Saturday, February 23, 2013

Under the sea - 2013

2013 Ice Carnival event was Under The Sea.
Before the most recent storm was to hit our area, we thought a nice little road trip
to visit the Ice Castle in Saranac Lake would be a nice ride and enjoyable day and it was. 

Photo capturing the scale within the walls of the ice palace.

On the grounds before you got to the castle were submarines and the whale where children could pretend they were Jonah.  lol

Fish clustered around the Date's Sculpture and you can see on the upper left part of either  Poseiden or King Neptune who was riding on turtles and school of fish.    More details shown in the following photo.

Just after making a turn a nice surprise of something interesing froze into a block of ice.
DH wanted to chisel it out have a Lobster dinner, TG he didn't have any tools!  lol

Each year this event has a different theme that the local school children get to participate by thinking of the theme besides coming up with some appropriate designs to use.  This past year was Stellar and we enjoyed the visit. 

A beheaded mermaid, notice her bust setting just to the right of her tail.  Not sure if it was the time and warmer weather or vandalism being the cause.

Then onto Lake Placid to a favorite haunt of ours, The Cottage.

While enjoying ourselves we noticed many cross country skiers, people snowshoeing and sliding using the tobagan slide on the other end of Mirror Lake.  Beside those flurry of activities we noticed a couple of dog sled teams offering rides. 

Yes we did! (No that is not us on the sled, just thought it would be a great lead in photo.)

Here we are:
Our feet on the sled.

Our view. 
Notice that unless you are the lead dog, your view is the same?
So as our "bucket list" goes,
Ride a dog sled - CHECK!

Loving life in all ways we can.  But am I paying for it now.  I think it was all the frost heaves we went over on the way there that exacerbated my spine problems so I need to take it as easy as I can again.  Grrrr....  The dog team ride was smooth as glass since it was on a well worn track and on the ice. 



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Carol said...

What a fun day, Jane--thanks for sharing all those great photos!! Hope you feel better very soon :)