Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stash Report #13 of 2013 and a March's Mew FO

With a couple of Superman Capes made for the youngest grandchildren this past week (sorry no photos grabbed of those, they literally flew out the door, LOL!), there is movement (no less  two weeks in a row now) of stash used!    YEAH ME!!!!

This weeks stash report #13 of 2013,     drumroll ....... 

Stash In: 0 Yards 

Stash Out: 2 Yards

YTD In: 38.75 Yards

YTD Used/Out the Door: 22.5 yards

That's a Net gain this year of 16.25 more yards into stash for this year.

Yesterday I thought I'd be able to report another 3 yards out the door with making the Little Something Jacket, (March's New FO or as it's referred to this month as a MewFO, lol) out of some rayon  during a sewing day with most of my Circle of Friends quilting group.    What can I say...


Me...all day...and, this is all I got done!  
Jacket cut out, shoulders sewn together and one sleeve added.  But, my well was filled with laughter and the support that only girlfriends can provide.  It was a nice and successful day.    Sorry though that Carol, Michelle and Lee couldn't make it, you three were missed. 
DH's health issues are troublesome again but I had to chuckle when I found this gem despite the risk DH is going through.   Thank goodness I do have some good ones!  


On another very happy note, I won a giveaway from Cindy at Quilt Doodles!     An electronic copy of her pattern Coneflowers was in my inbox when I got back home today.   I really love that design and will be kitting it up for a project.  The kits I'm making up will be for when I drive DH to some of his appointments, I'll be having some great hand projects to help keep my sanity. 

Then even more, when going through the snail mail, oh my!  another happy surprise, the package from Marcia from Sewing and quilting blog  sent me the winnings from her giveaway.  Several beautiful notecards with a sweet postcard thrown in the mix too.  How thoughtful! 
Thank you both so much.  Perhaps I should purchase a lottery ticket, I feel so fortunate!

Enjoy your holiday weekend and the blessings of your life.


2013 - Easter

May you all find the joy, peace and serenity in your hearts during this Holy time.



Saturday, March 30, 2013

25 ways to wear a scarf

Found this neat video  so had to share. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

60 shades finished and stash report #12 of 2013

DH is turning 60 next month and with all the hoopla of 50 shades of Grey from last year (which BTW - I'm still trying to finish for finishing's sake! I'm on the third book now, read 10 pages and I'm snoozing, how boring is this story line!!)  Anyways, since DH cooks so well and enjoys doing his creations, I thought a BBQ apron was in order.  SO I ordered 1 yard of a beer mugs fabric and then shopped my stash until I found a coordinating match and it was  a fabric with shades of grey that went well enough with those mugs of beer. 

I used a leftover panel from last years chili pepper apron then added 2 additional pockets to help him
carry his favorite  beverage of choice,  Budweiser!
Next a little hair band loops were added to keep the meat thermometer from falling too deeply into the pocket.
Close up detail:

For the beer mug side, it's rather simple and plain.   

But it does have another hair band loop for the meat thermometer on the upper right part. 

This reversible apron was made without a pattern and I used  an apron gifted to me from the Doctor I worked for many years ago as a guide.    Simple quilted vertical and diagonal stitches  with a leftover piece of fleece used  for the batting. 

Wonderful to say that 3 yards of fabric were used.  Finally my stash report moved.   Happy too that my February New FO is completely done.   (Yes, I gave it to him early since that is him modeling it.)

Initially I had imagined on the 6o Shades of Grey side to have embroidered phrases on 2 pockets saying something like:
Whip It,   Beat it!!!   
Eat It!   Love IT!!! 
But immediately knew my imp  was carrying too far away from my mused comfort side. 
But the little imp in me kept imagine other sayings. 
Kill It, Grill It!!
Since he used to hunt, fish and the other outdoor sports he loved to do before his health problems. 

Saturday we enjoyed another presentation of the Adirondack Skating Clubs, SNOW WHITE.   PGD#1 posed with Snow White who was wonderful as well as a friend's daughter who skated as one of the seven dwarves.  She was great with her newly skill double or it could have been a triple axel.  It was a wonderful show and one I enjoy every year.  PGS#3 wouldn't pose.
Off this afternoon to see Anything Goes for there afternoon showing.  Chazy Music Theatre always does a bang up job of producing musicals and this is another event I enjoy annually.  I'll get tomorrow to post the photos. 


PS:  This weeks stash report #12 of 2013 al least shows some usage! 

Stash In: 0 Yards 
Stash Out: 3 Yards
YTD In: 38.75 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 20.5 yards

That's a Net gain of 18.25 more yards into stash for this year.  Feeling better now that it's under 20!  LOL
Enjoy your 1st weekend of Spring.

(came back to edit and add the photos on the 28th.)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Something finished with the Stitch Me Up HOP


I'd like to share a New FO that was worked up for the current blog Hop called Stitch Me Up.

 This is the design I choose to do and use it as a pocket to hold sheets of paper in a New FO, a gardening organizer that is now complete!  For many years we harvest our seeds and typically I use envelopes to store them and keep them together by clamping them with a butterfly office clamp.   I'm thinking and so hoping that this placemat organizer might be a perfect project to gather and store these items in a much prettier manner.  That I can now hang on the side of our growing shelves in the basement.  All in one place and easy to utilize, that should save time!

For the final photo shot, I grabbed some of the seed packets I have in to insert them into the different sized gallons bags (there are seven of them) I sewed in. Using a twill tape trim stitched in the center that also hides the raw edge of the embroidered pocket panel. The pocket is the perfect size for letter sized paper or as pictured new gardening gloves. The handles are a heavier black webbing that I attached in a manner to finish nicely on both the outside and interior finishing with small squares of velcro to hold it all together. The hook side is on the left so if I'm writing my hand won't be scratched by the hook side (I'm right handed) but if a left handed person made one then putting the hook side on the right could be handier for them. I need to run downstairs to store it and I'll be gathering my other seeds while I'm there.
This was a quick and fun project to stitch up and I'm hoping that I'll be saving all kinds of times by being more organized. I can only HOPE!
If you have time, please check out some of the other blogs that are participating in this Stitch Me Up Hop by using the following links:

FRIDAY March 22nd
Quiltsmiles that's ME!

Thanks to  Madamme Samm, Cyndi and Debbie for providing us with so many gorgeous designs it was hard to decide.  Also thanks to our fabulous cheerleader Jane of Jane's Fabrics  whom I fondly refer to as the other Jane. lol

NOW the reality check - We got 8 inches of snow dumped in our region on Tuesady.  Any gardening will be a long way off.  But I'm not stressing about it, just watching a little friend who visits routinely and scouts out the seeds under the bird feeder.

PS:  I don't know how these different sized fonts appeared.  I keep trying to have them all the same and while editing they all say normal size but that is not what I see in print.  Oh well, I've worked on this post long enough and delayed it to fix it but can't,  so it will have to fly like it is. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stash Report 11 of 2013

Stash In: 7 Yards 

Stash Out: 0 Yards

YTD In: 38.75 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 17.5 yards

That's a Net gain of 21.25 more yards into stash for this year.
Being the worldwide quilting weekend, I did stop by to visit a friend at her quiltshop, Fibre Junction and came home with some lovely fabric.   It's always nice to reconnect with friends and I really enjoyed my cup of tea with two of them yesterday.   
Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day Celebration.  DH and I will be stepping out this afternoon but our
traditional corned beef dinner will be roasting while we're gone. 
Bunratty Castle was a period 19th century exhibit with a small village also displayed on the grounds that my sister, Donna and I were lucky to visit back at the turn of this century.  This is where I saw my first stack of hay and truly, the hay was stacked onto a circle that had one supporting center mushroom stylized stones.   Weird to see but I imagine it was very functional.  Also the "sheila corner" inside the castle was surprising with some of those specially carved stones making up part of the wall, anyways, that's the story we heard.  Our dear friend Carmel with her knickers being tacky is another fond memory of, she was embarassed about her footwear and felt different but we loved her all the more and giggled like teenagers!

The yellow building in front we also had a grand time at too!  It's called Durty Nellie's.  Both the hospitality, warmth of the people  and the music was terrific, of course since we staying at a lodge across the road, the drinks weren't bad either!  lol. 
Thank you Ireland for many happy memories.  Jane

Saturday, March 16, 2013

National Quilt Day 2013

Happy Quilting Day be it called National or to me it would be better as International Quilting Day since I have many friends across the borders who participate in this event too.  SewCal Gal is hosting a "sew-cial" and invites quilters to share bits about themselves during this hop.  What else could I say but sure, I'll share what I can.   I have many errands to do and  run today so the time spent sewing will be happening this evening.

But I will share a current embroidery project that I'm stitching needs to be ready for March 22nd since that's the day my project for this upcoming Stitch Me Up hop will be shown.  This hop is one that MadammeSamm from Sew We Quilt and Jane (lol - I call her the other Jane-tehehe) from Jane's Fabrics  is hosting.  It kicks off on Wednesday the 20th then runs through to the 29th.    I love these blog hops and usually am so inspired and even amazed at the different levels of creativity with the projects made and shared.  Of course I won't show you mine yet, that would be cheating and this is just a tease!

My other focus today will be finishing a counted cross stitch piece.  And I mean finish.  Last weekend I found some trims at Joanns Fabrics and think it will work out nicely.   Cross that off my list, where ever did I put it????   Oh well I have plenty of other projects hovering ever near.
I'll come back and post my progress along the day. 
TTFN, I'm off to play!


Monday, March 11, 2013


An email I received notes perfectly my feelings from this past weekend.  While doing that workshop and errands completed around my home this was my mood.  It was the inner child coming out and being an imp.  Or as I explained recently to my Mom, a blessed Minx.  Just one of the many facets of my character, lol.    Just wanted to share it with you.

Playful AwarenessScorpio Daily Horoscope
Your desire to be mischievous and playful could amuse your friends and you may find that this sense of fun could pervade all of your interactions today. Being impish and upbeat might be the result of your ability to connect with your inner child and let go of any need to censor or inhibit the carefree part of yourself. Reveling in this sensation can not only entertain you but it could also bring you to a deeper awareness of the joy that comes from living spontaneously and in the moment. While at play today you might take a moment or so to breathe in the joy and freedom you feel being present to everything that is around you, and you may notice that by being full of life, you are also able to become more mindful of yourself and how you live it.

Letting our inner child out to play allows us to experience the wonder that exists in the present totally and with complete abandon. When we were children, life was something that held the unexpected in each and every moment. Reconnecting to this part of ourselves helps us to go back to the time when we didn’t care about trivial concerns or what other people thought about us, but rather released ourselves completely to the joy of what we were doing. By bringing this sense of fun into your life today you will rediscover what it is to really live and savor the time you spend with others fully.

Wishing you a spontaneous day with joy in your spirit and a song in your heart.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stash Report 10 of 2013

Stash In: .25 Yards 

Stash Out: 0 Yards

YTD In: 31.75 Yards

YTD Used/Out the Door: 17.5 yards 

That's a Net gain of 14.25 more yards into stash for this year.
I bought 1/4 yard yesterday with some trims to finish that Santa's reindeer CXS I shared last week. Am planning on turning that into a little pillow fob to hang on one the knobs of the master bedroom's armoir.  Suffering form a red face now, would you believe I still need to rip out those lil' blue eyes and stitch them better!
Yesterday was one of my guilds meeting, I belong to two.  We had a guest speaker, pattern designer Sue Pritt for our program.  Her lecture included her progression as a quilter and particularly into pattern designing with a very appropriate trunk show.  Talk about eye candy!   Here's a link with some of the patterns she is known for.
During her program she offered alot of interaction with the audience.  Here's a snap of my very good friend Gina with her crown after winning the statue of Liberty crown for answering New York Beauty block  when asked. 
She wore it well! 
Some of her quilts shown are the following.

What a nice and very enjoyable lecture.  Then the  workshop she offered to members afterwards was terrific. 

It was a very similiar concept to Zentangles and to me, it resembled some of the free motion quilting Leah Day shares on her blog.   
Anyways, both Gina and I stayed for the workshop and  really liked it. 
Here's my class project.
Not only did I spend a gorgeous and enjoyable day with a friend,  but I also not only came home with one additional project, but TWO.   I won another giveaway Sue had.

 Answering correctly what PIG stood for. 
I'm ending this post with more photos of what Sue Pritt's Zendoodles samples consisted of. 



Friday, March 8, 2013

Backing made for lone star - CHECK!!!

Have to admit sometimes I am sneaky!    One of the focuses I listed in my pledge of four was to make the backing for my lone star quilt. 


Hancocks of Paducah is having a sale on their wide backing fabrics so I just "uh hummmm... - MADE the backing" cough, cough,  sputter choke!  and am so plezzed with myself.  lol

This is what I ordered: .
After placing the order, I noticed it's on back order so I wonder how long it will take.   

Initially for me this LONE STAR  quilt called to have more developed borders than it actually has. 

My dilema was that I ran out of fabric to do this. 

I needed more of that print on the left.  So after more than a decade and a half later, and after several failed attempts at acquiring the needed yardage, I literally  threw on  3 straight borders with the fabric I had on hand to get the size wanted.  Figuring it's a 15 year old WIP that needed to be finished.

When I got to this point, I wasn't happy.
This quilt was not what it needed to be.

So it languished  as a PIT (Project in Tote) and I stewed on and off for another year.  Last month I figured ENOUGH!!
I'll list it on the get er done list to get the back made and just proceed with it.

but , I still am not happy about it. 

It and I truly wanted it to become this:

See that second lighter border.   I drafted 60 degree diamonds into a 45 degree orientationand paper pieced the two corners successfully.  Here;s a leftover pattern since I only needed two. 
The seminole piecing  the 60 degree chains into strips for the two opposing corners have been done and  sitting very nicely in the Tote too.
I wish these could have been used in the 2nd border as planned.....


NO! I won't be ripping out any borders.
When I listed in the get er done for March I had initially figured on sending it to a longarmer and just get it quilted.
Playing with the quilt designs.....
Then while planning how this would be quilted I had an ah.. ha.... moment.
Perhaps I could quilt this originally concepted design into the borders and do a touch of trapunto for that pommegranite vine into the opposing corners. 
YES!!!!  That's it. 
With this being about 102" x 102" big, I know this will be a huge undertaking on my DSM. 
Though I am not a proficient quilter by any means, I have improved my quilting skills as I progress in this hobby.
Each quilt, bag, table runner and project made I see an improvement in the finished results.   I won't expect perfection in the quilting but will have fun as it proceeds.
The first step needed will be to design the trapunto vine design and stitch the batting to the backside of the topwith some wash away thread.  I can do this while I wait for that backing order and it will tell me if I am totally barking up the wrong tree with my little abilities. 

Wish me luck! 
Perhaps I should just start playing in the pillow I painted that will compliment the lone star quilt?  Here's a peak:                                                                                                                      
Click on the blurry picture of it and you can see the year, 1998 when this was stenciled and painted!  See 15 years at least!
Enjoy your day
I'm off to play,


Monday, March 4, 2013

March Forth!!

Couldn't resist, lol.   Finished a little counted cross stitch "zipper kit" from Bent Creek called Santa's Reindeer  that I've been wanting to do since..... forever!  Seems out of theme for March.  Guess I'll be packing it away first.  I'm off to find appropriate fabrics  and trims.

Not entirely satisfied with his eyes.  I may pick them out and replace them. 
The pattern called for the same green as the reindeer harness.

See I'm ahead of the game.   This wasn't even on my radar at the end of last month but I just happened to fall in love with 24  the TV series with Keifer Sutherland and I am addicted to it.  It's hard for me to stop when one episode stops because it's precariously leads onto another dramatic ending that I need to see what happens next then bingo, full tilt into the next episode.  Thus needing to have my hands busy while I enjoyed them.  There are a total of 193 episodes and perhaps I'm on 124 or something like that.  I just wish I could watch it via Netflix in my sewing room.  Imagine all the projects I could get done in there while watching. 

I also have been playing around with a new FO for the "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop occuring March 20-29th.   Here's the lineup.

WEDNESDAY March 20th

THURSDAY March 21st

 FRIDAY March 22nd
Beverly @That Other Blog


Jeanette @That Other Blog


Kristin @That Other Blog

Patricia @That Other Blog

My day is March 22 so I better get going.  This is hosted by Madamme Samm, Cyndi and Debbie. The fabulous Jane of Jane's Fabrics is our fearless cheerleader for this hop whom I fondly refer to as the other Jane. lol

Playing around with my Derwent art bars. Not sure this will make the final cut, but it is fun and the little girl in me is having fun coloring.


PS:  I'm not the only one playing around here.  Notice PGD#1 acting goofy for a photo.  That girl!!!
Also notice that Papi allowing the grandchildren to eat in the living room again!  It'a a wonder that I'm always cleaning around here.   Gonna talk to that man...GRrrrrrr!!!! again!!!!!!