Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stash Report 11 of 2013

Stash In: 7 Yards 

Stash Out: 0 Yards

YTD In: 38.75 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 17.5 yards

That's a Net gain of 21.25 more yards into stash for this year.
Being the worldwide quilting weekend, I did stop by to visit a friend at her quiltshop, Fibre Junction and came home with some lovely fabric.   It's always nice to reconnect with friends and I really enjoyed my cup of tea with two of them yesterday.   
Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day Celebration.  DH and I will be stepping out this afternoon but our
traditional corned beef dinner will be roasting while we're gone. 
Bunratty Castle was a period 19th century exhibit with a small village also displayed on the grounds that my sister, Donna and I were lucky to visit back at the turn of this century.  This is where I saw my first stack of hay and truly, the hay was stacked onto a circle that had one supporting center mushroom stylized stones.   Weird to see but I imagine it was very functional.  Also the "sheila corner" inside the castle was surprising with some of those specially carved stones making up part of the wall, anyways, that's the story we heard.  Our dear friend Carmel with her knickers being tacky is another fond memory of, she was embarassed about her footwear and felt different but we loved her all the more and giggled like teenagers!

The yellow building in front we also had a grand time at too!  It's called Durty Nellie's.  Both the hospitality, warmth of the people  and the music was terrific, of course since we staying at a lodge across the road, the drinks weren't bad either!  lol. 
Thank you Ireland for many happy memories.  Jane


Molly said...

Spotted your post on Gillie this morning. Shure twas the picture of Bunratty Castle that caught me eye!Grew up 15 miles from there. Something about us Irish, speaking for myself at least, no matter how far away we roan, we carry Ireland in our hearts.Off now to snoop at some of your other posts. We won't be having corned beef and cabbage (not a fan!) but I have all the ingredients for scones lined up on the counter! Have a happy day!

Kate said...

The castle looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing the stories.