Monday, November 4, 2013

Quilt Show Entry #5

Was a Jack in the Pulpit wall hanging.


The main panel in this was stenciled in 1998 and then it sat.  After getting the borders on a radiant star quilt that shares these fabrics, I was finally able to select which fabric this one called for and am pleased.
This one was finished in about 20 hours worth of time.  Now why did it wait for a decade and a half to get totally done? 
I swear this perfectionism thing is so crippling when it comes to creativity. 
Done is better than perfect any day.

For finishing a dark green flange edged between the first maroon border and this batik was the final border. 

For quilting, a meander around the centered stencil's background with an 100 weight ivory silk thread and Superior's Bottom line in the bobbin. For the maroon border, it was just echo quilted 1/4" away from the seam lines with a dual duty thread that matched that color the best. That left the outside border of batik to be quilted with a 100 weight dark green silk in a vine and leaf freehand motif where again a Bottom Line thread was in the bobbin.

All in all this one is pleasing and I am so happy it's done.  It amazed me during the layering process of my hesitation to use "good fabric" for the back and how crippled I became.  Since there really was no time to hesitate in that step I called my Mom after wishy washing for over an hour contemplating which fabrics to use and/or how to do the backing.   Her response was classic.

She said, "On No Janie.  Don't use that fabric.  Wait until you die so your daughter or Wayne can throw it in the trash bin or give it to someone else." 

Obviously I became strong and cut the fabric I wanted.   Will have to frame those words for future projects and reference to stop this paralyzing hesitation.  lol  

Only 2 left to share for entries.  Not sure when, there is more quilting that needs to be done on all three large quilts.  Am currently working on the Tweet Camping, quilting the dark brown sashings and inner borders right now.  Will show all of that when it is totally done.

My list of Four this week is;
  1. June's Lil' Miss Shabby embroidery block
  2. Brown sashing in Tweet camping quilted
  3. Hem work Pants for son's friend
  4. Carve a pumpkin

Of course I won't be listing all the other chores needed like chauffeuring, cleaning, cooking and  other hot spots that need action but I'll be making efforts there along with letting my body exercise which it so desires. 

Enjoy your week.  



desertskyquilts said...

Love the block and the fabric you chose for that wide border is simply perfect! I'm adopting this for my motto: "Done is better than perfect." LOL

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh my! I had to laugh at your Mom's advice - SO TRUE!!! Like you, I need to print that out and put it over my sewing machine to remind me to enjoy every ounce of what I have today!