Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mysteries, QAL and BOMs, Oh My!

Yes, go ahead and say it like Dorothy did in the Wizard of OZ - " Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY! " 
Now I know how potentially overwhelmed she was and can relate to but not out of fear of any wildlife but with the fear of missing out of a beautiful quilt and some gorgeous project(s).
This list is what I know are currently going on now.
Mystery Quilt Links:

Shabby Fabrics unique possibly w/ using wools

Patchwork Times Medallion Mystery My hero that I want to be like when I grow (even though she's younger!).

Once Piece At A Time  with Erin Russart, a very talented designer
 there's not alot to be said, they are MYSTERIES! 


Block of the Month or Weeks or there abouts:

Open Gate Quilts  Another one I am thinking of doing, Block one printed out alreadyand I have the rulers she's designed and suggests!
Just Quilting with Denise Russart  Lovely Pinwheel prominately displayed.

Jeanne Rae Crafts - Pixie Garden

Project House 360 Pinwheel Pardise

Curve It Up  many curvy blocks

Generation X with a unique modern look layout in metric measures!

Civil War Quilts Barbara Brackman

Persimmon Quilts (started June 2012 and runs until August 2013)

Grandmother’s Choice Interesting reading  and the Block #1 started in September 2012

Anchors Away QAL hosted by Mara from Traveling thu Greece

Triple Zip Pouch sew along hosted by Debbie from the quilter's Table
I spend so many hours dreaming on the computer or as my youngest grandchild keeps calling it the puter.  I swear, I don't need to dream any more, I need to get my plan into action and start moving that needle.   Above is a list of all the Mysteries, BOM and QAL being offered besides there are others I've already shared on previus posts that are also going on such as Kristy at Quiet Play for the And Sew ON paper pieced SAL  and the paper pieced Lord of the Rings aka:Hobbit paper piece offered by Regina Grewe .    One more just popped into my brain, the LUCKY STARS  QAL I started with Elizabeth Dackson for a nominal fee from the Don't Call Me Betsy blog.    
And I wonder with all that eye candy and incentives why I'm having difficulty focusing?    Besides all these new possibilities there are numerous UFO's and New Fos calling my name.  Breath Janie, just breath! 
Currently I am in Florida having a grand time with my Mom and enjoying the Villages Quilt Show with all their vendors.  Yes, I'm  testing my discipline and using this mantra: I have enough, I really have enough, I really, really have enough, etc...  I sure do hope it works!   
I'll be taking a blogging break until I return to NY in February and get things settled from my absence.  But with that being said I did already post my stash report #4 of 2013 to appear on time.  I'll catch up on Stash Report #5 what the true tally of my trip was.   Mom is such a horrible enabler!  That's one of the reasons we get along so well!    lol
Fingers crossed now and a skip in my heels.
Mumbling weakly now- I might have enough,

Another link with some free quilt patterns and monograms is at the Needle N Thread.

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