Sunday, December 30, 2012

Will be putting SCARE into my day.

For 2013 I'm RE- Evaluating my plans and will be changing up my plan of attack in a couple of ways.

The OPAM (One project a Month) has been working for me. Some months I'm able to even complete two projects!  Albeit not large ones, but finishes none the less.  Examples of this are like a bag, cross stitch, an embroidered block, pillows, quilt top, beading, etc.....anyform of my creativity.    So I hope to continue on with this.

Two other practices  I'll be embracing are the ones shared by Judy Laquidera (aka Patchwork times blog) and Barb at (Cat Patches blog). 
Judy's idea of Getting It Done is to list 4 items at the end of each month to work on or towards a project in the upcoming month. It can be as small or large as you want like make 4 blocks, or cut out borders for a different quilt, etc.... Sounds like a nice way to help keep me focused and yet continue on the many UFO's I have in.
The other is for the  NEW FOs challenge that Barb of the Cat Patches notoriety has been posting and hosting for awhile. This will help me to get started on the many PIGs I have in and also let me sew them in a timelier manner incase more fabric is needed for the finishes without going to archived stores to find the border /binding  materials... lol..     This will allow me to go where my muse wants to send me and I can play.
Above all I plan to try to keep more of my "balls" in the air longer but with success and JOY.  Not getting stressed out if I drop a ball  once in a while. 
It seems like my house is clean but then I don't get to my crafty self, or I'm quilting and sewing and getting many steps done there then the desk becomes buried with things needing my attention,etc...   This seems to be the occurance throughout my life.      How I 'll  manage this better is to limit my time and savor each part of my day. I want to keep going and maintain without getting the feeling of being so overwhelmed.   Anyways that's my plan: The SCARE method.  That acronym stands for  sewing, cooking, arranging my home (cleaning/organizing), reading (meditate,relax) and Exercise not necessarily in that order either.   To view each day with more Joy and enthusiasm.   After talking with a friend this morning I thought the letters moved around a bit would be a nicer remembrance by usingit by this,  CARES
I am embracing 2013 with heartfelt capabilities and gratitude
for the many blessings I cherish and am priviledged to have. 
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and one filled with all your heart's desires.

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