Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stash Report 5 of 2013

Got back from Florida Friday afternoon and I am tired!  With my flight leaving so early Friday AM I got up at 12:45 am to be ready for the Village's Taxi service.  I actually had a dream or nightmare a couple of days previous of my departure date.   In the dream, I was still getting ready and the boat was being held for me to catch it.  For one reason or another in my dream, I kept delaying the boat's departure until it finally sailed without me.  So I took this as a HUGE premonition and set my alarm for 2 hours before I needed to be ready to be picked up just in case.  
No problems with my departure, I was just relieved to figure out how I would pack with all of the purchases acquired from my visit. Can I say the shopping just rocks!  The styles, colors and selections not to mention the prices!  What a difference especially when compared to what's available around here.   So what purchases other than the many clothes and footwear did I purchase? 

Check it out:
9 yards of Rayon Batiks, YUMM!
Three - A Little Somethin' Jackets planned with these.

1 yard of canvas and sevaral yards of the others, totalling 7 + 1/2 yards.  There are a couple of fabrics hidden under that green.  Will be a gift for someone who's celebrating a little something later this month. 
That Red nembered French General was 50 % off, who could resist?  Bought 3 yards, the rest of the bolt.   
Of course I also have plans for all of these. 

Book at half off!  Pattern and quilt smart fusible were full price at the Villages,  Quilt Shows' Vendor Mall.

Many great patterns that looked interesting and most were also 50% off.  A compilation of the quilt show and 3 quilt shops Mom and I visited.

Some interesting woolens I couldn't resist. I do not report Wools in my stash reports but am thinking perhaps I should at some point!

needle magnets, these always make life easier and pretty too.
Was able to gift a lime flower needle minder to Mom too!

Soo all in all, I did really well with the buying factor.  Keeping in mind the PIGS,  and projects that will be tended to soon.  Kindle covers with some of that French General and canvas cloth, A Tiki Bar hanging with that Lime green, and a Patchabilities Sand Castle with that footprint beachy fabric.  All considering, I did go through enough cash too.   I won't report that here, but I am keeping a tally of my hobby expenses this year and already it is in the hundreds+++++.  That will be slowing down!

Without further adieu, Here's my stash report.

Stash In: 16.5 Yards
Stash Out: 0 Yards
YTD In: 17.5 Yards
YTD Used: 13.5 yards

Net change is  4 yards more coming into the stash so far this year!
Those numbers will be changing shortly, I have Plans and it will be showing less, much less by year end.   

Enjoy your day and the Superbowl happening later.


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