Monday, September 30, 2013

Plodding along and some friends think I'm nuts!

The list of four tasks were pretty much completed by this past weekend. 

With DH's Batik Reprieve aka his 40 Diamonds Quilt,  (one for each year of marriage) I am on my fourth side handstitching the binding onto the back.  What a bugger it is to stitch through that minkee backing.  Found a new trick about stitching on Minkee, so do you want to know what I figured out?  Use Joan Shay's petal play Appli-bond needle.  It works much easier than a traditional quilting and sewing needle.  I even made a bright green piping by machine to edge this quilt and it seems perfect.  With the quilting I did an echo stitch on all the sashings & cornerstones and then outlined stitched the diamond shapes by turning back the edges on those "on point diamonds" just like you do for a cathedral window effect, thus 20 shaped diamonds and 20 stitched diamonds making the 40 Diamonds that's also now in it's  name.  Crafty aren't I?  lol    The only bits I need to do on this project after handstitching the binding is to make the label and then attach muslin sleeves for the show that will be held on the weekend of October 12th and 13th.  Piece of cake!  Those muslin sleeves will be pinned on and not permanent after I finsih using them for all the machine quilting.  This finished at 103" x 85", a very nice size.

The Dragonfly Carnival is totally done and I love it.

Ripped out one of the horiontal rows on the Tweet Camping quilt and was able to get all the borders on her.  Also  got it layered this morning and used another pieced minkee backing for this one too.  I just love the fliudity of a quilt made with the minkee backing.  SO cuddly and has a nice weight and drape.  Tomorrow I'll  start machine quilting it.  I plan on doing circles in the white background areas, for the blue borders- a meander of right angles and I am still pondering what to quilt in the bird fabric (may just do a worm-y meander in that part) and finally for the dark brown sashing perhaps a 1/4" echo stitch or a swishing back and forth design flowing along those frames.   The boxes I'll be leaving alone at this point.  I may do a stitch in the ditch quilting for that area.   This will finish at an 88"  x 88" in size, perfect for the camper's master bedroom.

For this next week my list of four are:

  1. Totally finish DH's  40 Diamond/ Batik Reprieve quilt.
  2. Quilt the Tweet Camping Quilt and Pipe? / bind it by machine- hand stitching to finish next weekend.
  3. Make the Jack in the Pulpit wallhanging.  I think this will end up becoming a pillow to compliment the Adirondack (Radiant) Star Quilt that I still need to finish for this show too.  I'll be making this in a more slip shod manner and tear it apart after the show.  AM thinking of doing a pillowcase method for the edges and then a quick quilting with water soluble thread to just  call it done since I filled out the registration form saying it wouldbe a wall hanging not a pillow.   
  4. Wash and iron the backing for the Adirondack Star and perhaps get it layered by Friday, yup, that's only 4 days away.    This will need to be totally done in one week's time after that.  I was thinkin gof trying to trapunto some assymetrical diamond in the second border on two corners and the opposing two corners traputo a pomegranite vine but then I won't be able to totally quilt it before the show.  I just may continue on this way and save much of the feathering and stippling for afterwards since it's not a judged show.  Time will tell on this one.
I am pushing and will be getting these all done with one day to spare.  Uh humm...That's my plan and I'm sticking to it!!!  Thank goodness we have a hot tub to soothe my aches and pains in my neck and shoulder areas.  I swear while hand stitching I can do about 3- 5 stitches then I have to rest my arms with the pins and needles from my pinched spinal cord and arm and feet nerves bothering me.  After resting for 4-5 minutes then I can resume and do another 4-5 stitches.    On and on, sew on and sew forth...... but I will prevail and it will be done.  Amen and Alleluia.

Stay well and have fun creating,




Sunday, September 22, 2013

It continues

"Orange" Phlox bloomed this year and loved them.
I will share a snap of the Dragonfly Carnival wall hanging with the piping treatment she got.
Am loving how this looks, NICE!

I also am progressing on the quilts I need completed by the 11th of October. 
My list of 4 "chores" that need completion this week are:

  1. Label the Dragonfly Carnival and finish sewing the binding to complete it.
  2. Finish quilting the 10 minute block quilt I've named the Batik Reprieve.
  3. Make binding and get it machine sewn on the Batik Reprieve and a small label done for it too.  Then next week I can start attaching the sleeve.
  4. Rip out one row on the Tweet Camping, aka the camper quilt.  I have been hesitating putting all the borders on this one because it just didn't seem right that it was so long.  This will allow me to have all four sides with borders and with the top and bottom borders being narrower in  width than the side borders.  Hopefully by Friday I can get this layered at my grandson's preschool where I don't have to move that much furniture or crawl around on the floor to do it.  Just move a few chairs in the dining hall area and slide a couple of tables together.  Now why didn't I think of using them before? 

See the angel in the swing shot photo?  Guess what he did?
Yep!  He gave himself a HAIR CUT.  God bless.  He knew he did was wrong quickly.  You can tell by this expression that he got in trouble too.  So it went from a nicely style hair cut to a buzz cut given to him by his Papi.  His Dad didn't want him to feel bad so Papi cut Daddy's hair too,  (that's something I would never do unless a severe illness and then I would do it for solidarity to help with the healing).   

His sister had her first day at school.  For a minute or two that morning I thought, then asked if  McKenzie would be going with her.    And this was the answer I got. 

 Talk about an angel flipping her switch.
Meme, I am not bringing my doll to school!
On Wednesday, Papi and I were able to go on one more field trip to the local orchard.  This will be the last time for this younger generation with preschool.   We had a nice time and all the preschoolers were very attentive about the grandfather "snow" variety tree in the orchard when Brian explained it.

After the field trip we enjoyed a picnic near Lake Champlain, at the Samuel D. Champlain's monument with another activity of feeding the ducks afterwards.    The lake near the mouth of the Saranac River was a hive of activity with all the seagulls swooping down towards the water.  We think there was a hatch of lampreys just floating by since one seagull landed on a concrete abutment near us and had a 4" long resilient worm-like creature he was trying to kill for his dinner.   We should have grabbed the camera and snapped that photo.
Also I'm sharing a couple of the finished projects that PGD#1 completed.  She started these with her cupcake kids sewing circle group. 

10 minute table runner for her bedroom
We had a modeling session and both of us had a blast.

Anthology bag I shared on my blog previously without her.



She adds her own bit of style with the bag though, it's so much cuter!

Notice the band aids.and I'm not sure why she's closing her eyes,
perhaps her attempt at being coy.

Don't know what this pose was all about.

But it brought out a big smile though




PS: I'm smiling right now just remembering our shoot.  I Love you Girl!

Enjoy your blessings, I do mine.

Also PGS#3 just started his speech sessions and I'm impressed by his willingness & attentiveness to go every time. 
Can only hope this trend lasts.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


My name is Jane


Now I'm off to take some much needed steps to change that!

Monday, September 2, 2013


While it's fresh  and I can remember correctly the chain of events, this post shares the highlights of this past long weekend's Boston trip we took along with our daughter's family.

  1. Rode the Subway on the T  Missy was a great navigator and knows how to read those maps.   Rode them over the Salt and Pepper (Longfellow) Bridge many times, photo taken from Michelle's  blog she pictures it beautifully. 
  2. Walked through Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market had snacks.
  3. Riding a carriage via Cheecko and Jared to get across the Charles River.   Clip Clopping on those cobblestones at dusk with the lights glowing from the underside of the carriage. 
  4. Boston Children's Museum, the 2 youngest grand children had a blast.
  5. Copley Square tour with dinner following at a California Pizza.  YUM!!  The arugula salad with asparagus, roasted peppers, almond and a lemon vinaigrette was lovely.  Wish that franchise was around here.
  6. Rode the T which the grand children wanted to do constantly, if not that than ride the escalators. She was a Pro and he quickly caught on.
  7. Ate breakfast at Champions cafe at the Marriot Hotel.
  8. T ride to Boston Commons, seeing Monuments and then to the Public Gardens for the Swan boats.   When I went to Boston when I was little and realized they had Swan boats I have always wanted to ride them.  Can I say Wish list - CHECK!  We treated all since this was an item on my wish list and of course I purchased a couple of souvenirs so we'd remember it more easily.  Besides magnets, Lil' man wanted a stuffed swan, while lil' Miss selected a sweet swan T shirt, I selected a charm for my ever expending bracelet  with earrings and an ornament beautifully painted  of the swan boats for our Christmas tree.  Our  Daughter even picked out the same ornament, it amuses us when she and I select the same things at almost the same time.  lol
  9. Watching several artists in the commons like the Japanese gentlemen elegantly playing the stringed instrument near a fountain and cascading tress overhead.  Also near the entrance of the park with BOSTONIA molded over the gate, listening and watching the wily Hurty Gerty man sing his Eagles' songs with all his instruments strapped all over his body.
  10. Went to visit Chinatown.
  11. Saw the sights from the Skywalk at the Prudential Tower with a cocktail and dessert on the Top of the Hub, 52 stories high.  Daughter and her family went to Dunkin Donuts and stayed low since they'd already seen this in a previous trip.
  12. All of us returned to the Hotel at the same time since the guys were headed to the Red Sox White Sox game and the ladies were headed to a belated Birthday Party at the American Girl Doll  in Natick for lil' Miss.  Spent a fortune there and when we returned realized just how little were in our bags.  Must have been something in the nice dinner we had there.  Lil' miss enjoyed herself and brought along her babies: Rose, Emily and her nephew Danny for the party and I do have to say the staff there really know how to treat the dolls and visitors correctly.  Even the dolls had lil Birthday crowns in their high chairs.  Rose had her hair styled and then McKenna shopped for her look alike doll. The newest addition to the family is McKenzie also known as Kenzie and ZZ.   She got an outfit, had her ears pierced and shopped like the rest of us girls.   Great time with a Ka-ching! 
  13. The menfolk enjoyed a terrific game at Fenway Park with the Red Sox winning 7-2.  DH said the worst part was the wait for Subways on the way back to the Hotel.  He mentioned that they luckily they got one of the last trains out of that area and many people were left without the T transport back to there destinations.  Also that the Yankee Stadium kneww how to do it correctly compared to Boston (that was the only negative point on this trip.)  Lucky enough for s but not for the next fellow and I can just imagine trying to cope with a 4 year old and obtaining a cab at that time of night, no thank you.
  14. Take out breakfast via Dunkin Donuts for the kids and grands while DH&I ate the veggies and coffee cakes I brought from home then on to an escalator ride to a Hop On Hop Off tour.
  15. RJ wanted to get a Hard Rock Cafe T shirt so we got off near the Aquarium to access Quincy Market.  He didn't buy one though because of the prices but his daughter (age 8)  did, (Go figure that one out?) 
  16. Walked part of the Freedom Trail to see the Paul Revere House.  The youngest one (age 4) was all ears as his imagination was taking over.  Couldn't believe there were so many fireplaces and that the children had to work as part of the family just to survive.  That Santa would bring maybe marbles if the child was really really good but most likely Santa brought them a new pair of shoes or boots if that.  Did you know that Paul Revere had 16 children!  Lil' miss saw the kitchen and was impressed with the bread making accoutrement's and the cradle setting next to the fireplace.
  17. While finding Mike's Pastries we stumbled through the  Little Italy section.  The Aromas, pure heaven, so.......
  18. Backtracked to have a Beautiful family dinner at Villa Francesca and really PAID for it.
  19. Walked more to The Old North Church and enjoyed the tour there, 37 crypts and 1100 people buried there.  Enjoyed the stories of the One if by Land and Two if by Sea  River  (the Charles).  Actually it's because of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere that he got credit for hanging them.  Two other gentleman actually did hang the lanterns after his command to do so but their names didn't rhyme with here.   The following day the "Shot heard from around the world" started the American Revolution.
  20. Hop On the Tour Bus to return to our parked cars and finish the tour seeing the Liberty Gardens(name?) MIT, Stata Center along the way.

It was a very nice vacation with us able to hit many of the tourist sights.  Should we ever vacation there again, I'd buy the hop on hop off tour tickets first besides the 7 day passes.  Expensive but worth the convenience.  The sights I wasn't able to see but would love to are the Church of  Science Complex, Trinity Church,  MFA, the Liberty Gardens near Fenway Park area, actually Walk the whole Freedom Trail Tour with all those enactors dressed in the period costumes, visit Hardvard, Bunker Hill, the Hatch Shell with the Boston Pops during the fouth of July weekend along the Esplanade,  have dinner at The Lobster Shanty (a restaurant that was on the Drive Ins, Diners and Dives Program with Guy Fieri) and   DH mentions that he'd love to do the Cheers Tour.    lol

We'll have to save much for all that if it ever happens!

Oh!!  That reminds me of another sight I'd like to see, the ducks at the Public Gardens......

Thank you Boston for a wonderful and very memorable trip. 
Such a friendly city and it deserves it's well known title as the Walking City.
It's easy to get around and walk to the many spots.

Enjoy your week.  Soon the little ones will be back at school and my schedule will have more demands, now I'm getting off this computer to work on some quilts that need finishing......