Friday, February 15, 2013

It's All about Me....

Yikes!  I just realized....I need to start on my project for the It's All About Me blog hop which will be starting Monday, February 18th. Marlene from Stitching by the Lake will be our cheerleader. A  pattern from Amy Bradley was sent by Madamme Samm and we get to play and embellish anyway we think, it should be interesting!  My day on the blog hop tour is Thursday the 28th.    This also will fill the bill with my New FO for February.  ANother challenge that I participate with and is hosted by Barb of  the Cat Patches fame.  When doing these New FOs I love to be able to finish them quicker than the typical WIP around here. 
I've been looking at presenting myself in a couple of different ways, which one will win?   Stay tuned, I'll surprise you and myself too since hopefully I'll be blazing ahead.


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Anonymous said...

I'll be interested in what you make! It's fun to have something all about you. =)