Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last Day of In Your Words Hop

Who would believe the time has flown so quickly?  Today is the last day of posts for the In Your Own Words Blog Hop.  I'm amazed how quickly this went by besides seeing all the different interpredations that this hop entailed.    It's been wonderful!    So many beautiful items have been shared with  the techniques, tutorials and giveaways too!  All  worded perfectly! 

So without further adieu, here is the list of participants on this last day.  Notice our organizers are on this list.  I'm heading over right now to check out their sites.   Enjoy the hop.


Sew Many Yarns (Lyndsey M.)

The German Mom (Tina S.)

Christa Quilts (Christa W.)

Sew We Quilt (Mdm. Samm)
Okay now,

One last note, Madamme Samm the creator of this hop created a pinterest board so the pictures can be viewed on one page.    If you saw somethin gof interest and forgot which site it was on, there are links attached to the pics.
Thanks again to Madamme Samm, Linda and to Timeless Treasures Fabric who so generously donated gifts for the giveaways.    Check out their site to see the latest additions.

This hop has created some wonderful, timeless and treasured memories for me.  :)    Thank you.

Have Fun and Enjoy!


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