Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spook-tacular Train Ride

Youngest grandchildren PGD#1 and PGS#3, ages 8 and 4 enjoyinbg the Hallowen train ride with their disguises.  2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 Quilt show entry #2 & 3

You saw this earlier this year, but I'll share some some snapshots of the "Field of Flowers Quilt" with a coordinating "cheerleader pillow" made for my only granddaughter otherwise known here as PGD#1 that were taken before quilt show take ins. 

A good friend snapped this shot while it hung at the quilt show with how it was displayed, Thanks G!
I should have documented what I used for these two projects that were first shared here, but I didn't.  That was before realizing that this could be a great place to note the particulars used for many of the different projects made for future reference.  I know it was a 100% cotton backing that was purchased at $3.00 a yard and it was perfect colors for the back (you can see that if your interested in the above link, it's in the photo of the label.)   A meandered flower quilting pattern was used throughout the quilt with a hidden message quilted and shown here.  But other than that, not sure which threads were used.  An aqua pipe and the binding edge finished with the same white that's in the quilt.  Never used a white binding before, it'll be interesting to see how this fares with time. 

For the pillow: ric rac, piping, variegated yarn to make the pom poms and a larger pompom trim being tweaked to make her shoes.  The quilting was done as it was made choosing a straight line grid both vertical for behind the doll in the while area then horizontal lines for the other 2 bands of color before appliquing her down leaving the arms and legs loose.  Those items were sewed first then turned  to finish the edges.  She also has a blouse using the Laurel Burch stipe that's in the quilt with a boat neck collar so the T shirt print on the doll panel became her athletic undergarment and then appliqued the whole head, shirt with arms and legs assembly onto the quilted area.  To finish more fabric was added fabric on the sides then a  meander quilt on those sections before adding ric rac and piped trimmings.  The back was simple with a zippered and quilted back.    This was my own design and I found it challenging.  Each step was visualized thoroughly before visually proceeding to the next  continuously making notes and shifting steps along the way.  Am so pleased with the results and the creativity/uniqueness it contains.  8^)

To continue using up the fabrics used in these projects several pillow cases were also made but not placed in the show.   You can see those here.  All in all I enjoyed these projects and how I didn't have to rush with them. 
Enjoy your day,


Monday, October 14, 2013

Quilt show entries, First one- "Tweet Camping"

Thank goodness our local quilt show isn't a judged show, otherwise most of my entries would have been shown to the door.  And no, I am not kidding!   Our show has many ribbons that people can win and people with all kinds of areas, expertise and backgrounds are asked to pick their favorite.  Of course some picks are spectacularly done quilts, well deserving of their awards while some others are nice quilts, but not as great as some that are just as well deserving IMHO.    The show kept taking my breath away with the many and varietied quilts shown.   I also would be remiss not to  mention that a good friend, Michele won a well deserved ribbon for her New York Beauty Quilt entry (Talk about Gorgeous!!!) and my granddaughter won a ribbon for her first Doll Quilt. 
Well done Michele, McKenna and fellow members of CVQG of NY!
I did the bare minimum for quilting because I procrastinated way too long.  
When I registered them in June, I figured they  would be done for the show.   
I had 5, Yep,  I said 5 UFOS that I entered. 
I figured that by committing them to be there, I'd get them done.  ROTFLOL!!!!
But I swear
I will never,
I mean NEVER EVER!!  do this to myself again!!!
So this post will share the parts about
"Tweet Camping"
This quilt came to be  because I found this Bird fabric at my LQS and fell in Love with it.   The pattern design was inspired by a connecting threads kit I saw in their catolog but the dimensions wouldn't work because it was a baby quilt and the much smaller blocks wouldn't play well with this fabric so  I played with lots of math to make my own.  With the pattern, I really like the fact that all of those rectangles were being stacked and packed so to speak (a much needed choir when it comes to camping) so it seemed a perfect fit especially with the wobbliness of those stacks tottering.  Shopping my stash first,  then shopping for  a few more batiks to throw in for good measure gives this quilt a bit of color and punch.  I find projects made from different fabric lines is very appealing.  Quickly,  I even envisioned having shipping peanuts (circular shaped packing protectors) quilted in the white background areas with much more quilting done for the boxes, sashings and borders. So off it went.
What I was able to get done was quilt a "linking squares" meander  in the outside blue borders 
with the "peanut packing" for the white areas. 
Running out of time, I had to leave the rest of the quilting for when I have more time after the show. 
Thankfully it hung well enough at the show not to be too huge of an embarrassment.   A vanilla cream, minkee dot was used for this back which makes it a very cuddly and drapable quilt.  

Close up shots of the quilting in the border, white spacings while I was auditioning bindings.  
Quilting was done with a Universal needle without any problems
using the minkee dot backing, as for the threads, many were used. 
In the borders a Superior Lava Thread called KuKui Nut (soft browns) was used for the top and bobbin.
In the white background a Superior's Kimono white silk(color 373) for the top and
 Superior's White Bottom Line in the bobbin.
I'm thinking of dong a back and forth motion in the sashings and perhaps cross haches in the stacked boxes but am unsure what to do in the bird focal fabric.  Any and all ideas or suggestions are welcome.  What would you do? 
I love having piping or flanges on many of my projects, but elected not to on this one and just finished it simply by using the striped fabric that went with this fabric line called  "Love Lives Here" by P. Carter Carpin by P&B textiles.    I love this bird print and it fit the bill nicely for the For the Birds hop I participated in earlier this year.  Another tidbit to share is how a different label was made for it.  I folded 2 blocks with some sashing from that row I took off the quilt since it was really too long before borders and turned them into a label.  If there is any damage in the years to come, that label can help with many of the fabrics contained within.  Also a strip of the selvage from that fabric line was used too as to document more of the information and who wouldn't like the motto "love lives here".
Here's how it looks:
To the left of those stacked blocks is the date, quilt name, place done and maker's name documented centered with more brown and blue fabrics.
 This is the largest label I've ever made, it's huge 14"x 12".

 Finally I'll share a shot of "Herman" the weeping cedar bush near the pool deck, showing Tweet Camping in the backyard where love lives here.

Tweet Camping
88" x 88"
I'll share more of the quilts that were entered by me bit by bit. Sorry this was photo heavy but I wanted documentation for  future reference.  First item on my agenda this week will be to quilt the sashings on this quilt and read the book The Saving Graces which our club meets on Wednesday to discuss.  I totally slid on my reading while focusing on getting ready for the show.  Enjoy your Holiday. 

Jane    8^)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Humming along


Close up of the quilt pattern in the radiant star.........

Petal to the metal ...........
Will be getting this done by Thursday!!!! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I think I can, I think I can...

All of the items that were listed this past last Monday are checked off my to do list and have been moved onto the to DONES list!  LOL 

Batik Reprieve aka: 40 Diamonds - DONE!
Tweet Camping otherwise known here as stacked and packed - DONE!

Next on my radar will be:
  1. Quilt the Jack in the Pulpit wall hanging- getting to this next! 
  2. Bind  the Jack in the Pulpit (I may stitch the binding by machine on the back and then turn and topstitch the edge down by the machine as well.  Will ponder my timeline for this while quilting it though I do want to hand stitch the binding on the upcoming Radiant Star project that's next though it's 102" x102" square so it'll be time consuming and that clock seems to be ticking faster!
  3. Quilt Adirondack Radiant Star- Tonight hopefully I can start that after getting practice on the Jack and the Pulpit.  I did get this  ironed and layered on Friday yippee skippee!
  4. Make 3 sleeves that will be pinned on the larger quilts in time for turn in on Friday evening.  Ican only hope I don't have to finish stitching it in the parking lot!
That leaves these 1-2 projects to get done this week by Thursday.  I think I can......
I'll be back to share some photos of these beauties.  Sorry the weather is so drab to grab a shot of them now not to mention the mist in the air.   
Jane       8~)