Monday, April 1, 2013


No kidding- The first item listed for April is finished!  Of course it was on my March list but was carried over this month.  I was able to hand stitch the facing this AM after getting the hemming done last night while watching Flight with Denzel Washington.   

There is no school this week, so the littlest grandchildren are here for several days.  I remember when my own children were young, I could sew and crank out a new wearing apparal in one night. 

I found this pattern not  too clear and specific for me while sewing it.  I had to reread the directions, scan ahead to see what they were talking about and rethink the directions continuously!  I even had some ripping out to do in one section.  Grrr!!!  Hopefully with the next one I have planned in a different colorway this month will be much smoother sailing. 

April's color for Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC13) is green - just the color I love!  I've been pondering which block to make still and perhaps I'll keep it easy and just make 4 HST of each color.   The other colors already assigned a month this year are purple, orange and pink.   Need to get off the fence and just DO IT!


Also Kristy from Quiet Play has shared a And Sew On paper piece block each month.  April's block called  "Not for paper" or even could be called "Snip It Real Good"  block #4 pattern has been released so now that makes me 3 blocks behind in that BOM.   My BOMs have slid off my radar and I hope to pick them back up soon. 

Here's what the expected pattern all assembled  will look like. 

Not sure yet  how this will be used, but I'm enjoying rekindling my love of paper piecing.  I have a couple of Eileen Sullivan's patterns all kitted that I'd like to get to and this is a perfect refresher with cute outcomes.  

Next focus project will be to finish the quilting on my wall hanging.   Here's a peak at the backing I'm using. Colorful isn't it. It actually has been in my stash for 30 years or very close to that.  Remember when the kids loved their jamms?  For those of you younger and didn't live through that time it was a loose longer boxer shorts made out of vibrant and out of this world prints, the wilder the better, you guessed it, one of mine loved the pair of shorts made from this print.  Can't believe I had enough for the backing and this bit is still what left.  I think I'll be making some simple community project blocks with a vanilla surround to usse it up. 
What til you see how I'm quilting it. Promise, will share more later.



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