Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stash Report #13 of 2013 and a March's Mew FO

With a couple of Superman Capes made for the youngest grandchildren this past week (sorry no photos grabbed of those, they literally flew out the door, LOL!), there is movement (no less  two weeks in a row now) of stash used!    YEAH ME!!!!

This weeks stash report #13 of 2013,     drumroll ....... 

Stash In: 0 Yards 

Stash Out: 2 Yards

YTD In: 38.75 Yards

YTD Used/Out the Door: 22.5 yards

That's a Net gain this year of 16.25 more yards into stash for this year.

Yesterday I thought I'd be able to report another 3 yards out the door with making the Little Something Jacket, (March's New FO or as it's referred to this month as a MewFO, lol) out of some rayon  during a sewing day with most of my Circle of Friends quilting group.    What can I say...


Me...all day...and, this is all I got done!  
Jacket cut out, shoulders sewn together and one sleeve added.  But, my well was filled with laughter and the support that only girlfriends can provide.  It was a nice and successful day.    Sorry though that Carol, Michelle and Lee couldn't make it, you three were missed. 
DH's health issues are troublesome again but I had to chuckle when I found this gem despite the risk DH is going through.   Thank goodness I do have some good ones!  


On another very happy note, I won a giveaway from Cindy at Quilt Doodles!     An electronic copy of her pattern Coneflowers was in my inbox when I got back home today.   I really love that design and will be kitting it up for a project.  The kits I'm making up will be for when I drive DH to some of his appointments, I'll be having some great hand projects to help keep my sanity. 

Then even more, when going through the snail mail, oh my!  another happy surprise, the package from Marcia from Sewing and quilting blog  sent me the winnings from her giveaway.  Several beautiful notecards with a sweet postcard thrown in the mix too.  How thoughtful! 
Thank you both so much.  Perhaps I should purchase a lottery ticket, I feel so fortunate!

Enjoy your holiday weekend and the blessings of your life.



Vickie said...

I am very impressed that you count the yardage you use ! Love the girlfriend pic...that's cute.

Dee Dee said...

Quilting is always more fun with friends. Tried to get my husband to quilt with me, but he just isn't ready yet.

Dana Gaffney said...

That jacket fabric is beautiful and your friends picture has me smiling, thanks.

Dar said...

You are right about maybe you should buy a lottery ticket. You are certainly on a roll. Your numbers are similar to mine - more in than out -- but oh so much fun, right??? Happy Easter to you and yours.

Dar said...

You SHOULD buy a lottery ticket, for sure. You are on a roll. Your stash numbers are similar to mine - more in than out -- but it's so much fun to add to our stashes. Happy Easter to you and yours.

Beth in MN said...

Good job! Stash out the door is always a plus and yours actually moved all the way out the door. Loved the card about good friends. While we never want to loose our wonderful Hubbys, good friends are a blessing.

Sandy said...

What gorgeous fabric for the jacket! Can't wait to see it. Too bad those superheroes flew away. Would love to see pics of them.

Roxanne Murphy said...

I had a good lauge @ the friends photo. Thanks for sharing.