Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stash Report 4 of 2013

Scheduled this to appear today  since I'm out of state just now and shopping!  But as of the time I left NY, my numbers are still nice and respectable.  I had a gain this week since I received a lovely package from Sue of desert sky quilts when I won her giveaway.  Thanks so much Sue! 

I'll be using that Brooklyn revolver a lot, it's a great portable size and I really love the bright colors in the "Gypsy Girl" charm pack.   Wasn't sure how to add that charm pack in to my stash, so I figured it must be close to a half a yard and calculating it as such.   What a nice surprise and thank you for both Sue.  Don't you just love blog friends! 

Stash In:     0.5 Yards
Stash Out:    0 Yards
YTD In:         1 Yards
YTD Used: 13.5 yards

Net change is  12.5 yards out the door!
My net change amount is starting to dwindle down a bit, I'd better get some finishes done and soon to move that number back up!  Check out Judy's blog to see how other bloggers are doing.
Will be home this week, actually a day before DH and I share our 39th Anniversary! 
That is if no inclement weather changes my travel plans, he didn't want to go this time.  All I said in response to him  was, "see ya"!! lol 

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."
-- Annie Dillard

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Anonymous said...

Susan says: A gift doesn't count as fabric brought in, and a giveaway is a gift. =)