Monday, March 4, 2013

March Forth!!

Couldn't resist, lol.   Finished a little counted cross stitch "zipper kit" from Bent Creek called Santa's Reindeer  that I've been wanting to do since..... forever!  Seems out of theme for March.  Guess I'll be packing it away first.  I'm off to find appropriate fabrics  and trims.

Not entirely satisfied with his eyes.  I may pick them out and replace them. 
The pattern called for the same green as the reindeer harness.

See I'm ahead of the game.   This wasn't even on my radar at the end of last month but I just happened to fall in love with 24  the TV series with Keifer Sutherland and I am addicted to it.  It's hard for me to stop when one episode stops because it's precariously leads onto another dramatic ending that I need to see what happens next then bingo, full tilt into the next episode.  Thus needing to have my hands busy while I enjoyed them.  There are a total of 193 episodes and perhaps I'm on 124 or something like that.  I just wish I could watch it via Netflix in my sewing room.  Imagine all the projects I could get done in there while watching. 

I also have been playing around with a new FO for the "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop occuring March 20-29th.   Here's the lineup.

WEDNESDAY March 20th

THURSDAY March 21st

 FRIDAY March 22nd
Beverly @That Other Blog


Jeanette @That Other Blog


Kristin @That Other Blog

Patricia @That Other Blog

My day is March 22 so I better get going.  This is hosted by Madamme Samm, Cyndi and Debbie. The fabulous Jane of Jane's Fabrics is our fearless cheerleader for this hop whom I fondly refer to as the other Jane. lol

Playing around with my Derwent art bars. Not sure this will make the final cut, but it is fun and the little girl in me is having fun coloring.


PS:  I'm not the only one playing around here.  Notice PGD#1 acting goofy for a photo.  That girl!!!
Also notice that Papi allowing the grandchildren to eat in the living room again!  It'a a wonder that I'm always cleaning around here.   Gonna talk to that man...GRrrrrrr!!!! again!!!!!!


Carol said...

Your Santa is so cute, Jane...I would just fool around with the eye color a bit and see what seems the best.

Those ice cream cones sure look tempting--you have such adorable grandkids :)

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Your Santa is adorable and I think his eyes twinkle in that blue.
How cute your grand kids are and so worth a little extra leaning time when you see those sweet smiles.