunter right now. I was thinking about joining in on the fun while it's happening and ride the creative wave with many of theother quilters. But I am in a quandary of which colors to use.

A Cheddar and white Kona Snow for step 1. Thinking a Yellowish orange, Purple, aqua and lime green combination could be gorgeous. (I actually have lime, purple along with some black and white prints all kitted together to make the Carolina Crossroads pattern of hers.) I won't go into the basement to find that container of fabbies to show you but believe it's there. The purples are varied and a much darker palette.
Also I did finish the Orange Crush mystery quilt of hers which I call Key West Sunset.

Key West Sunset, aka Orange Crush Mystery QAL

Another option is to use this:

A UFO from a class taught by Camille Remy at Paul Smith's College in 1998-99?
How to Design your own quilt.    Calss requirements, a light, dark and something medium.  My interpretation.

When sewing the sewing Machine Cover and the pin cushion/thread catcher bag I ran across this UFO.  I threw in the scaps of my machine cover bits into this UFO container thinking of finishing it with a lime green thrown in too.  Imagine my surprise with Bonnie Humter selecting all of these colors for her current QAL.     I'm just unsure of how much periwinkle I have in.  For part 2 a periwinkle sky with pure White geese could be wonderful, resembling hte many snow geese that migrate through our region.  There I go dreaming again!

Is this synchronicity with the heavens telling me to work on it all together?   Notice the backing of theBIG EZ in the background, top right? So perhaps my involvement with Easy Street could be to add borders with those Easy Street Parts surrounding it. Though the name Easy anything wouldn't qualify for it if I do that!  It also would be a nice finish of designing the rest of this quilt with the typical block parts of HST, four patches and flying geese units.  Bonnie might be the incentive I need to push this UFO to the finish pile. 

 I just might start it and work on it though until I see the driection this quilt needs to go.  I can see many  Black and white four patches in my very near future.  LOL

Meanwhile, when I am sitting down I've been playing  catch up on the Little Miss Shabby stitcheries (LMS).   November is done and now it's on to the September block. 

Lil Miss Shabby December Block

Realizing while stitching these a verbage is going on in my head.  "What ever happened to me?  I'm timid and delaying in applying threads while trying to decide which colors to use and where....?"  How ever did that happen?   I'll never know.  I used to be fearless with applying color now I seem to second guess myself so much.  Even telling myself to break that thought and just get to it.    Though dealing with this back /neck and other health issues, I really do think that the Rxs I'm on have really affected me in so many ways besides the pain and depression that hovers ever near.   I will beat this and prevail.  Oh well, some good days and then some others thrown into the mix.  It's a good thing I come from such hearty stock.

Now that 6 blocks are embroidered I'll share my vision of how these will be displayed.   Using these, YUMM!
A more modern Blend of Fabrics for my Little Miss Shabby embroidered Blocks of 2011, I'm stitching in 2012. 
Using the Haven's Edge fabric  line with some other Tina Givens fabbies thrown in, of course just for fun.

I'll follow the recommended pattern with an immediate surround of 2 inch pieces mismashed of color followed with a solid ecru boundary.  Then for the sashing and cornerstones, more 2" mismashed pieces.  Perhaps the cornerstones will be the same fabric that I select for the main borders.    This should be done by March.
Or I might just have a simpler log border of a different fabric for each block then the 2" pieces and etc.....
I'm happy too that I shopped online during the Black Friday sales at Quilt in a Day.  What great prices and with the LMS fabrics I have in of  a Fat quarter pack of  Haven's Edge to set the blocks and sashing with was a great find. It's a perfect match since there are many birds and stylized birds scattered through out many of the prints.   Only three fabrics were on sale from that line that might work and so I picked up plenty for borders, backing and binding with enough for a pillow case or two.  8~)

Black Friday Goodies
As you an see I picked up another Accuquilt Go Die of the Leaves and Stems,  9 yards of the Black from  Island Batik besides a couple more patterns too.  I noticed out in blogland, sorry I can't remember where to point you in that direction, of a dresden plate quilt made in a class taught by Edyta  Sitar of Landry Basket Quilts that I thought it was stunning.  Perhaps some Kansas style fabbies would work nicely with that pattern,  so when said pattern with a template included  and another of her lovely patterns besides  a Fig Tree  pattern were spotted, I quickly added them to my shopping basket.  All total, 33 yards of fabric plus all the goodies for a little bit of nothing compared to their normal pricing.  Oh yeah, a roll of Invisigrip jumped into my cart too.  What can I say,  Merry Christmas to me. 
While blog hopping, I ran across this wonderful blog with a very talented creator of quilts, knitting and knowledge called  Quilting After Dark.  She shared a link of a video where Renate explains beautifully the use of hands here.    I'm linking it up here so I'll know where to find it. 
Enjoy your blessings,

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