Saturday, June 1, 2013

Get it DONE- May Report/June Goals

Looking back so I could link what I had planned on finishing for May and I now see that I never even posted it on my blog.  Now how did that happen?  Being spread way too thin, that's how!  After DH's procedure was over and he was better, I became sick for several days.  Seasonal allergies, stress, I took it easy and chilled.  My throat is raw and so sore still and the fluid in my ears so I've been popping Benadryl besides the Claritin D that's already prescribed and have been sleeping like  a baby.   Dh and I was able to put the portabel ACs in and that seems to be helping.  Anyway, thank goodness I note my Get It Done lists in my sewing journal calendar it helps keep me on track.    Anyways, here's the MAY list which was way too much for me to even contemplate working on  anything last month. 

May's List to Get It Done was:

1- Superman capes- 2 - DONE in April and were happily received by the youngest grandchildren.
2-Lil' Miss Shabby block- worked on it but still not done, will be moving this onto June's list.
3-Tea Wallet Caddy- Not Done
4-Iron Caddy- Started at a Retreat in April actually but still not done
5-Assemble the 10 minute block into a top, Not Done
6-For the Birds Challenge- DONE by the 13th
7-A Little Something Jacket- Butterfly print, cut out but no stitches yet.
8- Convergence Wall hanging- Still needs quilting, etc..
9-Kindle Bag/Organizer, Not Done
10- Straight Baby Quilt cut out- Not Done

So only 2 were achieved this past month, one totally finished and the other a start on the camper quilt. 

 June's  Getting It Done Challenge is:

1-Lil' Miss Shabby Block (carryover from May)  DONE
2-The Tammy Project Challenge- due on the 14th  DONE
3-Tea Wallet Caddy,  (carryover from May)  DONE
4-Iron Caddy,  (carryover from May)
5-Assemble the 10 minute block into a top, (carryover from May)
6-Magic Eyes Organizer Bag
7-A Little Something Jacket- Butterfly print, (carryover from May)
8- Convergence Wall hanging- (carryover from May)
9-Kindle Bag/Organizer, (carryover from May)
10- Straight Baby Quilt cut out- (carryover from April/May)
11-Also want to get the BORDERS on my Camper-For the Birds Quilt when I receive that dimple dot brown I ordered I can only hope it matches with what already has been used.

My first priorities are #1,#2 and #3 just to keep me sane and not so overwhelmed.  Hopefully this first week of June,  all of these will be done!!  Now if I can only knock out 3 projects a week, I'll be ahead of the game come July.
Now that DH is feeling somewhat better with the procedure done on the 23rd, I really believe I can find some time to sew.

Hear yea,

Hear yea....

FIFTEEN minutes a day is hereby enacted and planned for June. 

Can you hear the bells tolling while this announcement is read, I can.  (So formal like too, lol) 
Once I schedule 15 minutes to actually get into my sewing room, I tend to stay longer.  The time escapes me yet  so much seems to get accomplished that way.  
Anyways THAT'S my plan and I will be giving it my all.   Check out Judy Laquidera's blog to see other bloggers links. 
Stay cool,

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