Monday, April 29, 2013

More Pom pom Love...

Can you stand it?  

I'm loving all the creativity shared during this hop with so many fellow bloggers.  Tomorrow is the last day to venture on this hop tour and here's the listing:

April 30

While checking something out on the computer a little bleep caught my eye so I bravely ventured forth. 

What did I see?
Lots more Pom Pom creativity!!!

Check this out......

Too cute!!!   and they aren't even part of this hop! 
How creative are these!!!! 
[Squealing  with delight.]
Being a tea drinker, ah hummm,.... notice I said drinker not totaler, lol   I'd love to have a spot of tea coming from such a fun Pot.  I found this photo over at the Queen of Teapots' blog.  
Such lovely designs and a couple of free patterns thrown in the posts too. 
Just had to share since you definietly have a fondness of pom poms.   
What FUN!!!!   Can you just imagine! Jane

Wait for it,

This shake your Pom Pom Blog Hop was the perfect opportunity for me to finish a couple of counted cross stitch pieces that have been stitched for awhile.   Rummaging through the stash had me finding some appropriate pom pom trims.
Miniature pom pom trim was used for this  Boo Balsam Pillow.
This is only about 3 inches by 5 inches and smells wonderful.
For the next little pom pom project I used the regular sized pom pom trim.  It's another counted cross stitch piece that I've had to finish but always managed to push it aside and work on other things.  

Stuffed with polyester fiberfill and used a remnant from the Stitched in Color left after making a sewing machine cover.
Now for my Biggest Pom Pom Project
(and NO! they are nowhere near the size of Thearica's - lol)
Drum roll Meistro......


WAIT FOR IT.......
the back side,

WAIT FOR IT...........

the zippered flap

Wait for it...........

She's kicking her little legs!!!


Two Cents, Four Cents, Six Pence,  a Dollar,
whoever loves Pom Poms
Stand Up and HOLLER!!!!!!!

YEAH!!!!!!    lol

I'm standing up and Shaking my Pom Poms over this one!!!

I just Love my finish which also is another project I've been wanting to make for a while, thanks Madamme Samm for the opportunity in getting these projects to the finish line.

Let's hear it for Samm!     Yeahh!!!  and lots of applause...... 


While going outdoors for the photo shoot, 
little miss cheerleader
 just about did a  cartwheel in the driveway.  

My camera wasn't fast enough to catch what her little legs were doing,  I was barely able to capture this! 
A pillow Sham to complement PGD#1 quilt and her room decor.
Each part of this sham was quilted before stitching on the next part.  After all five sections were stitched together and quilted is when I attached the embellishments.  The doll is made from a panel of Moda Modkids that was out a couple of years ago.  I bought the panel for PGD#1 to learn how to sew which she did last year.  The arms are only tacked at the hands via the pom pom strings.  The legs and her behind are totally three dimensional and sewn on via the wasteband, under the shirt's hem.  Since this fabric panel had a front and a back I made use of both for her extremities.  This little lady can do pikes, splits and even cross her darling little legs. 
Can you tell by my lingo that I was and loved being a cheerleader during  my high school days?   Fortunately I was a cheerleader for all four years in High School.  In fact, that's where I first noticed my DH.  It was at a basketball game when our team were the contendors for the championship in our division.  We both graduated from the same school but came from two different districts that merged together back in the 70's.   It was a very heated season and our school did win the season!  Many happy memories were made and  I learned so much about sports because of it too! 
Of course this photo is not me, it's my PGD#1 who participated in a cheering rally two years ago.  She's the one looking up in the front.  All the girls had their own pom poms and did some routines.  So cute!
I really had to think this project through a gazillion times since it was done without a pattern.   I made copious notes and processed it mentally numerous times before going forward.  Trying to get the sequence figured out just right for this pillow's construction since I hate to unsew anything!!!!  I did see something similiar to this a year or two ago.  Not sure where it was or what theirs looked like now, so if you know or see any resemblance, please let me know so I can give them credit.  Coming back in Nov 2014 since I just found out where I got this idea from, it's from Riley Blake located at the link.    I used the leftover fabric from the Big Easy Quilt and pillowcases that were made for Miss McKenna earlier this year.  Luckily, I had that turquiose ric rac in my stash and a 22" long yellow zipper for the opening on the back. 
So all of this was  made from my stash!   
I'm also linking this in with Barb's New FO's for my April New FO. 
Can I get a Whoop Whoop!!!
It's a win, Win,  WIN!!! situation for me.
Even the doll panel, which was from MODA, a modkid panel that was leftover from some dolls PGD#1 made last year
The most difficult part was how to make her shoes.  Guess what I used?
The shoes were made from some JUMBO RIC RAC sewn into slip on slippers then stitched on her feet with a hot pink stitching strap lines and following the contours of the shoes. Pretty clever don't ya think! Not sure how I came up with that but I auditioned about 6 different foot apparal possibilities even using a black magic marker to draw on shoes. That definitely didn't work so I had to come up with something else.  That's when that Hot Pink jumbo ric rac caught my eye..... and VOILA!     SHOES were made.   With the aqua ric rac, I did a free motion stitch, catching both edges of it since I really don't like ric rac when it curls up after washing it.   This will stay down in a cyclone or the many cartwheels I forsee happening to her.

I tried to capture some photos of her posable legs, but it just didn't look right, I want this to be a PG rating post!
It also looks great in the den on the Sleeper sofa, the colors seem perfect together even though  tonight it's residing in another village
on a little girl's bed.

PGD#1 loves her and was smiling ear to ear when I gave it to her this afternoon. 
Remember my astonishment a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned what I planned in my excitement  and she said she didn't think she'd like it?  She wanted to make another doll out of that panel!  Guess I need to find more like that for future projects for her to do and  Thankfully, she loves it!!
She especially likes the loose legs that she can practice some of her cheerleading and gymnastic moves on.  
And with that being said, a perfect segue for
You are an absolutely Terrific CHEERLEADER!!!!
Madamme Samm, Thearica and all the sponsors sharing in their efforts and products during this hop have been top Notch and such an inspiration.   Thank you all so much! 
You have my respect, friendship and gratitude.  
And in case you didn't know,
(I do love my Clover Pom Pom Makers!) 
Now if you can stand it, and want to see more creative endeavors made with a pom pom theme, AND have time,
then please check out the other participants showing their project(s) today.


Quiltsmiles that's me!!!!

Bye -Bye!!! 
You can see bra straps under my boatneck collar,
When I see you again, I'll give ya a Holler!!!!   lol!
 I had fun participating with this hop.  It seems like each hop I commit to do, it becomes easier and easier.  I am so glad  to participate in them.  If you get a chance, don't hesitate.  It's fun, creative and you get to meet some really great people during it. 
Thanks for stopping by.  If by chance you leave a comment,  I do try to reply,  but sometimes my 'puter skills are sorely lacking and I loose the connections.  So, I apologise in advance if you don't hear from me, that's not my intention and I do try to reply to each and every one of your sweet comments. 

Catch you later!


PS:    I've used and loved pom poms for years!    Besides wearing pom poms on my sneakers and skates in my youth, I've embellished with them through out my life.  A beach towel I made several decades ago had pom pom trim on both ends, it was a very happy towel. 

Even on my trip to Florida this winter I found what I fondly call  "pom pom trees".  I made my Mom stop so I could grab a photo, how cute!  According to my Mom via my eldest brother, they are Mistletoe trees but to me  they definely looked very Suessical!!!   Where's the Lorax?

I may have to craft with PGS#3 tomorrow and try to mimic these with some branches, adding bright green little pom poms with white tissue paper blossoms.  Both grandchildren have been having a ball with pom poms since I started this project.

Here's a photo of a Patchability pattern that I tweaked with a pom pom hat  circa 2010.

Magnets for the refridgerator, crafting with PGD#1 when she was 4, she's now 7.......

The definition for Pom Pom: noun - A tuft or ball of wool, feathers or other material worn as decoration.

Pincushion made from those wool embellishments purchased at Michaels and sewn onto a fabric covered snap bracelet.

Another defination which surprised me for pom pom which was also a noun - An automatic, rapid-fire antiaircraft cannon usually mounted on ships.  Who Knew that?!

Anyways, What can I say other than,  "I do love my pom poms!"

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stash Report #17, 2013

Nada, Zip, Nothing to report for purchases or usage, so close though.
Stash In: 0 Yards
Stash Out: 0 Yards
YTD In: 47.75 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 31.5 yards

That's a stash gain of 16.25 yards for this year
I noticed that by the end of April I wanted that net change to be close to 10 yards of gain using up another 6 yards.  Can I do it?   YES!!!!   I only have 3 more days left this month and just know that I'll make it!   That being said,  you won't see it in the stash report until next Sunday. But  I will show you the finished projects.  Of the  2 projects using 6 1/4 yards - one  is almost done and the other I'll continue  working on tomorrow evening so hopefully will be finished by Tuesday and that will bring me to the 10 yards net gain exactly!  
See You tomorrow for my pom pom reveal. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Playing with pom poms and :-)

For my April New FO challenge I am feeling like a youngster again with making and playing with pom poms. 

Remembering how I used to make poms poms for my ice skates out of a couple of heavy duty cardboard  shapes cut like a capital C's.  I would cut different circles to get the size I wanted.  Really can't get over how much easier these were to make with CLOVER Pom Pom tools! 

Have you used those Clover Pom Pom Makers yet? 
If not,  you need to!  They make it so easy and perfect!  And no, I am not a sponsor of nor have any affiliations with Clover, just a very happy camper that loves their products!   :-)

 Peeks of other projects and things that I've been up  to:


   Sewing on Brownie Badges for PGD#1 and her Mom, my daughter. ( I think I'll be having her {PGD#1} do her own sewing with the next badge.  Her Mom brought 14 patches to be sewn on!)
Was lucky to able to attend a terrific lecture by Jenny Doan of the MSQC. 
What a nice lady and wonderful speaker. 
She seems like such a down to Earth soul and so generous of spirit with all she shares
on the internent from her Quilt Company with their You tube tutorials.
Jenny Doan and moi!  April 2013

I never knew before her lecture that you could search in You tube for jelly roll quilts and all videos made with jelly rolls will scroll up, same as for layer cakes, charm packs, etc.... from one video provider.  Anytime I would search before, I got a phlethora of videos but then had to search through those to find the videos produced by MSQC.  Good to know.


The quilt on the above left was made from  charm packs and the one on the right is also charm packs.  For the latter, she made a hugs and kisses blocks into subunits then alternating that with the four patch units sewn together.   She must have shared at least 35 plus quilts and her charming husband was the "man behind the quilts" who was also nice as well. 
It was a nice and lovely evening, though I did get a speeding ticket while coming back home, an almost 2 hour ride home.  Went through a known speed trap area and truly didn't realize that I was speeding.  I follow the rules but have been known to push it a bit.  Nothing that excessive since some of my Trooper friends have told me that 5-7 miles over the speed limit are okay and you won't be bothered.  Thought I was in a 40 mph zone and was going 46.   It was late, the grand children were arriving at 6:15 in the am and I wanted to get home after the lecture.  DRATS!   Can you believe the trooper thanked me for being nice after he handed me the ticket!   Oh well, it could have been worse since he said the speed zone was 30 mph.   

Then PGS#3 was the "star" at preschool so Meme stayed and helped out.  Mrs. T. Trombley is a wonderful and very loving preschool educator and friend.   She teaches them the ABC's, phonetics of each letter along with the ALS design for each besides the many other skills and info these youngsters will need to know before Kindergarten.
Starting the morning off right with PGS#3, age 4, leading the Pledge of Alligiance, he's barely visible and standing just next to his teacher.

Snack time of Applesauce, teddy grahams and Hi C. 
(Notice the hair cut? He did what many children do and gave himself a little trim, lol
I told him it was pretty good since it was his first one- Evil of me I know! LOL!!!!)

This guy will be having three years of preschool since his Birthday is after the school's December 1st cut off date to start school in September.  By next year, as long as his speech cleans up, we figure he should be able to teach preschool! 
 Last night we attended a school, baseball game where PGS#2 played second base. 
Bad night for the team.  13-3, Yikes!
Always amazes me how differently each coach handles a team and what their expectations are.



More of what I'm playing with, stay tuned for Monday the 29th, when it's my day to reveal my pom pom project!    Jane

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stash Report #16 of 2013

Nothing can be counted as used this past week despite sewing for 5 out of the seven days.    I was able to work on some of my April's Get 'er Done List like the lil' Miss Shabby block,  Cut out another Jacket to sew and planned the Pom pom project.  Think I'll be playing with that lattermost this afternoon.  Need to get that one done! 

This week's numbers are:

Stash In: 0 Yards
Stash Out: 0 Yards
YTD In: 47.75 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 31.5 yards

That's a stash gain of 16.25 yards for this year
By month's end I plan to get this number close to 10 yards.    I am so ready to start showing more used and going out of stash than coming in, though I do have to admit I've been browsing and adding yardage to an online cart, but then just as quickly, closing out of the online shop with out buying.   
Phew!   Talk about some close calls!  
{Stay Strong Janie- "subliminal message to self"} 
If interested  to see how other quilter's are fairing, stop by Judy Laquidera's blog and check out those links.

Another area of interest is getting my home in order.  Am still trying to clean up bits around here when I can and participating in the Flylady 's techniques to accomplish more with smaller efforts.    Some days are good and others not so.  I really think my sewing studio is overwhelming me during my attempts to sew, causing mental and physical distractions and using too much of my energy just walking into that room. 
This past week, 1 week after coming home from the quilt retreat in fact, I found myself setting up my portable sewing machine on the dining room table like I used to sew when my children were younger and lived here.  Ahhhh, heaven!  No other projects making me  falter and  stretching me  into so many different directions. 
One project out and getting done to the next step.  
so  SIMPLE and sew SWEET!
  • Perhaps I have way too much stuff around my sewing area to be my most productive self. 
  • Perhaps I'll pack up various kits, pigs and projects and tote them downstairs so I have open space.  I want to be like Thelma of Cupcakes and Daisies Blog, and have a neat area to work my craft.  My Mom also rocks in this department though she'll have 5 projects all going on simultaneously.   Is that me saying I want to grow up to be like my Mom?!!!  Yes in this area, definitely YES!  She is an amazing woman, quilter and organizer besides having a zest for life with a can do anything attitude. 
Since I showed you many of my UFO's last week with the Parade of UFOs, should I share this room of mine as it is?    If you want to see it, I'll share otherwise it'll be another focus of mine to declutter and organize better.  Would you believe I have to move piles of stuff to open the doors of my fabric cabinets?  Talk about wasting energy that could  have been used  to sew instead.    Perhaps I'll use the fly lady technique of 15 minutes to start working on that while still keeping all my "other balls" juggled, hopefully without dropping any.   My exercise and food intake is doing better than I was so I want to continue succeeding in that area while also working on some other not so great areas that need improvement.    Wish me luck! 



Monday, April 15, 2013

Daybook April - The POWDER PUFF DERBY

I'm feeling ... dismay at the wickedness of some people (the Boston Marathon Bomb event)
I'm seeing ... Spring trying to push through
I'm hearing ... silence,  nice though ever sparse in my home
I'm thinking ... of joining the parade of UFOs again being led via Judy Laquidera
I'm cooking ... Ale, Smoked Gouda and Kielbasa Chowder
I'm planning ... to attend a Lecture by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company this week 
I'm reading ... Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk
I'm wearing ... Blue jeans and a paisley tee shirt
I'm creating ... a Pompom project and my other April listed wishes
I'm enjoying ... the quiet of the house
I'm sharing ... PGD#1's first Powder Puff Car, a pine box car she and her Dad made  (#83)

The car Number 83 with the MRM Racing motto is her design. 
It was really cute though didn't do well in the actual racing event.    All of the cars were original and the patience, talents  and thought that went into them were adorable.   You can see by the different shapes how the different Dads thought the winning car should look and I'm sure aerodynamics weren't even thought of.     hehehe. 
Don't you love that Orange drawn tiger striped car with the hood engine face and the upside down heart exhaust!   
What a totally original design, as were all of them. 
Paint, Magic markers, Glitter, Stickers, Numbers, Dolls and hood ornaments in the designs, each as unique as it's maker. 
Reminds me of us quilters with our own creations and abilities.
Since her car really never crossed the finish line though I have to say how cute it was, it consistantly for to the same area of the track each time so depandable too.   Her Dad spoke to some of the other Dads who have done these for the past several years.  He got some tips on how to improve the performance with these little gems for next year. 
It was a nice afternoon spent watching these young Girl Scouts.  All levels Daisies, Brownies and GS had different competitions levels within the race and were a group of very nice children.  We are blessed in thsi area that we live in. 

The Brownies' cars all lined up on the stage just waiting for their heet.

The anticipation and the yearning for each car to be a winner. 
PGD#1 is the blonde brownie in front. 
Sorry Honey that your car didn't finish the length of the race. 
But she didn't give up, she kept hoping and smiling. 
Makes a Meme Proud!

Her family with Popi after her heets were through.  Lil' brother is making sure the wheels on the car still are working correctly but  truly couldn't be bothered to look at a silly old camera.  lol

Closing with an action shot of  lil' Miss just being her wonderful self while other racers' cars are still competing. 


UFO Parade, 2013

When I first started looking for my UFOs I was feeling rather smug.  "Not too bad", I kept telling myself.  "See you do finish the projects you start!"  ........Then reality came quickly as I kept finding more and more UFOs that had been shelved by the wayside along the way.    Next thought was WHY?  Perhaps it's some of my perfectionist qualities and as I became dissatisfied with one part or another, I'd became disenchanted and shelved most of them to procrastinate to another day.  Be it I ran out of fabric, wasn't satisfied how my techniques produced the units, and wanting to finish it in my own unique way (of course I have difficulty being told what to do and have prided myself with these rebelious attitudes, lol!) 

Irregardless UFOs they all are and then some!  Truthfully I even have more that I know of but didn't want to hunt them down for a photograph.  Some off the top of my head are the Mater quilt, the lone star I recently (March 2013) bought the backing for, some BOMs started, humpjumpers and string blocks in the works, etc....  Anyways,  here comes  something.... my UFO Parade. 
10 minute blocks out of Batiks started this month

Stack of Double Four Patch Humpjumpers -
(Notice how I even spun the seams on each block!)

Some assembly already started

Convergence wallhanging in the works, but this will be done this MONTH!

House Block Swap with Jane of Jane's Fabrics done last year, 2012

Tree Blocks also swapped with Jane of Jane's Fabrics last year, 2012

Conway Blocks started in 1998 or so???

More Conway Plus blocks- nine appliqued total.

Tesselating leaves class with Carol Doak,  probably started around 1994...   Adding to it very rarely, notice those bear paw blocks, those are circa 2000 perhaps.

Dresdan Plates started at the turn of the century.  May finish this as a table runner.

Class with Joan Ford (2012), used fabrics from my quilt, Bird Song that had a nine patch variation theme which was finished in 2008. 
This will only be a pillow, still a UFO though.

Lil' Miss Shabby - 3 blocks left to stitch. That means 9 made of this quilt too (notice any repitition of that number?)

Ironing Caddy started at the quilt retreat a couple of weeks ago.

Since I'm sharing my bag of magic tricks like a little bag of dirty secrets,
I thought you may like to know one more thing  about me. 
Here's a real time shot showing a part of my life
Under the desk in the den. 
Guess I like to throw my shoes off or should I say my flip flops.

See Gina, these pink and purple thonged slippers are being used right away and are so comfy.  Thanks!  I love them.

So without further adieu, my first UFO to finish will be putting all of these away.  lol
See, I can finish something!
Enjoy your day.