Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting it done - March's list

Since February was a short month and all but one of the four listed  items for Getting It Done Challenge were completed, I'm not going to beat myself up about the one that didn't!  My book club met tonight at 7pm and my grand daughter didn't leave until 6pm and then we had to fit supper in there too so the plans I had for tonight are being thrown under the bus!  I had thought of getting that backing done tonight after getting home, but I still am in too much pain with the back issues and I am tired.  So I'll start off March's list with that encore.

I also notice so many other bloggers get so much done and accomplished that I feel like such a major slacker!  So my intention is to pick up my pace this next month.  What you may be asking, do I have planned?

  1. Get the backing made for the Lone Star quilt and send it off to a Long arm quilter.
  2. Make the long awaited Kindle Bag/Cover that I've been wanting to do since forevah!  This will be a New FO for March.  I love it when a project can fill the bill in two different challenges!  Sneaky, I know.
  3. Stitch Me Up Project- A new blog hop coming in March.  This will be a New FO for this month too.  I really am enjoying these blog hops Madamme Samm thinks up.  This is a personal challenge of mine to perhaps participate in one each month.  It gives me a chance to grow and explore, stepping out of my comfort zone.
  4. Quilt the Convergence Wallhanging.
  5. Make the - A Little Something Jacket.  It seems silly to do that now when I am really focused on loosing weight, but I am tired of waiting til who knows when!  It'll get done.
  6. Hopefully if all of these are done then perhaps I can start a long over due Baby Quilt for a friend's grand daughter.  Wish me luck on this one.  It may have to wait to April though since it's already number 6 here.
Ambitious or NUTS?    Who knows, I just may surprise myself. 

With my most recent post, I was pleasantly surprised by how many blog friends stopped by and left such nice comments.  My head is beginning to swell with all of those kind words and praise over that quirky rendition of me, that I thank you all.  Another amazing note is how many people want to follow this little blog of mine!  To me it's a very public journal of the happenings in my life with highlights on vacations,  family and friends besides the hobbies or current interests from my perspective so I am humbled by the connectedness I'm feeling with such attention. 

Thank you all so much.  My heart is open and I feel so blessed to enjoy the many friendships gained  through this modality.    I can only hope I don't bore you to tears!  lol


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Joan said...

Jane - your blogs are never boring - they are great! I do visit but I don't always comment - bad me!