Saturday, April 27, 2013

Playing with pom poms and :-)

For my April New FO challenge I am feeling like a youngster again with making and playing with pom poms. 

Remembering how I used to make poms poms for my ice skates out of a couple of heavy duty cardboard  shapes cut like a capital C's.  I would cut different circles to get the size I wanted.  Really can't get over how much easier these were to make with CLOVER Pom Pom tools! 

Have you used those Clover Pom Pom Makers yet? 
If not,  you need to!  They make it so easy and perfect!  And no, I am not a sponsor of nor have any affiliations with Clover, just a very happy camper that loves their products!   :-)

 Peeks of other projects and things that I've been up  to:


   Sewing on Brownie Badges for PGD#1 and her Mom, my daughter. ( I think I'll be having her {PGD#1} do her own sewing with the next badge.  Her Mom brought 14 patches to be sewn on!)
Was lucky to able to attend a terrific lecture by Jenny Doan of the MSQC. 
What a nice lady and wonderful speaker. 
She seems like such a down to Earth soul and so generous of spirit with all she shares
on the internent from her Quilt Company with their You tube tutorials.
Jenny Doan and moi!  April 2013

I never knew before her lecture that you could search in You tube for jelly roll quilts and all videos made with jelly rolls will scroll up, same as for layer cakes, charm packs, etc.... from one video provider.  Anytime I would search before, I got a phlethora of videos but then had to search through those to find the videos produced by MSQC.  Good to know.


The quilt on the above left was made from  charm packs and the one on the right is also charm packs.  For the latter, she made a hugs and kisses blocks into subunits then alternating that with the four patch units sewn together.   She must have shared at least 35 plus quilts and her charming husband was the "man behind the quilts" who was also nice as well. 
It was a nice and lovely evening, though I did get a speeding ticket while coming back home, an almost 2 hour ride home.  Went through a known speed trap area and truly didn't realize that I was speeding.  I follow the rules but have been known to push it a bit.  Nothing that excessive since some of my Trooper friends have told me that 5-7 miles over the speed limit are okay and you won't be bothered.  Thought I was in a 40 mph zone and was going 46.   It was late, the grand children were arriving at 6:15 in the am and I wanted to get home after the lecture.  DRATS!   Can you believe the trooper thanked me for being nice after he handed me the ticket!   Oh well, it could have been worse since he said the speed zone was 30 mph.   

Then PGS#3 was the "star" at preschool so Meme stayed and helped out.  Mrs. T. Trombley is a wonderful and very loving preschool educator and friend.   She teaches them the ABC's, phonetics of each letter along with the ALS design for each besides the many other skills and info these youngsters will need to know before Kindergarten.
Starting the morning off right with PGS#3, age 4, leading the Pledge of Alligiance, he's barely visible and standing just next to his teacher.

Snack time of Applesauce, teddy grahams and Hi C. 
(Notice the hair cut? He did what many children do and gave himself a little trim, lol
I told him it was pretty good since it was his first one- Evil of me I know! LOL!!!!)

This guy will be having three years of preschool since his Birthday is after the school's December 1st cut off date to start school in September.  By next year, as long as his speech cleans up, we figure he should be able to teach preschool! 
 Last night we attended a school, baseball game where PGS#2 played second base. 
Bad night for the team.  13-3, Yikes!
Always amazes me how differently each coach handles a team and what their expectations are.



More of what I'm playing with, stay tuned for Monday the 29th, when it's my day to reveal my pom pom project!    Jane


Carol said...

It's been fun playing with that pom pom maker, but I do remember the cardboard method. That little tool sure makes it easier. Can't wait to see what you whipped up for your pom pom creation! :O)

Carole said...

The picture of you and Jenny turned out lovely! It was a wonderful evening. So educational as well as entertaining! Hugs.