Saturday, March 16, 2013

National Quilt Day 2013

Happy Quilting Day be it called National or to me it would be better as International Quilting Day since I have many friends across the borders who participate in this event too.  SewCal Gal is hosting a "sew-cial" and invites quilters to share bits about themselves during this hop.  What else could I say but sure, I'll share what I can.   I have many errands to do and  run today so the time spent sewing will be happening this evening.

But I will share a current embroidery project that I'm stitching needs to be ready for March 22nd since that's the day my project for this upcoming Stitch Me Up hop will be shown.  This hop is one that MadammeSamm from Sew We Quilt and Jane (lol - I call her the other Jane-tehehe) from Jane's Fabrics  is hosting.  It kicks off on Wednesday the 20th then runs through to the 29th.    I love these blog hops and usually am so inspired and even amazed at the different levels of creativity with the projects made and shared.  Of course I won't show you mine yet, that would be cheating and this is just a tease!

My other focus today will be finishing a counted cross stitch piece.  And I mean finish.  Last weekend I found some trims at Joanns Fabrics and think it will work out nicely.   Cross that off my list, where ever did I put it????   Oh well I have plenty of other projects hovering ever near.
I'll come back and post my progress along the day. 
TTFN, I'm off to play!



SewCalGal said...

I've been promoting National Quilting Day to be International Quilting Day, for several years. Seems much more appropriate in our wonderful world of quilting.

Glad you are able to spend the day sewing. And, I look forward to see your stitching when you are able to share it.


Patty C. said...

looking forward to seeing your blog hop finish !!!