Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get It Done....

All of the Get It Done tasks I listed to get done in January got Done!

Whoo Hooot!  

How I reported then done was to re-open the initial post and update the information there.  Here's the link where  all of that is listed.   Being so successful in January, Here's my list of Four for February.

  1. Quilt and Bind The Irish Table Runner from the In Your Own Words Blog Hop. Finished on the 16th.
  2. Make the  "All About Me"  project that I'm participating with.  It's another blog hop coming soon, an idea is fermenting now....This will be my NewFO for February.  Finished on the 26th, JUST UNDER THE DEADLINE.  It took me the longest time to really figure out how I wanted to use that cute pattern given by Amy Bradley.  Just love it now that's it's done and I'll see it daily. 
  3. Piece the backing for the Lone Star Quilt that's been a languishing UFO for several  years, I need to get this to a long armer.  I was thinking of trying to quilt it on my DSM but it's a rather large quilt and I have other projects I could work on while it's getting quilted. Hopefully I can get it done tomoorow, the 28th!
  4. Get another Lil' Miss Shabby Quilt block embroidered, besides keep up on the And Sew ON BOM, and my quilt guild's BOM offerings.  I don't want to fall behind, it's so much easier and fun to do when I keep up. Done, reported and shown on 2/6/13 
I know I'll progress , but how much?  Time will tell.



Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stash Report 4 of 2013

Scheduled this to appear today  since I'm out of state just now and shopping!  But as of the time I left NY, my numbers are still nice and respectable.  I had a gain this week since I received a lovely package from Sue of desert sky quilts when I won her giveaway.  Thanks so much Sue! 

I'll be using that Brooklyn revolver a lot, it's a great portable size and I really love the bright colors in the "Gypsy Girl" charm pack.   Wasn't sure how to add that charm pack in to my stash, so I figured it must be close to a half a yard and calculating it as such.   What a nice surprise and thank you for both Sue.  Don't you just love blog friends! 

Stash In:     0.5 Yards
Stash Out:    0 Yards
YTD In:         1 Yards
YTD Used: 13.5 yards

Net change is  12.5 yards out the door!
My net change amount is starting to dwindle down a bit, I'd better get some finishes done and soon to move that number back up!  Check out Judy's blog to see how other bloggers are doing.
Will be home this week, actually a day before DH and I share our 39th Anniversary! 
That is if no inclement weather changes my travel plans, he didn't want to go this time.  All I said in response to him  was, "see ya"!! lol 

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."
-- Annie Dillard

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mysteries, QAL and BOMs, Oh My!

Yes, go ahead and say it like Dorothy did in the Wizard of OZ - " Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY! " 
Now I know how potentially overwhelmed she was and can relate to but not out of fear of any wildlife but with the fear of missing out of a beautiful quilt and some gorgeous project(s).
This list is what I know are currently going on now.
Mystery Quilt Links:

Shabby Fabrics unique possibly w/ using wools

Patchwork Times Medallion Mystery My hero that I want to be like when I grow (even though she's younger!).

Once Piece At A Time  with Erin Russart, a very talented designer
 there's not alot to be said, they are MYSTERIES! 


Block of the Month or Weeks or there abouts:

Open Gate Quilts  Another one I am thinking of doing, Block one printed out alreadyand I have the rulers she's designed and suggests!
Just Quilting with Denise Russart  Lovely Pinwheel prominately displayed.

Jeanne Rae Crafts - Pixie Garden

Project House 360 Pinwheel Pardise

Curve It Up  many curvy blocks

Generation X with a unique modern look layout in metric measures!

Civil War Quilts Barbara Brackman

Persimmon Quilts (started June 2012 and runs until August 2013)

Grandmother’s Choice Interesting reading  and the Block #1 started in September 2012

Anchors Away QAL hosted by Mara from Traveling thu Greece

Triple Zip Pouch sew along hosted by Debbie from the quilter's Table
I spend so many hours dreaming on the computer or as my youngest grandchild keeps calling it the puter.  I swear, I don't need to dream any more, I need to get my plan into action and start moving that needle.   Above is a list of all the Mysteries, BOM and QAL being offered besides there are others I've already shared on previus posts that are also going on such as Kristy at Quiet Play for the And Sew ON paper pieced SAL  and the paper pieced Lord of the Rings aka:Hobbit paper piece offered by Regina Grewe .    One more just popped into my brain, the LUCKY STARS  QAL I started with Elizabeth Dackson for a nominal fee from the Don't Call Me Betsy blog.    
And I wonder with all that eye candy and incentives why I'm having difficulty focusing?    Besides all these new possibilities there are numerous UFO's and New Fos calling my name.  Breath Janie, just breath! 
Currently I am in Florida having a grand time with my Mom and enjoying the Villages Quilt Show with all their vendors.  Yes, I'm  testing my discipline and using this mantra: I have enough, I really have enough, I really, really have enough, etc...  I sure do hope it works!   
I'll be taking a blogging break until I return to NY in February and get things settled from my absence.  But with that being said I did already post my stash report #4 of 2013 to appear on time.  I'll catch up on Stash Report #5 what the true tally of my trip was.   Mom is such a horrible enabler!  That's one of the reasons we get along so well!    lol
Fingers crossed now and a skip in my heels.
Mumbling weakly now- I might have enough,

Another link with some free quilt patterns and monograms is at the Needle N Thread.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Heat and shrink and some other stuff

After posting about the technique class last week I figured it would be best to try out the heat and shrink since Pam so graciously supplied what was needed to give it a whirl.

First as most of you know was to put stitches on your layered fabric on top of the heat and shrink.  You can see how many different ways I stitched this sample piece.

Then apply heat across all of the surface making sure your iron doesn't come in contect with the Heat and Shrink material.

I like the areas where I stitched the clam shell motif and the triangles,  both of those textures seemed to look better to my eye.

  Can you say EASY!

In some bags and clutches I can see where this would be a textile asset and even more luscious if I use a polyester  or silk fabric like what I sampled this technique with.  All that sheen scrunched up into loveliness, YUMM!

And lastly, Melissa from Happy Quilting Melissa   is sharing a Starburst quilt along and I'm thinking of participating with that but using the smallest block and more of them.  Perhaps this fabric line, Garden Medley from RJR fabrics would be unique and spectacular.  This FQ bundle I bought last year and it's beautiful, I had initially thought about using it in the Blogger Girls BOM QAL offered by Monique Dillard at Open Gate Quilts which is another one I'd love to participate with.  I think I have a  serious problem of STARTITUS this year.  But am thinking this would be nicer in a more traditionally themed fabbies, perhaps some of the pinks and chocolates I have in my stash.  Stay tuned... when I know, you'll know. 
Another saying comes to mind, The first cut is the deepest.  Who knew way back when that that song was about quilting?!   lol  Am showing a picture of them here since I'll be  printing it out in gray scale.  My picture program would only allow me to change colors and tints and I couldn't figure out how to print it in grayscale when I knew it could be done this way.  What's that expression, There is more than one way to skin a cat, not that I'd want to do that!

Am also busy getting my house in order since I leave very very early Thursday morning.  My flight leaves at 6am so at the airport by 4 am!  Jeepers that's crazy early.  Maybe I won't bother getting to bed, it might be easier than getting up at 2am so I can leave the house at 3!  I can't imagine working at the airport at that time every day, those poor TSA and flight workers.     DH still isn't allowed to drive since his cardiac event almost two years ago, and since he opted not to go to visit my Mom figuring we'd be doing our quilty things, I'll need to be sure everything he needs is in.  Then I still have the grands to watch in the beginning of the week, so my time will fly!   

The inauguration of President Obama is today besides the National Holiday for Martin Luther King is celebrated today too.  A little tidbit, MLK shared the same birth date as my FIL so It's easy to remember and he (my dear FIL)  is post humous about 35 years now.    What a gentle man he was and he has been missed. 

Enjoy your liberties and Enjoy your day.

Changed the fabrics according to grayscale, Light to dark configuration..

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stash Report 3 of 2013

Judy Laquidera from Patchwork times has been hosting this link up for several years allowing each of us to  acknowledge the fabrics in our stash on a weekly basis.    My numbers are essentially the same but I hope it'll be different next week.

Stash In:           0 Yards
Stash Out:        0 Yards
YTD In:           .50 Yards
YTD Used:   13.5 yards

Net change is  13 yards out the door!

If you are interested check out Judy's blog to have links available showing what other quilters are up to.
Imagine my surprise this week when I received my Keepsake Quilting catalog.  On page 24 here in my catalog yet on page 32 there is a kit for Field Greens available that shows  a horse in the picture and it looks so similiar, don't you think? 
What a happy surprise.  If you are interested I share how I did mine on the 1/14/13 blog post and you can see a date stamp on some of my photos even, so there is no copyright issues  on my behalf and I know there aren't any on theirs either since it couldn't be edited and printed out so quickly.  Just a happy coincidence if not synchronistic.

Now mind you, I didn't calculate any of that yardage out yet or use any pattern.  I just knew the sew and flip method and figured out my own dimensions.    While posting about that Irish Runner for the "In Your Own Words Hop", I even mentioned how easy a whole quilt made in this method would be and how yummy and gorgeous it could be. 
Even the title with field greens is so similiar to the title my first finish for 2013, Field of Flowers!   There is no visual likeness for that one and yes I did use that pattern The Big Easy, loved it's construction. 

I hope to get my runner quilted and bound today.  My schedule changed for today and the read and beading group I belonged to seems to have fizzled out.  So that Viking Knit bracelet I listed in my list of four to get done this month  may go on next months list of four.  I'm  going to visit my Mom in Florida through the end of the month and we'll be running the roads , going to her quilt show in The Villages and enjoying the warmer climate.    Ahh.... sunshine and above 50 degrees, I can take that right now with these plummeting temperatures below zero recently.

Stay Warm,


Friday, January 18, 2013

Technique Class with Pam Damour

Our guild had Pam Damour as a guest lecturer this past week and though I couldn't attend the changed date guild meeting because of previous commitments, I could attend the class she offered the next day and it was all about techniques.  She does absolutely fantastic custom decorating and her skills are top notch!

Here's a lineup of what I learned and actually the photos show my attempts.
Mitered Binding with Decorator fabics

Using the Ruffler foot on the bernina, adjusting the ruffle by moving the slide on the front section of the foot #86

Boy this would have been super handy when I made our master bedroom curtains in the New England Style and had a piped double ruffle with premium muslim and cluny lace edge! 

Pleats, single, box and a flipped edge after pleating both outer edges

Scallops and double scallops, I did by this set of rulers can you say cha ching!!!

Zippers and bottom edge insertions.  A sewing buddy and I shared a zipper (orange & lime green) to remind us what we can change.  ALso learned that with upholstery zippers the teeth go on top, but with the sewing garments, the zipper teeth go towards the inside of the garment.

Added this  link much later where Becky shows a tutorial with how she changes the zipper pulls on her blog solar threads.
Also another tutorial is shared by Sew Mama Sew where she adds a flap to hide the finished zipper instead of folding the fabric as I did and shows above (I had to fold it back to actually show the funky zipper).  This little case fits my 14 day medication container with enough room for some other medical supplies, like the glaucometer, acouple of syringes for  injectables and my inhalers.  Very handy!!

Piping or welt cording

Double welting for upholstery finishes and dimentional add ons for quilting

Mitered Borders

Ran out of time but she gave the class samples of texture magic and cotton on a paper base for coloring with Derwent Artbars.  This is a watersoluble wax bar. 
During this class she also had available for sale a liquid fabric medium that you use in a 8 parts water to 1 part liquid medium ratio, tapes and welting cords and a myriad of other supplies.  I mentioned I purchased the set of Scalloped Rulers and now I'm wondering where and even when I'll be using those! 

There went my want power getting all up in my face and I followed the oohhs and ahhhs of the crowd.   I did also pick up the fabric medium since in the past I've tried to get it at Michaels and other art stores without success, so scarfed it up when I had the chance.    Now I only  have to figure out which technique I wanted to use it with.  Time will tell and it'll probably hit me at 2:oo am some night so I best get a tablet next to my bed. 

All in all it was a nice class and I did learn some new things.  If you ever geet the chance to take a class with her, you won't be sorry.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last Day of In Your Words Hop

Who would believe the time has flown so quickly?  Today is the last day of posts for the In Your Own Words Blog Hop.  I'm amazed how quickly this went by besides seeing all the different interpredations that this hop entailed.    It's been wonderful!    So many beautiful items have been shared with  the techniques, tutorials and giveaways too!  All  worded perfectly! 

So without further adieu, here is the list of participants on this last day.  Notice our organizers are on this list.  I'm heading over right now to check out their sites.   Enjoy the hop.


Sew Many Yarns (Lyndsey M.)

The German Mom (Tina S.)

Christa Quilts (Christa W.)

Sew We Quilt (Mdm. Samm)
Okay now,

One last note, Madamme Samm the creator of this hop created a pinterest board so the pictures can be viewed on one page.    If you saw somethin gof interest and forgot which site it was on, there are links attached to the pics.
Thanks again to Madamme Samm, Linda and to Timeless Treasures Fabric who so generously donated gifts for the giveaways.    Check out their site to see the latest additions.

This hop has created some wonderful, timeless and treasured memories for me.  :)    Thank you.

Have Fun and Enjoy!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Picture loading temporary solution

Several weeks ago blogger did something and POOF!  My picture loading capabilities were vanished! 
Last summer when something similiar happened I was told it was a communication failure between my ISP  (Internet Explorer) and Blogger.  A friend told me to make sure I didn't have any vital updates that were missing.  Run a malware check on my system and refresh my blog/web page by clicking on the town page icon in the address line of the site were I was.    So I did all of these just 2 weeks ago.  And Nothing.  Couldn't get it to provide the browse button in the pop up window when downloading pictures.  

This is a blogger programing error and one I'm sure they'll fix sometime.  Just when though is a mystery .  In the mean time, this is how you can upload your photo to your post.

  1. Go to your blog and select New Post.
  2. When you have the window where you normally would be typing in your text,  there are two tabs on the upper right hand side just above the text area.  The first tab is Compose, the other says HTML.
  3. Click on the HTML and you'll see the older version of how you used to upload photos on your blog.  Select photos  from your PC  as you normally did in December 2012.  (Make sure photo wanted to upload are highlighted and then click done  to put them in the text box area.) 
  4. When at the text insertion area you will see program coding. Click the tab that says compose.  The photos will show and now with the ability to change size, positions add captions, etc as you did before. 
Hope this helps all the bloggers that are affected with this and that Bloggger can fix the program to work optimally again and soon.  I do really enjoy blogging and being able to see all the eye candy is why it's such a happy sport!
Good Luck!!

Monday, January 14, 2013


100,000 WELCOMES!!!

Yippee!  Today is my day to share with y'all the project I thought of to reflect a part of me.
First off, I'd like to thank the hostesses that set up this terrific Blog Hop.  Linda of Buzzing and Bumbling Blog and Madamme Samm from the  Sew We Quilt Blog, both are super talented ladies and so organized to host this and cultivate all the lovely talent that has been shown.  This project came to be because of your inspirational thoughts on  hosting this hop.   Thank you Both! 

How it began  is when I noticed on Linda's blog an invitation to join in a BLOG HOP about In Your Own Words and I put on my big girl panties and pledged that I'd  participate in  my first ever hop!!! 
Over the years many words have found there way onto my projects in different ways.  Since one of my desires this year is to focus on my PROGRESS.  Progress with my life, crafts, learning, maintenance of myself, home, family, friends, reading, beading,  and practice them all routinely.    I knew this hop was a synchronistic opportunity for me.  While thinking of the many different ideas of what to make or which word(s) to convey,  I mentally completed many and then ruled them out just as quickly in the next breath.  There were many words floating around in this lil' old head of mine while trying to figure out which  project could be done, be unique, besides something that would share a bit of my WIP self with you at the same time as hopefully make something that was on my HSY list.  (HSY stands for hasn't started yet.) 
Since I love to decorate different monthly themed runners, wallhangings, pillows and such around my home through out the year, a table runner for my antique refrigerator in the dining room would do nicely.   Reading through my Creativity Journal from a time period of about 5 years ago I wrote, "Make a green scrappy tablerunner" an  ahhh.. haa... moment came and I knew what was meant to be. 

An Irish Table runner!   Because of my Irish Roots from my Dad's side, I've always loved anything Irish.   I remember as a little girl, my Dad singing to me, "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" and feeling safe and totally loved.  This project needed a word conveying my Irish nature.  Thinking that it should be in Gaelic  I started searching  Google to see which Gaelic phrase would be best as well as doable.   I didn't want something with too many words and I also wanted  something recognizable yet unique.  That's when I stumbed across Céad Mile Fáilte, A Hundred Thousand Welcomes and knew, that's it!  Thankfully, our home is busy with many visitors, both friends and family stopping by often and we love welcoming each and every one.

So into my little studio I went.  Going through my stash of greens pulling out the hues/prints/tones  that appealed to me and then rumaging around the cream section for a little contrasting  pinwheel accent I  envisioned going through
the 40 shades of green rails.    lol       PAY DIRT!  
 I just happened to have in my stash a perfect cream, a tone on tone print with just a hint of  peach,  but it also had gold sparkles going through out it for those pinwheels besides using it for the background of my word.     Now I'm thinking leprechaun, pots of gold, lol,  I know I know, I need help!!  Anyways,  I  did a little test of my idea of  using a magic marker on a small 4" x4 " piece o' that cream metallic sparkley fabric to make sure the color stayed colorfast and could hold true without bleeding.   It did.

 Little tip:  Always try out any markings on a small disposible sample before writing it on your  project!  This will check if it can stay if wanted or be able to wash out if needed.

Well, to get that word on my fabric I used Microsoft word and typed  the  Céad Mile Fáilte phrase about 10 times.  Then I played with the different styles and sized fonts, trying to get the look I knew in my head but couldn't find in my available  type fonts.  After reviewing and auditioning the printed out words for several days weeks  I was wondering, what to do?
Then it came to me, I could always use one of the larger size 92 in theTempus Sans ITC font that was the closest look for my pattern,  draw it on the fabric using it as a guide.  Afterwards it could be embellished in ir's style wherever I thought it needed to be.
I used a glue stick to hold the pattern guide and fabric together after centering both the fabric and the paper guide. {Thanks Linda for that tip about GLUE from the hop about quilting tips! I used to use pins but this was much easier!!!}
I laid them on my Sand Board so it couldn't slip then traced the words with a regular green permanent marker to outline the letters and colored it too.  In my mind it looked good but still wasn't done.  (This is my usual trend of thought, add a little bit more of this and perhaps more of that...... until typically it gets shelved as a UFO.  I am trying very hard to overcome this trait.  Making myself work through these rough spots and just get things done!)  Sorry... I digress.  
When it was totally colored in I used a hot iron to set the color  several times.

After pondering some more, figured that I'd embroider around all the letters.    Using a DMC Rayon thread (it has a lovely sheen) of a dark green # S501 that BTW, that actually matches the color of the dining room curtains,  I started embroidering using a back stitch with all 6 strands of thread on the first letter of each word.   This gave the  capital letters a bolder and more dramatic appearance.   I always use an interfacing fused onto my cakground fabric when stitching, it eliminates the shadow effect if youcarry a thread a little ways on the backside, but most times, I don't carry. 
I'm happy now with this but wondering what to do for the smaller letters? Six strands of thread on them will look awkward and chunky.  Wanting it to be organic in form but not defective is you know what I mean.  Also what if the green marker fades with washings and the years of service besides setting near a window with the UV rays shining in, how will this word hold up?
My answer:  "I'll embroider around every lower case letter too but use 2 strands of floss instead and use a stem stitch to change it up." YES, that's it!!!! 

They'll be outlined so something will remain, but won't compete with the capital letter of each word.  I'm happy now that it's coming to fruition.  At this stage it is now Saturday  night at  9:10 pm and I just finished the last letter. 
That rayon DMC was tricky to use since my skin on my fingers are chapped and my thunb is iterally  torn up  and keeps fraying a bit of thread every once in a while.  Yes Rayon is that fragile!  Band aids helped cover those areas so my thread would hold up without shredding.  I Looked hideous and ridiculous while stitching this  but it got done. 

With that end embroidered I now thought, what now?  It needs to be balanced and another embroidery needed to be made for the other end, perhaps Erin Go Bragh (this means Ireland Forever).  How ever will I get 'er done in time to share early Monday morning?   
Bobbin work! 
So I wound up some of Superior Threads, Razzle Dazzle thread onto a bobbin to create the phrase Erin Go Bragh.  I did that like I stated on the first section  but did a mirror image print out then  traced it onto the paper side of fusible interfacing.  Fused that with  the background fabric  and went to work stitching very carefully.  The worst part of this was getting all of those thread tails to the underside and tie a little knot after stitching each letter.    Ahh, sweet Success!  Next, onto my piecing. 
To make the blocks for the runner, this is what I did:
 (All of my photos can be enlarged to see the details better.)
To make the green fields I sewed a cream 2-1/2" square onto a green 2-1/2" X 6-1/2" Brick.  Marking a sewing line diagonally in the cream  square and sewing them in a half square triangle configuration with right sides together.    See photo at right.


Assemble 3 bricks together into your block.  This consists of 2 bricks with the HST ends laid on opposite sides with a plain green unsewn brick laid in oreo cookie style in the middle.   Make sure you have your HST placed on the block in the manner shown or you'll get a diamond center instead of a pinwheel spin when 4 of these blocks are sewn together. 

The pink fabric used here is just because of it's high contrast to the block's colors.
The pink fabric is just contrast - to show how those units will spin if laid out correctly.
Lay it out to be sure the orietation of the HST bricks are spinning around like a pinwheel. Make as many of these as you need for your finish.  I made a total of 16 blocks for this runner.
While working on this I actually thought a quilt in this pattern would be easy and fantastic. I'll probably get to that in another 5 years or so,
 just kidding!

    Sew the blocks together using an alternating direction  or a basketweave style.  Another way to phrase this is to have a vertical block next to a horizontal block, etc...  never have two blocks with the same orientation next to each other. 
    I pressed seams open to alleviate bulk.
    Center,  measure, measure, and MEASURE then cut  the embroidered panel to size.  I cut the 2 of  mine  5" x 12- 1/2"  each and then sewed to the ends of the runner.  
    Hand embroidered phrase with Rayon Thread and colored with a green permanent marker

    This was  so long and skinny that my photos didn't look right when I snapped a shot of the whole thing in one photo.  To show it I snapped several shots so you see all of it via different frames.   There are 4 pinwheels in the center of this runner with the ends in that cream finish.  It should look great with that mottled green print shown on the bottom, second one from the right.

    This project was so much fun creating and want to thank Linda and Madamme Samm again for inspiring it's design.  

    All that needs  to be done is to press, layer, quilt and then bind it. 


                    Piece o'cake!
    "Bobbin Play" work for the embroidery with the binding fabric shown underneath
    If you have time, please make time to visit the other bloggers who are participating in this hop.  The creativity shown is as beautiful and diversified as the bloggers who are sharing this "wordey  journey".

    Here they are:


    Clothes and Crafts (Maria K.)

    Simple Sew (Shirley T.)

    Woolie Mammoth (Anna B.)

    RocknQuilts (Mary Ann)

    Quiltsmiles ( that's ME!  )

      Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out this lil' bit o'me.   I'm now enjoying a cup of tea while I resume some of the housework duties I've neglected while I've been creating!   VBG!!!  

      Make sure you try to visit the other quilters sharing their projects on Day 6  of the In Your Own Words Hop aka Wordey Journey.  lol


    PS:    If  you're interested you can hear the correct pronunciation and learn more about Céad Mile Fáilte, A Hundred Thousan Welcomes at these links.  Once again, 100,000 welcomes! and thank you for stopping by.   

    PPS:  I even thought a Ransome note styled letters in a phrase could sum me up too since most times I can get so scattered with all the time snatchers kidnapping around here! Though I always  find Joy in my journey along the way,  but that will be in another project on a different day!  Perhaps that kindle bag I'd like to make with a pocket for the cord...... 

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Stash Report #2 of 2013

    Still doing well with my stash report numbers and I actually just created an Excell spread sheet to keep track of purchases and expenses this year.  Created columns for the description, price, yardage, beads, cross stitch, threads and services paid for  such as framing /long arm quilters, etc..  If I need another column as time goes by then I'll add it at the time.  It'll be very interesting as SCHULTZee from Hogan's Heroes used to say to see what is what by year's end.    I wasn't able to finish anything yet, so there's nothing to report as fabrics going out,  but I did happen to buy 2 fat quarters Saturday while a friend and I were in Glens Falls at Patti's (even though now

    a Jessica Vandenburgh is the new owner).    Without further adieu,  here are this week's numbers.

    Stash In:   .50 Yards
    Stash Out:  0  Yards
    YTD In:  .50 Yards
    YTD Used:   13 yards

    Net Changed so far this year is 13.0 Yards that have been used and out the door!  Yippee! Skippee!!!!

    I started a new BOM for 2013 called AND SEW ON and did the first block.  Lucky for me I had some of that measuring tape fabric in my scrap bag from making the Professional Tote several years ago.

    Kristy from Quiet Play shared the first block called Measure Twice.  If you are interested in participating in this freebie, do hurry since she'll only be offering the block one month.  After that it's still available for sale through her Etsy shop.  The next month she'll place the next block as a freebie for one month and "sew" on  besides  she's hosting a giveaway for  ASO participants.  Sorry, couldn't resist!

    For my masterpiece block, I placed a seam through the floral print to emulate a fold in the top fabric.  Had I thought more about it, I could have used a fabric with the selvage edge print visible, but this is good enough.  It will stay as is. 

    Luckily for me when I was starting to make this block, a lovely squishy package arrived in the mail.  I do so love squishy packages!  It was the giveaway of fabric scraps that Heidi of Fabric Mutt sent me.  I won her giveaway!    Check out her fabric goodies.  Fondling through them I saw one I had to use rightaway, that olive green print was one of the scraps she sent and it looked perfect with some of my scraps so I threw it intomy ASO's first block.    How perfect is that!  Thanks Heidi, love them!

    But I do have a question regarding STASH reporting;

    Do I have to try to figure out how much fabric those scraps are to add in to my stash report numbers as fabric coming in?  If so, how do I do that? 
    Thanks for stopping by.  I feel like 2013 is going to be the best year yet with my PROGRESS.

    Tonight I'll be sharing what was been my focus for  this past week and several weeks prior.   I hope you'll like it. 

    Jane  :)

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013


    Am also starting a NEW FO that wasn't even on my radar at the end of last year. Quiet Play Blogspot shared Block One of a new BOM AND SEW ON and I found that I just had to play. It was fun to sew and then an ahh haa moment happened as Oprah always said. With the In Your Own Words Hop I could use this paper pieced block and then create another couple of blocks as filler and make a sewing theme wallhanging for my Kitch wall.

    Here's the paper pieced block.

    Since blogger is not allowing me to upload photos as I normally would.  Here's the link to the flickr page where the photo is at.   You may be able to see all the other lovely blocks that have been made too.  Talk about eye Candy, YUMM...

    My mind is churning with a probability for the In Your Own Words Hop that I'll be sharing with on the 14th.  Without being able to upload photos on Blogspot yet, I may have to use my Flickr links  to let them be seen. 

    UNLESS someone can help me out. ng my fingers and hoping!)



    Sunday, January 6, 2013

    Stash Report #1, 1/6/13

    It'll look good great this first week and I mean for that to progress and continue through the year.  This time I mean it!  lol

    Stash In:  0 Yards
    Stash Out:  13.5  Yards
    YTD In:    0 Yards
    YTD Used: 

    Net Changed:    13.5 Yards Used and out!

    I used the actual yardage required from the pattern and the 6 yards that I used for the backing were added to that number too.  A great start for 2013 and I am content.



    Friday, January 4, 2013

    Labeled and more than you need to know

    First Finish for 2013 is the Field of Flowers, previously known here as The Big Easy.    The name was picked due to having all of those flowers quilted into it and that large scale fabric that PGD#1  loved.  See the previous posts here if interested.   It is labeled and totally done DONE!


    I did finish the edge with the blue piping and white binding and if it weren't snowing so badly here today, I'd take it outside to grab a nice photo of it.  Oh well,   I'm going to link it up with a lovely year of finishes which is in my plans for 2013!

    Here is a snap from several weeks ago when I was pondering the edge finishes.  I'll share a new photo when the weather is better AND I can load a photo on blogspot. 

    Grabbed a shot and sorry it's so BLURRRY with the binding done DONE!

    There is a photo I snapped of the label showing it and the tools but I can't get it to load in blogspotComing back on 1/13/12 to add the photo.   Thankfully a friend came over and showed me a different way to upload my photo and it works.  The problem lies within Blogger's programming, not my PC!  Thank goodness but I hope Blogger gets it fixed correctly and soon.

    I used a hot pink paintstick to get a more vibrant colored flower that was drawn freehand and also used my favorite pigma pens to add the details. This time I used all four of the colors shown, black, brown, green adn blue. After using the paintstick to draw out flower petals, I edged it with the brown pigma to add definition to the edges of it. Then I did a polka dot center to the flower first in the brown and then used the blue to draw a tiny circle around each polka dot. The stem and leaf were mainly green and then I used a bit of that brown to highlight the leaf's vein. Finishing with the written wording I wanted to included for my PGD#1.  

    I am thrilled that I finished this quilt relatively quickly.  Yes for me 4 months is quick! 

    Typically I dream about a project, shop around to do the project and then start, get waylaid, restart, get waylaid etc....and on,  so a year or two later  voila!  ahhh.... finally a sweet finish.  BUT not with this one.  I persevered and even when I wanted to jump onto a new project I stayed calm and quilted on.  lol    Now this is similiar to how I used to make my projects decades ago.  Even back in Junior highschool a girlfriend, Patti  and I would select a pattern and each choose our own fabrics then go home to  make our dresses that evening.  The next day we'd wear our masterpieces to school and start saving our money so we could do the same thing the next week or two.  We had many mutually shared interests band, chorus, all the same college prep classes, cheerleading, and  sewing, we were best friends.  We did that each week until she died in a tragic family  car accident.   Besides Patti, her father, and her 3 year old sister, Jeanne  were all fatal victims in the crash.  Her Mom and one sister (who became a paraplegic)  were hospitalized for weeks not even able to attend the funerals.  Another sister was hospitalized only a couple of days and the only immediate family member not involved in the crash was a sister who they had dropped off an hour before at a train station so she could go back to college.  I was devastated for quite awhile after that and  I value life even more since I know how quickly circumstances can change through no fault of your own.

    After that I still was able to do my projects quickly even when my children were younger.   How I came to stall and really savor time spent on  my craft was after I was given 2 garbage bags full of fabric.  Yes given.  A woman I worked with had a friend from Montreal who was a children's clothes designer and she  had a bag  full of fabric looking for a home.  I jumped at the offer since I was making clothes for my children like coveralls, tunics, corduroy pants, nightgowns, bibs, etc... and was in my glory selecting a bit of this one for a contrasting yolk, or that bit of lace trim for a peter pan collar, this would be a cute pocket to contrast, etc. using up bits and pieces and all of it conveniently located in my basement.    (The only quilts I made back then were some from prequilted fabrics and I'd back them and bind the edges.)  That's when  my stash started and I used quite a bit of it and even shared some with another friend who was sewing for her children too.    I found out during this time in my life that me and basement sewing don't get along well together.  I need daylight and windows to be happy  while sewing.

    After college and getting married I shifted gears due to full time work and a growing family.  Several moves later it seemed like I had no time for my crafts except I did continue with my needlepoint or knitting when I finally sat down in the evening.  The only sewing I did during this phase besides constructing my own clothes were making items for the home.  Curtains, roman shades, tablecloths, a canopy for my daughters bed even in her favorite Strawberry Shortcake theme and covers for appliances and computer screens were the typical projects until   ooopps!!!!  I did a Santa Wallhanging of Debbie Mumms pattern for DH's surprise Christmas gift and the quilt addiction restarted.  TG!

    I do love quilting so.  But even then  with family responsibilities and working full time, I spent more time shopping and dreaming of quilting rather than making quilts so my stash grew and grew, I could almost say exponentially!  Since Mom and I shared this hobby, we'd go on shopping binges together having a blast.  But my intake was so much higher than my output and it even was again this past year.    I would justify it then saying better to buy it now as when I retire I won't have the same income so I am investing in my retirement.  lol  That really hits the nail on the head with the higher cost of cottons but if I am able to sew through my stash in my lifetime it will be amazing.  Do I want all of this to go to my local guild to have sister members be thrilled to get all this fabric or will they look at the piles in disdain and wonder why ever Jane purchased that fabric.  So with all this being said, I intend to track my fabric in and out again as Judy Laquidera has done in past years with her stast reports.  Staying honest with myself and you regardless of the totals.  At the end of 2012 I received several packages.  A stack of fat quarters from a year end sale and then about 95 yards of fabric from some other great clearance sales from severalvendors.  They were at great prices but 95 yards more of fabric than the other yardages I already purchased in 2012!    I didn't do well tracking this past year but it has to be around 180+ yards of fabric I brought in through the year with no where near that in yardage getting used and tallied going out.    mystash reports will be on Sundays' each week and I am starting at ZERO since the last yardage gained was ordered and received in 2012. 

    I snapped a photo while working on the label besides a photo of it all stitched on but blogger won't allow me to upload from my computer!  Uurrgh! I really hate when these techy difficulties are hexing me, if anyone has a clue, I'd appereciate it.

    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    In Your Own Words Blog Hop

    There is a new blog hop starting on January 7th that should be loads of  fun!  The "In Your Own Words" Hop is being hosted by Linda of Buzzing and Bumbling Blog and highlighted by Madamme Samm and a huge list of other bloggers, myself included (VBG!). 

    Please check out all the different  sites since so many ideas and creativity will be shared with you during this time.  When you leave a comment on Linda's blog, your name  will be in the drawing for some nice prizes and some of the  participating blogs will even host giveaways on their own during this hop. You will be inspired so many ways during this hop.   Be sure you join us!  Isn't that a great way to start the new year!!!

    Here is the schedule for the upcoming hop that will be starting in just 5 days!

    Monday, January 7
    Kwilty Pleasures (Kathy G.)
    Sew Darn Quilt (Carolyn R.)
    Traveling Quilter (Debbie A.)
    Just Let Me Quilt (Carol S.)
    Vroomans Quilts (Sharon V.)
    Cate's Linens (Catherine R.)
    Nini and the Sea (Denise)
    Tuesday, January 8
    Piece Peace nc (Patricia G.)
    A Stitch in Time (Patty D.)
    krislovesfabric (Kris T.)
    Ths Slow Quilter (Felicia F.)
    Wednesday, January 9

    Buzzing and Bumbling  (Linda W.)
    Kathy's Quilts (Kathy W.)
    Sunshine Quilting (Martina S.)
    Grammie Q's (Charlotte M.)
    Dancing Moon (Carla B.)
    Thursday, January 10
    Just Sew Sue (Sue B.)
    Scrappy 'n Happy (Jess R.)
    Sowing Stitches (Beulah aka. Carol)
    Just Quilt It (Kathy G.)
    Friday, January 11
    Jane's Fabrics (Jane R.)
    Jane's Quilting (Jane C.)
    Nuts 4 Redwork (Heide W.)
    Bits and Pieces (Martha R.)
    Life in Every Breath (Jennifer B.)
    Quilting Lines (Patricia L.)
    Meadowbrook (Kristen K.)
    Count It All Joy! (Denise P.)
    Sophie Junction (Sophie W.)
    Monday, January 14

    Buzzing and Bumbling (Linda W.)
    Clothes and Crafts (Maria K.)
    Simple Sew (Shirley T.)
    Woolie Mammoth (Anna B.)
    RocknQuilts (Mary Ann)
    Quiltsmiles (Jane E.)
    Tuesday, January 15
    Buzzing and Bumbling (Linda W.)
    BQuiltin Studio (Beverly K.)
    Hill Valley Quilter (Britt-Inger)
    Bumbleberry Stitches (Theresa K.)
    Outback Crafter (Debra S.)
    In Stitches and Seams (Annette S.)
    Englating (Marica from Sweden)
    Stitchin by the Lake (Marlene B.)
    Selina Quilts (Selina)
    Words & Stitches (Beth S.)
    Wednesday, January 16

    Buzzing and Bumbling(Linda W.)
    Sew Many Yarns (Lyndsey M.)
    The German Mom (Tina S.)
    Christa Quilts (Christa W.)
    Sew We Quilt (Mdm. Samm)
    Looking back through my projects there have been many times I've used my own words or letters in them.  Here's a sampling with links bringing you to where I posted about them.
    Like the most recent project of  The Big Easy where I quilted a little message in the borders of it.
    Meme {heart}s You in the quilting 
    Last year's Inukshuk quiltlet that I also quilted in a more Art form style on the piece by having block puffy letters going vertically down the side spelling out   INUKSHUK.
    The wool roving initial on the pin cushion last fall
    To the appliqued phrase on the backing of my Alien Invasion Quilt a couple of years ago.
    There are other projects where I used letters and words.  The patchabilities that  I love to do with the Valentine hearts' messages  like Kiss, Be Mine, Hugs, etc..., Spring on another and even baby quilts with a surname stitched in the quilting to document who owns it.  One example of this is when I did that on a boy's baby quilt.  There were tractor trailers on it  in a  panel I used so I sttched the last name with a contracting business ad on the trailer's side since his Dad is a contractor.  Turned out cute though I never grabbed a photo of it.  

    I never know when I will be adding wording to a project, sometimes like the patchabilities it's in the actual pattern (but I do use my artistic license to change it), or an idea will come at of no where and to me it just has to be added.  The Project that I am working on and will be shared with you on the 14th  I am trying not to deliberate too hard on  and it's a rather simple idea.  Stay tuned.

    As for other UFO's that I've been working on here's the latest block done for Lil' Miss Shabby BOM.  It's December's block  obviously.  I plan on attaching some crystals to the tree after the quilt is totally finished to add more bling to this tree.  
    Yeah!  I do realize that I'm only about a year+ behind when everybody else got theirs done, but I do work at my own pace ya!

    Next up is the label for The Big Easy Quilt. 
    Just another example of where words on projects are necessary and used frequently.
    Stay warm, it's suppose to hit 20 below tonight.  Brrrrr!